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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Okay...For today before I die because of plane crash,I think I should share with you my grandchildren some situations which are really annoying ever happened to me.I am not sure whether you find them annoying or not....Let's start~

One day when I was sleeping for 2 hours after not sleeping for almost 24 hours, my phone rang...Then I picked up.." Hello, this is your internet company...I want to offer you something new which 20% less price.Do you know how much you can save?Calculate it!!!" =-=...That operator asked me to do math when I just awoke from sleeping...(annoying 1)

One NOT fine day which was raining heavily, I was riding on a motorcycle.Then I arrived at a busy junction.I waited and waited to cross.Then I saw an opportunity.But when I was about to cross,I saw a motorcycle moving sentimentally.Then I gave him to pass me first before I crossed.But when he nearing me,he maneuvered into a junction...=_=...He did not give any signal.Then I had to wait again because the road becoming busy once again... (annoying 2)

I went to the airport to change my tickets.I was in the line.Such a long line.Then my turn came.When I was about to talk to the receptionist there, a couple of Indian (they were from India) got into my line and standing in front of me..=_=...Yar..I was annoyed by their behaviour...I had to wait for almost 15 minutes more... (annoying 3)

I was watching television. Discovey Channel. Then came a friend of mine, changing the channel without saying a word. He wanted to watch a comedy television programme.The best part was he had watched it before.. (annoying 4)

I made a promise to my friend to go out at 5 P.M. Ok.I took a bath,prepared myself 15 minutes before.When 5 P.M arrived, I called him. He said " Hello, I just about to take a bath.Give me 10 minutes"...ZzZzz (annoying 5)

Huhu..That's all for today.I want to eat right now.Till next time,taaaa

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Evening my dear grandchildren.I just finished my second last paper for my exam.I'm so tired and sleepy right now but I can't sleep.My brain is still active. Planning and thinking about many things.=_=...You know, everytime examamination season comes, my life routine will be changed..
For this semester, I did some weird things because of the exam.First let me share with you the tips I'm practicing for my study...Your grandpa has short attention span. I cannot focus more than 10-15 minutes on things I do not like. So everytime I read notes for my examination, I will start to lose interest so easily. When I'm studying alone I read about a page or two, which takes about 10 minutes. Then I start to do what I do best. I roll over in the bed until I feel tired doing so.
Erm...then after that, I will hear evil summon by my computer. The summon is like " come on,play DOTA one game.1 game won't hurt anyone." Everytime I hear the summon, I will try my best not to compliment it but I fail.Then I play one game...then the second...then the third...huhu...Then two hours time for studying have burnt.I start to panic a bit but I convince myself "no need to panic.Even if I study but my heart is not willing to do so,it will be a wasting of time". I feel relief.
Hey!!you know what...I recall one incident where I did something to release the stress after studying.One day I studied for almost one hour.I felt so tired and tension.I carried out my ultimate plan to release it.I went to TESCO, bought some stuff and went to my friend's room.I cook!!!Yarrr...sometimes I cook when I feel stress...I cook and ate and that was the most superb cook I ever tasted in the world..hohoho..
I used to feel a bit scared if I knew my friends started to study early.Now I do not feel anymore because I know my ability.If I start study early,it will be useless because I do not remember well due to the unwillingness in studying.
I remember one more thing.I always go out with my friends to cyber cafe playing DOTA if I stress.Usually all the plans are carried out flawlessly.Only one or two are not achieved.
In the morning of the exam day,usually I will start my day by listening to songs and sing along...It really eases my stress and anxiety. I listen to variety of songs and the closure song will always be an epic song.I will feel motivated and ready for the exam...
I guess that's all for today....Now you should practice my tips and you will become someone like me.. :-P tata

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Travelling fun?

Morning my grandchildren.How are you today?Today I will sit for my last paper...huhu...But I just finished playing DOTA game...I haven't started studying seriously...After this I will study...I promise...You can trust me because I never break my promise...I want to share with you something...
On the 17th of December this year I'm going to Australia. Sydney to be specific. I will depart on 17th then go back to Malaysia on 28th. Erm...That trip will be my first time taking aeroplane for travelling. Usually I take bus. Now I want to inform you what do I plan.
I will finish my examination on 12.12.2010. On the day I finish my examination, I want to start packing my belongings and send it to my house in Sungai Petani because usually every semester break I will stay alone in that house. I will rest there for about 3 days.
On the 15th, I'll start to pack my belongings ready to go for Australia. I have to limit my luggage under 7 kg because I do not take extra luggage service. On the 16th, during the day I need to go to a religious event..huhu...You know, the 16th is Thursday.So there will be a religious event I have to attend. Then at night, maybe around 11 o'clock I'm going to take a bus to Kuala Lumpur to my auntie's house. I plan to go to the airport from her house.
On the 17th, I will depart at 11:00 P.M to Melbourne. I will reach Melbourne at about 9:50 A.M. For me the journey is quite long.I do not know what to do on the plane.Hope I will be sleeping for the whole journey.As soon as I reach Melbourne, I have to reset my clock 3 hours in advance to follow the local time.Then after I reach Melbourne, I have to take another flight to go to Sydney. It will be departing at 6:50 P.M and reaching Sydney at 8:15 P.M. I see the time gap between Melbourne flight to Sydney is quite long. Almost 9 hours. @_@. I need to preoccupied myself with something while waiting for my next flight. What I'm going to do? Do you have any plan? I think I want to explore a bit the area in Melbourne. Yup. I'll be exploring alone.
Then when the time comes, I will take the plane from Melbourne to Sydney.I'll be staying with friends in a house. Ain will be busy working so when I'm in Sydney, I think I want to go for sight seeing. Explore things in there.( I hope I will learn something new). I do not mind going alone if someone has shown me how to get to places that I want to go.
On the 27th, I have to take a plan to Gold Coast. It will be departing at 8:30 P.M from Sydney and reach Gold Coast at 8:50 P.M. My flight to Malaysia is on 28 at 9.05 A.M. You know what does it mean?I have to sleep at the airport..yeahh...That will be my first time sleeping in the airport. I don't think I will be sleeping because I plan to wandering around like a tourist in that area. I'll be reaching Malaysia at 3:25 P.M.
So, do you have anything you want me to buy?I don't think you have because you are not even borned yet. Next year I think I want to go to Paris. You want to join?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome to my world

Yah...For this entry, I want you, my grandchildren to know what I do when I'm down.So you will not hurt yourself next time.What I am going to do when I'm down morally?

I love listening to epic songs, fantasy songs and even orchestras to motivate me.Yep it does help me a lot. For the start you can try listening to Within Temptation, X-Japan, Two steps from Hell, OST from movies like Departures, and Snow Queen. I can guarantee you the songs have something very strong amplifying your calmness as if they are alive.

When listening to the kinds of songs, I start to fantasize about life which I long to have. You know, I want to be in a place where the atmosphere is cold, the sun not too bright neither too dim. The surrounding is almost like dusk in cold countries.

Then I start to imagine I have a house. A big one. Like a castle in middle age. Like a Dracula castle. Situated on a hill. Surrounded by lakes and thick forests. Yeah. Then it is always raining there. I wanna live alone there. So no one can hurt me and I cannot hurt anyone.

Lame is it? but I really want to live in that kind of place. From my young age I started to think and imagine that kind of place. I thought it would be faded as I growing up but it didn't.

I do know that kind of place is not possible to get it. So I will turn it into reality by having a piece of my imagination in my real life. When I can make my own living, I want to buy a house which I personally will decorate. Your grandpa when doing things he likes, he will give the best shot. Especially to achieve this dream.

If I get married, I hope she will understand my situation. I hope she can give full support for my dream. I mean it.

Now I'm listening to an OST song from Bleach entitled " never meant to belong". I want to stop writing now. You take care of yourself okay.bye

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Typical Marriage life

Evening my grandchildren...It's 2:46 A.M December 2,2010.I am so hungry right now. I need to kill my time for more than 4 hours more so I can go to breakfast after this...That's why I'm writing this. At around 12.45 P.M, my friends and I went to Infinity (Cyber cafe) near my college to play online game until 7 P.M. Today was not a good day for me coz I lost many games.Then after that, we went back. I slept around 9 P.M because my brain was too tired playing games. Thanks to my friend who called me at 1.45 A.M, woke me up and I could not sleep anymore. Now I'm hungry...haishh..I want to sue him for that...@_@
Then I tried to play online game, but the internet was so slow.I could only get 1 lag game. Felt a bit annoyed, I stopped playing and started to listen to musics and thinking about life.Then I notice many things in common after people get married.
I notice many people especially men grow in size after they get married.Oh man.Men after they settle down with their spouses, they will get bloated stomach and fat.hahaha.
You know why?From my point of view,men tend to be lazy bum.They leave everything especially house chores to their wives.Cleaning the house,the surrounding and even small things like washing plates and glasses after eating are leaved to their wives.No wonder they become fat like well fed cows.The only things they know are eat and eat.
Frankly speaking,many men think they are the king in their house.Well I hate this kind of situation.They only know order things to be done.It is so wrong. My dear grandsons.If one day you get married, please do not have those kind of behaviours. Yes you are the leader in the house, but that does not permit you to abuse your power. What's wrong if you help out doing house chores with your wife?
So funny because men during the period of dating with their girlfriends, they show the best side of them.Suddenly they turn into super gentlemen.Give sweet promises,talk softly and showing that they are hardworking. But once they get married, they turn into a completely different people.From my observations and reading, in the period of 5-10 years life after marriage they will start becoming lazy.=_=...From the moment they are declared as husband and wife, one by one the good qualities they show before start to disappear mysteriously...haha...It is so true!!!
Not only that, many men like to hang up and spending time hours and hours with friends at stalls and restaurants.My house is near stalls and restaurants. I went to buy some food there and I saw a group of men hang up in the stall. 5 hours later, I went again to the same stall to buy food coz I was hungry and I saw the group was still there...hahaha...funny...I think they were discussing about global warming issue..That's why they were still there..The worst case is I overheard a group of men talking when I was eating with my friends in my hometown.They were talking about dirty manner...uwekkk...They did not realise their age...Average age for those men was in the age of we cannot guarantee whether they would still alive or not tomorrow..@_@..nah..I'm lying coz I want to leave dramatic effect..Their range of age was late 30's and in the middle of 40's...
If you are married, you better not to spend your time like them. Many important things can be done rather than spending time in that manner.Try to help your child doing his homework.Your child will appreciate it.Believe me. Many fathers only know to condemn their children when their children do not achieve good results, but they do not give any help like teaching their children doing homework and monitor the education progression of their children. So absurd. If you want to spend your time with your friends, it is not wrong to do it once in a while.It will be wrong when you do it every night.
Erm....One more thing.Take care of your health after you get married. I mean physically. You know what, I will try my best to maintain my weight and physical figure until I die.I'm serious.You should have that kind of attitude to!!!
Okay dear..That concludes today's preach.Gotta go now.I want to play online take care of u dear..good night..taaa

Monday, November 29, 2010

When I said "YES" you would say "NO"
When I said "NO" you would say "YES"
When I said "Don't" you would do it

When I said "Do not buy it" you would say "Why not?Lots of my friends bought it"
Do you want to hear my though? "Your friends also make the same mistake as you do just because they are inexperience in that kind of thing"
I read a lot about that,I know the field well
When I said " You are making a mistake" you would say " Learning from mistakes is the best"

But do you realise one thing? You can't afford to do all the mistakes in this world because you don't live long enough to make all of the mistakes...

So the best is learn from others to improve
I know more than you know in certain areas
So listen to me

I'm not egoistic because I learn from you and others also
Only idiot people who are egoistic

Listen to me

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Once I remember

Morning my dear grandchildren...I'm not sure if you are awake in the early morning like this...because when I was young,I woke up really late...I don't see any problem waking up late as long as you do not have other important things to do...So, indulge yourself while you still can..yar..
Last night when I was about to fall asleep,I started to think about my past which I had with my friends...And some events made me laugh when I recalled them...Well,the events were so funny and crazy because during my young age,I did some crazy stuff with my friends just for the sake of overcoming boredom...
I remember one day, when I was at my house in Sungai Petani....It happened during my young age should take note of that...MY YOUNG AGE...Almost every evening my friend and I loved to take a ride on a motorcycle...Well you know the drill...When young people on motorbike, they will flirt a bit..huhu...So we did flirt with some random girls..We did not care whether the girls were pretty or ugly...We just loved the thrill being chased by their boyfriends...Yup...We flirts girls while they were dating with their boyfriends...Then one day I said to my friend, " I feel bored you know..flirting with girls with their boyfriends...let's try something out of the norm"..Then my friend asked me how.."Just see me" I said...Then we rode our motorcycle near a road which was quite stiff...There I saw a person cycling hardly to reach the end of the stiff road...So my friend and I approached that person slowly and started to use our magical words..."Phewiit...hi..."...
Then my friend realized the person was a man...I purposely set to flirt with that know what happened? That old topless man lost his balance and almost fell down from his bicycle...It was so funny coz he almost hit a big dustbin beside the road...I laughed so hard..hahaha...Then my friend said loudly " Hi...1st time being flirted by handsome guys like us?" That sentence almost got me killed...I laughed till I could not breath...
That incident just made my day..All day long I could not help thinking about that incident and his face when he almost fell...Until now, if I am alone and out of nowhere recall that incident, it still makes me laugh... day, if you do something crazy for fun I think I know from where the gene comes from...You just inherite my gene...I don't think it is wrong to behave a little bit crazy to cheer up your day..There are plenty more of stories about crazy things I'd done in my life..but now I got to go to Alor Star airport..I have something to settle...You take care of yourself...Do crazy things but not stupid things...I have to go you dear..taaa

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Share your food pls

Evening my dear grandchildren...May God always bless you...I am now in my college...Sitting for my final examination for this year...The best part is, only my badge is left in the college due to the examination date been postponed...My friends stay in different hostels so in my hostel there are only 5 students including me...
I'm writing this not to complain about being lonely or scare of ghost but I feel so worry about cats in my hostel...YES..There are about 7 cats in my hostel....I'm worried about their welfare...As I mentioned above, the number of students in my hostel is sooo small...We usually eat outside...RARELY we cook in our rooms because of time constrain....Erm..
Everytime I open my door, there are cats infront begging for food...The situation touched my heart....I do not know how to react because these cats badly crave for food...They do not eat sometimes for almost 2 days...T_T...I feel sooo bad because I have to chase them...If I have food,for sure I will share with them..I do not mind to share with the helpless cats...I always shut my door to avoid the cats entering my room and hoping me to give them food...It is so disturbing when I have to disappoint them...
I remember one day I went to the toilet to bath...After bath while I was on the way back to my room, I saw at least 5 cats from far running towards me...3 of them were kittens....T_T....They begged me for food as they approaching me...I hate my self...I hate to be in the situation where I am helpless...Everytime I come back from having lunch or dinner outside, I feel bad because even my stomach is full, there are other creatures around me longing for food just to survive...
Frankly speaking, I do hold some anger towards junior in my hostel...They are the one who feed those cats until the cats decide to stay permanently in my hostel compound...They do not think ahead...They do not think what will happen to the cats when they leave for their semester break...If I have the opportunity to meet the juniors who usually feed the cats, I will say to them " What on earth are you thinking?Don't you think ahead?Now you make some commitments with the cats but your commitments are only short term..It is so immatured act by you.."I will tell the juniors...Yes I will...
Grandchildren..If you are about thinking of making commitment with something, please think deeply...Think 1-10 years ahead..Will you be able to give full attention and effort to keep the commitments? Be wise my grandchildren...
I got one more story about human....It happened many times but the recent event did got on my nerve....I went to eat outside alone because at that time I was so hungry...I could not wait for my friends anymore...So I stopped at a restaurant to eat...I ordered my food and while waiting for it, I took a look at my surrounding..." many cats in this restaurant" I said to myself...Then I noticed not far from my table there was a man eating...And below his table there were 2 cats begging for food...The sounds made by cats were very pathetic...They begged for food until they almost lost their voices...But that man ignored those cats...What really made me angry was suddenly that man threw fork and kicked the cats to chase them away....The actions were really brutal for cats...Stupid human!!!...I did curse that man in my heart for acting like that...Then my food was served...I knew I was really hungry but I put my priority to give the cats to eat my food...I ordered new food for myself....In this situation, I put my blame to that man and the restaurant owner...That person should not act like a barbarian when eating...What's the problem if he shares a bit of his food with the cats? I believe he wont die due to malnutrition and starvation if he does that...And for the restaurant owner...He should feed the cats there before opening his business because the cats will disturb the costumers...=_=
Hmm...My point here is not to show that I am generous or what so ever but I just want you to try to understand the feelings of other creatures...They also have feelings like hungry and pain like we do...Humans when they are hungry, they can find food without any problem...What is the problem of we try to share our food with other creatures?Is it too hard for that?Don't be so stingy to share your food...We share our planet with other creatures so we should help each other out...
Now back to the problem in my hostel, I will buy the cats food...In bulky quantity...I try to keep them fed until for 1 month period...I do not care about the cost because I have enough money to do that...But this does not mean I like cats...I hate cats...I do not want them in my house in the future...Even I dislike them it does not mean I should treat them badly...They have feelings too...I'm doing this just purely because I can understand and imagine the feeling of not having food for two days...Seriously it is so painful...
That's all for now dear...I need to take a bath...My hair is wet because I just came back from watching movie and while on the way back,it was raining heavily...You go to sleep okay...Love you so much...byeee

Friday, November 19, 2010

All I need are these!!!

Morning dear...Today I feel so disappointed with my situation...huuu....My dear grandchildren...If I am still alived and you are working already by the time you read this blog, I want you to treat me with several things...I want these things badly...T_T...First I want you to buy me a new keyboard..or if you want to have extra attention and love from me, you can buy me an organ or a know Casio keyboard which I have right now has broken...I feel sooo sad...As if I just lost a part of my life...So sad!!!Actually I was planning to play a song entitled " Lover's concerto" just for you...I wanted to up load it on this blog but it seems impossible right now...I do not have keyboard to play for you...I can play half of the song already...It is a nice song...sad..sad..sad...
Next you must buy me a watch...yup..a watch..For almost 3 years I do not wear wrist watch..I am waiting for you to give it to me..heee..If you give me a watch, I will love you a bit more than before..It's just like a bribe you know...^_^..
LastlyI want you to buy me an Alienware lap top...The lap top is sooooo elegant and the function is superb...I want it!!!Even when the time you buy it I am no longer playing pc game, but I just want it!!!...I want to hold it in my arms..I want it!!!but if you can't afford it,never mind...You can buy me a Sony lap top...hehehe....I love the design..So sexy
I think that's all I want right now...If I have any more to add,I'll tell you later...^_*....just remember..I love you no matter what..BUT...IF YOU GIVE THE THINGS I WANT, I'LL LOVE YOU EVEN DEEPER..HAHAHA...TATA

Thursday, November 18, 2010

24 hours without you

The last time I met you was about 9.30 p.m yesterday...We did spend quality time together last night in the cold rain on my way back to home...Actually I have planned to walk away from you a long time ago...If you notice, I made several attemps to leave you but my passion and love to you were so deep...I'm telling you the truth...You are one of my passions in my life...During our glorious relationship time,I spent so much money to get you....I could not stand to be apart from you not even one hour!!!You totally got me drunk in your love...
You must be so shocked because I want to stop seeing you so sudden...People call this thing "cold turkey"...Ermm..I do not know how and when the coldness starts to be inside our relationship..Seriously I do not know...I remember one incident which happened last week after I finish eating...I got to choose between you and sweet...and I chose sweet...I do not feel the sensation to be with you anymore...
Right now I feel a bit abnormal because I have left you for quite a long time...I feel my head is dizzy,my mouth starts to be watery everytime I remember you and yes your absence in my life do affect my mood..I do not know how long I can be apart from you....Every single minute I long for you...but I have to let you go..You bring more damage than good to my life..I'm so sorry...I know I have to be strong to forget you and I will try my best...Just remember..We have enjoyed each other for a long time and now the time to say good bye has come...Let see then how long I can stand without you~

Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie time

Evening my dear grandchildren...Anything good happens to you today?If there is any,you should appreciate it coz you never know when is the last time good things will happen to you..maybe today is the last..who knows...
Well I'm writing this entry because I want to share with you one of my activities while waiting for the exam to come...I watched movies...A lot of them...Some I took from my friends and some downloaded them using bit torrent....Mostly action genre and some about life...And...I can conclude that movies actions are really full of disappointing scenes..
Hmm...I'm a logical person and I analyze things around me due to the habit watching programme like Mythbusters...For instance, while I was watching movies entitled "Salt" and "The marine", I saw full of illogical scenes...Hero ducked bullets, been hit by cars and many more...The point here is, I'm losing the enjoyment of watching movies...You know, it's so sad because I think too much when the actions parts took place in the movies..OMG..I just could not help myself from thinking about the actions whether there were impossible, plausible or possible...Think too much leads you to lose the feeling of watching movies...
The result is, I skipped the actions parts...I hate them because they are not real..The worst were I smiled and grinned everytime there were actions in the movie...I think maybe my roommate thought I was crazy coz I smiled at the suspense parts...
Before I go, I recommend you to watch a movie entitled "Departures"...It is a Japanese movie...It is a sad movie so be ready with your tissue papers..The OST was lso very beautiful...It is not about love between girls and boys, but more to family..You should watch it....I really mean it...I can give it to you if you want...I give 4 stars out of 5...That's all for today...I love u...tata dear

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Plan for my life

This things I would love to do before next year:

stop xxxxxx

sleep early


listen properly especially when my mom is talking

stop doing stupid stuff coz I think I have enough

stop talking crap things even I love it

live in reality world

stop eating rice coz rice suck

be good to all

talk nicely to people

stop believing in true love

stop complaining

be responsible

do my work

control my anger

mix with people not only in games

think positively

get rid of things that I'm not comfortable with

be more systematic (come on Adfa, you are a future educator)

learn to write properly and decently (even I think my handwriting is decent enough)

realizing the fact that live is not like in movie.(in a movie,everything favours the hero)

clean my room!!!

be hardworking

stop teasing my younger sis ( it's very hard,but I will try my best)

be more serious (need to google on how to be serious)

don't too obsess with indonesian, epic and orchestra musics

accept things that happen even I do not like

stop drumming when nervous

don't procrastinate things

be matured

follow rules

stop day dreaming when driving (dangerous habit)

I think that's all..Why am I changing? because I'm too old right now so I need to behave like a good proper human being...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Junk in my head

You know, when the time has come I will let go almost everything I have...I will do that in order to improvise my life...I know I will miss some of them but that's what I should pay...It's hard to do but I have to...I will find the best date to do that...Then the new me will be reborned...
A good love song makes a single wants to have a partner and makes a couple appreciates each other...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

That's how life is

Hi my grandchildren...How are you today?Having any life problems?chill....If this life has no trouble, I think life would be so boring...Let me share with you a story about problem in my life
I have planned to go to Australia for a long time ago...So I put extra effort to make it succeed...You know, making a passport for me was not an easy process because I was somehow extraordinary citizen... My finger prints on both of my thumbs were not recognized by computer...hohoho..Even making IC also took about 3 months...Then after my passport was done,I had to find Australian consulate in Penang to get Visa...That thing also was not so easy...To cut the story short, I managed to get Visa,Passport and booked my flight tickets to Australia...Overall I think I spent about almost 1700..but for me money is not a big deal...
Now recently my examination has been postponed...The best part is, my last paper is on 12/12/20010...and my flight ticket is on 5/12/2010...OMG...I have to cancel my whole trip to Australia because of the examination...
At first I was quite frustrated with the situation..You know during the night I got the recent schedule for my examination, I was driving...huhu...I was on the way back home from somewhere...My thought was wondering around..I could not focus very much on the road...And the sad thing was, I ran into a cat which was crossing the road...=_=...It's not my fault...That cat suddenly pop up and crossed the road...The distance between the cat and I was only 2 meters away.. I had only two options...The first option was run into it and the second option was push the break as hard as I could...I did some mental calculation during that 1 split second before the impact..."If I break suddenly,I'm afraid that I will involve in accident...but if I run into it,I won't involve in accident but it will get hurt"...So you know...I did my choice...I ran into it...I felt bad for doing that but one of us was needed to make a sacrifice..And obviously the time for the cat to make a sacrifice had come...So I ran into it...
I reached at home...I prayed in my heart for the cat...I hope it will recover soon...I sat in front of the desktop and started surfing...I did not know what to surf because I kept thinking about the trip I have to cancel...My friend YM me...Asked me to play DOTA with him...I was not in mood to play...I could not concentrate very much...Then I sat on the sofa...Watching Discovery Channel...Hoping that some documentaries could drift my attention away from thinking that matter...But it failed...I still could not be relax...So I carried out my ultimate plan for relaxation...huhu...I pushed the button on the remote control..The channel "202"....You know the channel? It was a Tamil movie channel...
I wanted to watch Tamil movie because I like the scene when a hero beats the bad guys...1 hero could beat 6-10 bad guys at once...In ridiculous way...I like that coz it tickles my logic sense...hehe...But.....That night..=="...Tamil movie also did not want to cooperate with me...They showed a ghost Tamil movie....hishhh~....It failed to tickle me,in fact it increased my bad mood because the heroin in the movie was soooo stubborn..arrrrr....One fella told the heroin to move out from her village because a ghost was hunting her, but she was soooo stubborn...She did not want to believe that fella...And she also went into a castle where the ghost lived...ARRRR!!!!...Because I did not like that movie, I switched the TV off...Then I went to sleep...
Now after two days from that incident, I can tell you I'm 90% recover from my bad mood...I can smile and laugh...hahaha..And even play DOTA game...But I will try to postpone my flight so that I can go to Australia this year...
I want you to learn something...You know when life knocks you down, don't be so naive to just sit and cry...coz it won't change a thing...You should come back stronger...Yup...The process is not easy but the process itself makes you become stronger than before...Many people wish to have special ability, but fewer people want to put extra effort to get it...
I think that's all for today....Wish me luck dear to get my flight tickets...Until next time..Do take care of yourself...tata~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sorry I don't share

Evening my grandchildren...I just finished playing DOTA game...Now I need to rest..but before I rest, I want to share something with you...It's about my habit...I'm not sure I can say whether it is a bad or good habit..For me and people who have the same point of view with me, I think it is a good habit..You wanna know what it is?Are you sure?Serious?hahaha..
Okay...I have a habit where I do not like to share food and drinks with other people..It is not because of I'm stingy(seriously), but it is all more to hygiene...I'm not sure when this concern developed but as far as I can remember,it is all started when I was in primary school...If I'm not mistaken, that time I was in year 2...
I read an article about this matter, and I found out one psychologist saying that people who do not share their food and drinks with others have a disease..I do not know what is the name but the disease is about you want to show your possession on your belonging...And by not sharing with others, you actually implied that you have complete control on your belonging...Is it true?...nah...I don't think so...
Maybe it is true to some people who have sickness in their mental but for me as I mentioned before,it is more to hygienic issue...There are certain rules I set up in drinking and sharing food...I do not mind if I share drinks as long as the opening is not touching or make any contact with their mouth..bottles for example..but if I drink using straw, for sure I wont share with people!!!...because later I have to drink using the same straw...ewww...and even if they use different straw to drink, I won't give it..because I have imagination their saliva flows through the straw into the drink...brrrr~...yekkkk...uwekkk...
And for food..I do not mind to share food with other people as long as they do not have contact with the food...Understand or not?okay..for example,they want to taste soup that I'm eating, I will give it as long as they use A NEW spoon...and if after they take a sip of the soup using the new spoon and they want some more, well they have to find another NEW spoon to take my soup...Certain food that is not so difficult to share is like pizza...well...because pizza has already cut into slices...hehe...
You know what, I do share my food and drinks with some people even they make direct contact with my food and drinks...Who are the people?...well good question...I share my food and drinks with my siblings, parents and people who are close to me..I mean very close..Hmm...let me recall how many people who are not my siblings and parents that I have shared my food and drinks with even they make direct contact with the drinks and food...I think it is below 3 for my entire life...And in this institute that I'm studying right now, from the day I enter this institution until this time, only 2...gagagaga...You know who you are( to the people who I share my food and drinks)..These 2 people I accept to share because one of them is special to me and the other one is because I look up upon the person plus that person is hygienic...
At first, many people around me especially my friends cannot accept this behaviour...They say I'm stingy...but I don't care...I don't share and in the same time I do not ask for their food...I have to explain to them the reason for not sharing...And if my food and drinks are not hygienic, I will get ulser easily...I remember one day I went out with my friends for dinner...Then I ordered my official drink..Iced tea without milk...I was so thirsty that day...and waiter came and delivered my drink...Before I even started to take the first sip, my friend drank it first...So what happened? Yes..I was angry but I stayed calm because my friend did not know that I do not share my drinks with others...I ordered a new drink...(T_T)...I had to wait for 5 minutes more to get a new drink..huhuhuhu....
What can you learn from this writing?You are actually learning me...hahaha...You are learning your grandpa!!!okay dear..That concludes today's writing...I need to rest now...Grandpa is old..need to take a nap...bye2

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

About My Blog

I've learned that my blog viewers are from various countries...Even from the countries I never expected such as America, Netherlands,Slovenia,China and even Germany...=_="...What is happening here? Maybe some people are wondering what the heck I'm writing about..So I post this to make things become clear...
I begin with a bit of my personal background and my thoughts...I'm 23 years old...Still studying in a high education college in my country...I have not married yet...I write this blog for my grandchildren. You get it? Even I do not have grandchildren yet, but I'm thinking to leave something for my grandchildren...I'm afraid that when I become a grandfather I'm already dead..At least I leave something for my grandchildren...I want them to know me...
In this blog I write about my point of view and my feeling...And also some advice to them..It is like a personal diary for my grandchildren...Maybe I'm sick because I'm doing this but I just want them to know that I remember them even the time they are not born yet...
So I think that's all for today..I hope all of you understand...taaa

Monday, November 1, 2010

TV programme which I follow

Hello my dear grandchildren...How are you today?Today is sooo cold coz it is raining from the morning until now...Now I'm so hungry...I have not eaten anything yet this whole day...I bet you can imagine the hunger that I suffer now..
So what did I do until I did not have time to eat? Actually I watched a TV programme on Youtube...quite irony here because TV programme should be watched on TV,not on just could not stop watching it...You wanna know the TV programme?It is called......

Man,woman wild

This programme glued me for almost 6 hours...hahaha..I just love to watch it...It is a programme about how to survive in the most remote places in the world...Actually there are many programmes like this but this one is very unique...They put a couple of married man and woman into the most harsh conditions...Then they need to survive..

So the couple shows many techniques to survive but the best part is I like the way they treat each other even in the hard time...To cut the story short, the husband is so gentleman and the wife is so sweet...I like the way they communicate and comforting each other even they are facing the hard times..I know today my writing sounds a bit gay but you should watch it then you will understand my feeling..hahaha

How I wish I could react the same way they do even in the hard time...Yes they do fight but the husband seems to be compromised and well composed when making decision...The wife as I expected,is so animated but sweet...Major things that I notice from all the episodes are they praise and motivate each other..These kind of behaviours are obviously not in Malaysian culture ( I think so)...If I get married, how I wish I can motivate my wife when she is having

That's all for today my dear...We'll see again next time..take care yourself...taaa

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Let go off my hand
I have other important things to do
In search of something
It's getting colder
You always protecting yourself
Do not come here to be with me
Believe in me
Nothing can make it better

Why do people are all the same?
Only appreciate when the thing has gone
I did remind you about that
But you...

Monday, October 25, 2010


B : Why are you so stupid?Easy equation but you cannot solve it?!! Obviously you are so stupid..
A : ...

Then A tried harder

A scored the highest mark in A's life. A even could not wait to get back to show it to you. A put it in a file so that the paper would not be torn or flipped.

A : Hey, I score the highest mark in the exam!!!
B: Only this kind of score you are very proud?
A : ...

A went outside, torn the paper, stepped on it, kicked it and burned it

A : I get the first number in the exam. It's not easy to get it because my class has so many bright students you know.
B: ...

A : Take a look at my exam result!!
B : You think this much of A's you are qualified to be in science stream class?
A teacher passed by and you showed the exam result while condemning me...
B : Do you think this kind of result can ensure him to get into science stream class?
The teacher : Wow..He did well in the exam..This kind of result is more than enough to be in the science class.
A : ....

A : Take a look at my result...
B : You are not doing good!!!Where do you want to go with this kind of result? See your friends who get higher than you
A: (Please see the Z subject...I'm the only student who score "A")

A: I do not want to be a "T"..I want to work as "S" because that suits my interest.
B : You do not have choice. You should not follow your interest because interest does not give you money.Job gives you money!!!
A: ...

A : I got the offer letter from the XXXX...They said I'm qualified to be a "T"
B : Well, you are in the institution not because of you result, but because you are lucky.
A : ...

Two majors exams have passed.

A: I got dean list for two semesters in a row....
B : The "T" course is very easy to score
A: ...

All the certificates are put in a not care anymore what happens to the certificates.

A : How's my piano progression?
B : If you play this kind of style, you will be able to play a song in the next 20 years..
A : ....


Friday, October 15, 2010

Not ready

Evening dear...How are you today?I'm writing this after I saw several pictures and statuses of my friends in Facebook..What disturbs me the most is almost all my friends took pictures with children and their statuses said they were ready to get married...
OMG...I feel a bit discomfort there because I'm not ready to get married...I swear I won't be ready to get marry in the next 5 years...How can I share my life with other people if my current life is not so organized? I may lead the girl who marries me to destruction
For now I feel very comfortable living solo and no commitment...You know, before you get married, you have to think very deep whether you are ready to bear the commitments...The best part is the commitments are very long...Maybe 20 years, 30 years or more...huuuuu..Well obviously I hate commitment...Coz for me, it limits my space and my freedom..I want to live free...
Aside from that, my greatest fear is when I have children..=_=..Frankly speaking I cannot imagine I have children...must be very funny, awkward, hideous, weird and many2 more things.. You know, it's not easy to raise a many things need to be considered...I also do not like children very much unless they are my little siblings or have unique characters..
I won't never ever take picture with kids and set it as my primary pic because I an scared with kids..I'll be brave with them just to tease them as my entertainment..
I'm NOT READY FOR EVERYTHING...DO NOT ASK ME ANYTHING ABOUT GETTING MARRIED BECAUSE IT IS NOT AN INTERESTING TOPIC FOR ME...If you ask me about that question, I'll tell about how to raise a lamb instead of answering your lame question...I do not like it...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I hate you!!!

Evening my grandchildren...I guess I'm already dead by the time u read this...So I have to tell you things that you would not know if I'm not personally do it. Well as you can see from the title, the word "YOU" is referring to the "sport's day"...yeah...I hate sport's day.
You know why? coz I hate running in front of people, I hate to be in the field while the heat of the sun is killing me and I'm afraid I will not cooperate with the organizer...
I remember during my secondary school sport's day...I took part in the sports but halfheartedly... heh...I had several companions who had the same thoughts like me...yeay!!...One of the years I cannot forget is during the sport's day when I was in form 3 I had a fight with other student..You know, when I was in lower secondary, my height was 146 short..So several students tried to tease me coz I was short...At first I did not give any response because I was a good student..hehe...But one day,during the sport's day, one the students really got into my nerve...He called my names that I did not like...I could not tolerate any more coz of his face was like "pls punch me" face..
So I went straight to him then he gave me a grin...Then I asked him "what did u call me?"
He just zipped his mouth...His friends started to laugh coz he was afraid...So when I began to move away from them, that particular student started to tease me again..hahaha
Then I ran straight at him, I gave him a punch in his face...@_@..He felt...He woke up and started to kick and threw punch blindly...So uncomposed move...I took the opportunity to kick and bash him...hahaha...Then we played cat and mouse...We chased each other around the field..hahahaha
So how's it ended? He could not chase me after I punched him coz I ran around the that particular incident is one of the reasons I hate sport's day...
But I tell you what,that student now is one of my friends already....And now I am taller than my secondary I won't hesitate to be a bit cruel coz now I have power,,,hahaha
That's conclude my story for now...tata dear

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Down we go..strong I arise

Good evening!! I'm so tired right now but I want to write to you something because I don't have other people to go...Only you can be my companion..
Have you ever felt you are not appreciated? Well I many times..At first it was quite hard to live on with that but after you get used to it,you won't feel anything anymore...This kind of situation is really bad if it happens when you are young because you will grow abnormally...You will carry on the personality that you have developed to encounter the feeling of not being appreciated as you deserved...When you are old,your behavior will not be the same with other peers around you..
I believe in a proverb which I created "when you feel pain too much,you won't feel anything even when you are happy"This is so true..I can easily fake my feeling pretend to be sad or happy until my friends and close people think that I really feel what I'm showing..
I tried several times to ask myself when was the last time I felt so happy..but I cannot recall it...all of them are not fully from my heart...I just be happy to ease people...You know what,I have a day I want to go as far as I could from that I could be alone...I used to feel that I wanted to be alone until the right person came and found me..but that feeling has faded away...From now on,I just wanted to be alone so that no people could ever find me...
I always day dream being in a cold place,live in big house situated on the top of a hill,surrounded by hills and deep valleys,and all day long I play sad song on piano in the house...I just want to be like that..I want to play just for myself...not for anyone...
That's why I always listen to sad songs,fantasy songs, and when I'm listening to those kind of songs,I will start to imagine the place....Even when I'm nervous or tired, when I imagine that suddenly I can feel I just reborn with new spirits...When I'm down,I will keep telling my self "don't worry,one day you will go to the place." After saying that, I feel motivated...
How I wish I could go to that place...

Friday, October 1, 2010

Live forever?

Good evening my grandchildren.I've been through on such a hectic life until this moment.So many assignments and projects need to be completed.Actually I wanted to play online game but my internet is so slow.Slower than a snail.Only suitable for surfing and watching youtube..T_T..
But anyway today I'm going to tell you an event which did shake my though to the very core foundation of my life.It happened around 3 weeks ago but I still can remember it clearly.I'll cut it short and sweet just for you.3 weeks ago I went to see my great grandmother somewhere in Kedah ( I need to keep the location secret just for pure fun).I went with my grandfather.Ok..Actually my grandfather wanted to ride on motorcycle alone to the house but I felt a bit worry due to the age of my grandfather plus the distance also.I offered myself to take him to the house.I drove a car..The journey was really tiring because of the distance. Along the way,my grandfather kept mentioning his intention to eat roti canai...I stopped at several places to full fill his desire but there were no single stall selling roti canai..Then we proceeded the journey to the great grandma house.
By the time we almost there, suddenly my grandfather asked "Did you notice any mosque at the left side?The mosque indicates we are near to the house"...and I said "no"....In my heart I monologue " you told me to look for the mosque..things would be easier if you mention it earlier..."but I could not get angry to my grandfather because of two reasons..The first one is he is my grandfather and the second one is I remember the time he waited for me almost everyday outside the school to fetch me up when I was in secondary school...but if other people do the same mistake like my grandfather did, for sure I will curse because of the action..haha...
Back to the story,we actually had passed the mosque so I did a U turn..Then we found the to cut it short, we arrived at the house..There was an old man sitting on a wheel chair greeted us..I asked my grandpa who was that and he said "that is ur great grandmother's son-in-law" OLD!!!...
There was a sad thing happening after the old man greeted us...I noticed he couldn't talk properly!!!He had stroke...half of his body was not functioning so our communication became very difficult...My great grandmother was not at home...I asked him "where is my great grandmother?" he said something but all I could hear was "aaaa aaa aaa"=_=..I felt so bad because I could not understand not even a single word from him...But my grandfather could understand him...T_T...
My great grandmother went out shopping with her nephew...So we decided to wait for her...While waiting for her,my grandpa and the old man talked using signal language...I listened to the mp3 player but I could guess the topic with the help of signal language...suddenly the old man showed a sign by putting his both hands on his head...I was just like "?????"but my grandpa said "Yes..I did the Haj already"oOo...they were talking about the Haj...Then after my grandfather said that,the old man' eyes started to get wet...OMG..I could see tears coming from his eyes...He wept!!!He started to mumbling as if he was disappointed with himself...This time I could understand him..While there were tears running from his eyes,he tried to lift his legs and wanted to stand..He wanted to be normal so that he could go to Mecca...I was touched from what I saw..Both of them talked and talked for hours while waiting for my great grandmother coming back..Sometimes my grandpa asked me "Is it ok with you to wait until she is here?"...Frankly speaking no I'm not ok...I hate waiting..but for the sake of my grandfather, I said "yeah...I can wait for her"...I tell you,if other people ask me to wait especially for insignificance things, I won't wait!!!
After hours of waiting, finally my great grandmother came back..What a relief!!!...haha...From the first time I saw her, I couldn't resist to laugh because I was entertained by her animated actions..haha..I felt as if my waiting was very worth while....So many things I asked "do you still smoke?"hahaha..yes!!MY GREAT GRANDMOTHER IS A SMOKER...When we were talking,relatives who wee staying near the house started to come...They had one thing in common..Which was all of them were old..=_=...I felt like I was trapped..haha...
Most common topic they talked was about death..OMG...That topic was not suitable for my age!!!hahaha..but from the way the talked,slowly I felt I got drifted by my young age..One of them said "Life is short...we used to be young like you..."he pointed at me..That sentence woke me up from my I realized how fast time can fly..We are getting older each second...For example I was younger when I started to write this blog compared to now...My grandfather really enjoyed the visit...I could see it from his eyes...Another thing is my grandfather said to his mother "Nowadays I am afraid to ride on motorcycle for a long journey because of my age..Luckily my grand son wanted to take me to see you"...I was like "OoO..actually you are not confident with yourself but you pretend to be other wise"If I did not offer him to take him to his mother,I dare to say he would go there even he is not fit enough"...
After awhile, we said goodbye to them...On the way back home,only God knew how tired I was but I played cool..My grandfather felt to sleep in the car...Leaved me alone driving..huuuu...
That's all for today dear..I want to sleep right now...see u soon u soo much..taaa

Saturday, September 25, 2010

People around me

Evening my grandchildren...Today let me share with you about myself so you can know me better even if I already dead by the time you read this...
I am a person who is lazy to talk new people..I only talkative when I am with people who are close to me...When it comes to people who I hate or I dislike then I try my best to put some distance between us so that I do not be vocal towards them...Not worth to fight with people...
Several times I am being misunderstood by new people around me..I recall an incident when I was in a class where there was only a few friends from my cohort and the rest was from other courses...So as usual I did not talk and minimized my contact with the new people...Then one day there was a camp where we were divided into several groups...Each group had 5-7 students...And each of the member had to talk about themselves and could post questions to other group members... know what happened?I introduced my self and then I slept..hahaha...I didn't hear about others...So when the questioning session came, one of the group members asked me so many questions about my self..@_@...the best question was "why are you so secretive?can't you please share with us your interest and hobby?"....Then I answered "Why should I?Obviously we don't have anything in common"...and that student said "I want to know you more"...and I replied "well,I'm here not to make friends,but I'm here just to finish my study"..wahahaha...
When I'm in a new environment with new friends, I take my own sweet time to be familiar with with them..but sometimes I can be friendly with new people if they have something unique with them...hahahaha..
Until this time,I got to go coz I have other commitment...nite2 dear..taaa

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My raya

Almost 2 weeks have passed since the 1st Raya day.I did not write anything in my blog even I have so many things to share with you my dear grandchildren. Tonight I want to share my story about Hari Raya...

How to start hu?I would start with the day before Raya...I woke up at 7 p.m after sleeping for almost 8 hours during the day..haha..not a good habit when you sleep during the day mostly in the fasting month..So after I woke up, I rushed in a lightning speed to go back to my village..You know,I had to break my fast in my village because in Sungai Petani there was nothing to eat...Around 7.25 p.m, we could eat already..but I still riding on my I broke my fast by drinking 100 plus which I bought at a stall on my way back to my village...

Around 7.35 p.m I arrived at my village...Quite funny I did not feel hungry..But to compliment the prophet's teaching,I ate to break my fast.Then after resting a while,around 10.20 p.m I went back to Sungai Petani...I stayed alone in Sungai Petani...Coz I was a heavy gammer...In Sungai Petani, I could dominate the usage of internet and my computer...So I could play without any interruptions...

I played and played and played until 7 a.m the next day..@_@...haha...I played DOTA game...For my second last game which started at 7.35 a.m, players in Garena (a hub to play online games) started to wish Hari Raya to each other..Then one player asked me what time did the Raya prayer would start..Then I realized " is already Hari Raya??"haha...

Then after the last game,many people loggged out to celebrate Hari Raya...So not so much people wanted to play...I online and surfing awhile then I watched South Park cartoons online...The cartoons were so funny..I laughed so hard until I felt thirsty...You should watch them but you have to be really mature because the cartoons toyed other people norms and believes..

Then I felt sleepy...My head started to be heavier then before....I barely could move my head..hahaha..coz it became so heavy...Around 9 o'clock in the morning I slept...ZZzzz...ZzzZZZ...ZZZzzz..When I was sleeping, my handphone kept on receiving messages from my friends wishing me Selamat Hari Raya..=_=...I tried to reply but the line had problem..Maybe to many people using the line made it stuck..Then I felt slightly annoyed by the messages because I could not reply all of them,I decided to switch off my handphone...I continued my sleeping peacefully..

Out of sudden, I woke up and looked at the clock...OoOO..It was almost 7 p.m in the evening...So I took a journey to my village to celebrate Raya..Then at 10 p.m, I went back to Sungai Petani again to be alone...hahaha...Raya this year was the same with the previous years...Nothing interesting happened...I hate Raya day...I don't even have Baju Melayu because it will be wasted if I have it..I dont wear Baju Melayu for a long time except for praying...

So what did I do during the Raya day? 0_O...ermm..nothing different compare to the normal day...Raya..Raya..Raya..Raya is for people who like to Raya..haha..

Sleepy time I will tell you other story okay...daaa

Sunday, September 12, 2010 are you today?today I spent most of my time searching for a song...It is actually an advertisement song I heard during my childhood..When the first time I heard it,I was staying with my grandparents in their house...So I need to listen to the advertisement again because it can take me back into the past time..
Do you want me to describe the advertisement?Okay the advertisement is about Mild 7 outdoor challenge...I only remember the part where there was a man paddling a blue kayak in the sea and the camera showed inside the water,showing a stingray swimming under the kayak... The song that accompanies the advertisement is so soothing and yet it makes me feel some emptiness inside me...=_=...yup...I was so young that time but I could feel something was missing in my life..
You know...I believe that certain things can take you travel through time...Nivea face wash and dashing powder make me remember my foundation year...everytime I smell it,I can feel the year is so vivid to my vision..Jim Brickman piano songs really take me into my childhood years..everytime I listen to them,I can remember my childhood years...So many great songs can make me travel back into time..That's why I listen to oldies songs...haha
Now I'm on a mission to find the advertisement..wish me luck...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Food and YOU!!!

Good morning!!!It's 3.41 AM 4/9/10 rite now...I wonder what age you will begin to read my blog...I hope when the time comes,you are matured enough to accept things in my blog and the content is still relevant at your time...
Last night I went to cyber cafe with my friends. We went there from 11 AM till 4 AM..haha..We played DOTA..It is an online game...So after we played for so long, we were very hungry...I decided to go to the nearest nasi kandar restaurant which was located soOooo near from the CC...
While we were almost out of the of my friends bought curry puffs...It is not wrong to buy curry puffs...but...The seller was not a muslim..=_=...I said to my friend, "Woi...are u blind?he is not a muslim..why on earth you bought the curry puffs from him?" He just kept quiet...haishhh...Did I miss something there?Should I slap him on his face because buying food from non muslim? He is 23 years old,so I don't think I should slap him in his face...He can think maturedly I believe..haishhh...

Maybe my friend is a secular..hahaha...He differentiates between food and religion when hungry...The point is you should not buy food from non muslim even when you are hungry like a piranha...It's not halal!!!...The curry puffs were made from meat and chicken..So when non muslim made them, I don't think he would use meat and chicken which were halal...=_=

DONT YOU DARE TO EAT NON HALAL FOOD BECAUSE IT WILL BECOME UR FLESH AND BLOOD...If you eat,you will inherit non halal blood to your generations..then your children,grandchildren and great2 grandchildren will behave like non halal animals..LOL... I'm not being racist here but in term of choosing food, we should be strict..

I am very disappointed with my friend when he bought the curry puffs because there were many more halal food near the CC...more over,all of us are one influenced him to buy non halal food...adess...

You know what, one of my good friends is a chinese...we often go out to eat together...but I never eat non halal food..In fact, I lead him to halal restaurant and he likes it very much...

Now I'm too tired to write anymore...good night dear...bye

Monday, August 30, 2010


Good morning my grandchildren...just now I read a blog which I follow quite along time..The style of writing is interesting coz he really plays between the line of religion and culture...He also included some facts to strengthen what he claims...interesting isn't it?

But actually he is quite blur with his ignorance..Just now I read his post about freedom of religion..He said that U.S is better than other Muslim's countries because U.S practices freedom in religion..He also condemned Malaysian's constituent because in Malaysia we have official religion which is Islam...He claimed that in U.S there is no official religion..==..

You know why U.S does not have official religion unlike Malaysia?Just compare Malaysian's history with U.S...Malaysia was once lived by Malay and other native races.Malay,was almost all Islam and other native races practicing animism...So as the time passed by,animism lost it's followers because modern religions which are more logic came in but Islam is still relevant. Then other races came in...To symbolize Malay is the native here,they made Islam as the official religion and other than that, Islam is still being practiced by Malay...

Now we look at the U.S history.....It was once belonged to the Red Indians and Latin people....But the majority was Red Indians....During that time majority of Red Indians practicing animism...So when Stephen Columbus was on the search to find new lands,he discovered U.S soil....Then British sent his citizen to COLONIZE that land....They took the land by war...To cut the story short,they succeeded...Red Indians converted their religion as they saw more logical religion when they were under colonization....So how the hell on earth U.S would have official religion because they are not the native there?Do you think they should make their religion as official religion?==

If you want to condemn others,you better do research thoroughly because if you fail to do it,at the end you will bring ashamed to yourself...Take a look at BRITAIN...THEY HAVE OFFICIAL RELIGION ...BECAUSE THEY ARE THE NATIVE THERE...THE QUEEN IS THE HEAD OF THEIR RELIGION THERE...NOt like U.S because it is a colonized land...

Tired I wanna go to sleep...nite~

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Raya and Me

It is almost half of the fasting month right now..I never realised it before..So how's ur preparation for this year Raya? Have you bought new clothes?new shoes?all new things?? careful when buying things my not overspend.

You know, I used to celebrate Raya when I was around 5 -11 years old..I couldn't wait for Raya to come..coz I wanted to collect as much money as I could..But now things have changed..For me Raya is nothing more then a mark to show that the fasting month is over..Don't get me wrong..I'm not against Raya celebration ok...It is my personal opinion..

I can't exactly recall why I changed my attitude towards Raya celebration..For years I did not buy anything for Raya especially clothes and shoes...I still remember the last celebration...I slept until 2 o'clock in the evening and I woke up because my friend texted me...The funniest thing was he wished me Slamat Hari Raya and he was a christian..He celebrated it but not me..hahaha...Dont follow my footsteps...It sucks coz you are missing a big thing in your life..But for me, I used to the situation..

Hari Raya is a day where siblings should be together and celebrate it with joy...There are things that I can't mention that I feel during the day..

My plan for Raya this year..hmmm...I want to live alone at Sungai Petani and sleep..and play online games..and sleep..and eat...I want to switch off my hp to avoid Raya dedication coz it annoys me..It will wake up...but if this plan fails,I will go back to my village and perform Hari Raya pray..coz I never do it for years...who knows maybe this year will be my last year to do it...haha...and after that,I want to go back to Sg Petani and be alone..I don't feel comfortable if I stay at my village coz many people will come...they will ask questions to me...

So my grandchildren...don't be like should celebrate it coz it is a meaningful day for you...if you follow my footsteps,I personally will strangle you!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Promises in my life

My dear grandchildren,as you growing up I bet u make so many promises to people around you.But do you aware the consequences of not full fill your promises?Once u make a promise,you must work hard to full fill it.If you do not taking any action to full fill the promise,then you are not a proper human being in Islam.And if you have taken so many actions and throw your best effort but you fail,it is okay because you have tried your best.How do you know whether the best effort has been thrown?You will know it inside of your heart.You can feel it.Believe me.

Today I'm going to share you my story about promises in my life.The longest people started to promise to me when I was 9.Once a person promised me to buy a watch after he knew that I wanted a watch.He promised me to give it to me 2 months from the day he made the promise.Then I waited...and waited..and I'm still waiting...I bet he has forgotten what he said to me but never mind,I will always waiting~

Second story,I made a promise which I cannot full fill it anymore even for my entire life.I regret it so much.I made a huge mistake to promise thing that I did not want to do.One day, my grandmother said to me "I really long to taste the ais kacang sold at the bus terminal."So spontaneously I responded "Tomorrow I will buy it for you".So the next day, I didn't go to the bus terminal coz I was too busy with my friends.Actually I have the capability to go but I chose not to.The third day,my grandma was sicked and she passed away on the same day...and I failed to keep my promise to her forever and ever~

Third story, I promise to my mother when she gave me Rm 500 when I wanted to buy my new PC.I promised to her that I would pay to her later.And I will pay to her when I'm working next year.I will!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The way I overcome boredom in my life

Read that title again. Your grandpa has a very short attention span for things that I do not like. ICT subject, academic talk from people I think not qualified to talk, lame movie, pack classes, all these are apart of boring stuff that I've been through in my life. So I begin to rebel so that they can see that their activities are so boring and lame. The worst would be I will absent for lame class. But if I cant avoid them, I will start my weird habits to overcome boredom. Here is the list what I do when I'm bored :-

1. I would ask academic questions to my friends. For example "If Eman Manan (an actor) fights with Abon (also an actor ), who would you support?...justify ur answer...or "If an item would cost you RM 1, how many you could afford if you have rm 2?...after my friend answer it, I would ask "Ali has rm 5, how many items he can afford?"

2. I will repeat after the lecturer or the speaker...I will do it better by adding some actions and uttering the same sentences but make sure it cannot be noticed by the lecturer or else I will be doomed.

3. I will ask my friend about the biggest achievement in his/her life. And I will belittled it until they wont find it the biggest achievement anymore.

4. I will observe people who are paying attention to the speaker or the lecturer. And then I will start to predict what happens to him/her in 10 years and the way he/she dies...sometimes I share my prediction with my friends.

5. I will start to I praise the way he dresses for today...I will say "hey look handsome today..."I love to see their response and at least I do a good deed.I increase his confidence in his life.

6. Listen to my MP3 player...I love it!!!

7. Start to think about my future.How I can improve my life and what I wanna do if I can reverse time.

8. Doodling...very addictive.You know, there is a research where it has been proven that doodling increase ur attention span and focus...

9. Tease people!!!hell yeah..teasing is an art...I love to tease people who seem innocent...I ask evil question...In my class,there is a pious female student,,, I asked her "how many bombs have u made today??"

10. Recall music notes so that I can polish them.

11. Sleep...sleeping in class acquire a very fine skill so that u cannot be detected.

12. Play snake game in my HP and try to break the record

13. Plan my activities for that day.

=_="....sleepy!!!wanna sleep d..daaa

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Story telling

Arrr!!!Hello...You know my grandchildren,this sem I have to take story telling subject...Lame isn't it?Coz I have to animate like a puppet which is not my character...So tuuuutttt(censored) boring!!!..I wanna share with you few stories that I've read during my childhood...I used to read a lot of books when I was young but the problem is all the stories that I read are corrupted literature...haha...Maybe you do not know yet the reason why I call it corrupted,but just continue reading and I'll show you...

The first story....

There was a boy who liked to lie to the villagers.One day,he passed a herd of sheep field.The herd was happily grazing on the field.So since the was nothing to do(during that time there were no PSP, PS3 and computer games..that's why he was bored),the boy wanted to entertain himself.He got an idea. He shouted as loud as he could " is a wolf trying to eat the!!!"...The villagers heard his shouting and came with weapons to kill the wolf. As soon as they arrived, the boy laughing and shuffling in the same time coz he was entertained when the villagers were cheated by him. So the villagers when they knew they were cheated by the boy went back to. (This story sounds typical but continue reading bebeh)...After a while, the boy shouted again " is a wolf trying to eat the!!!"... For the second time, the villagers heard his shouting and came with weapons to kill the wolf. Then they realized they were being cheated by that boy...Now they were angry with that retarded boy..They went back and promised not to come if they heard the boy's shouting....As soon as the villagers went back,there was a wolf came...The boy shouted " is a wolf trying to eat the!!! This time is real"...The villagers heard it but they continued to do their work. They did not want to be tricked by the false alarm. The wolf started eating the herd and they boy kept shouting for help but the villagers did not come...Some of the villagers were playing chess, some were practicing shuffling and got some who were making piano out of stones....Then after sometime,the wolf ate all the herd and went back into the forest. Some villagers started to feel curios when they did not hear any shouting from the boy anymore so they decided to investigate. When they arrived at the field, they saw the herd was gone and the boy was laughing so hard. You must be wondering why the boy was laughing right? The boy said " I told you already there was a wolf eating the herd but you did not you must bear the lost because the herd was not mine..muahahaha...It was yours!!!" One of the villagers fainted with regret because the herd actually belonged to him...haha

Moral of the story "sometimes we should believe the liars"

Second story....

A long time ago,lived a family with 3 daughters. One of them named Cinderella.. She was a step daughter to the family. So as usual, she was always being abused by the family. She was not kindly treated by the family. She did not even have her own clothes and any other belongings. So like the typical Cinderella story, a news that the prince of the kingdom held a ball to search a wife was heard by the family. The two stepsisters bought nice dresses and heels to attend the ball. On the day the ball was organized, Cinderella had to do house chores.While she was doing, she cried softly because she also wanted to go to the ball. Then out of nowhere a fairy godmother appeared. She turned Cinderella's smelly cloth and shoes that she was wearing into a beautiful dress and heels. So Cinderella went to the ball. She went back before 12 o'clock...When she was rushing to go back, she accidentally left a heel....Then she arrived at home...Then the next day, the prince started looking for Cinderella based on the size of the heel. The search finally brought the prince to the Cinderella's house. Cinderella was so happy because she hoped she could marry the prince. But not only her was happy, her two step sisters who were ugly like rotten rambutans also happy...As usual the prince asked the family to try to wear the heel. The first step sister tried but her feet were too big. As big as an elephant feet..muahaha...Cinderella was so eager to try because she could not wait to marry the prince...But her second step sister came in and tried it..You know...........................The heel suited her...The heel suited her second step sister!!!yesss...haha...Cinderella was shocked and so did the prince because he had to marry that ugly rambutan....Cinderella was almost fainted but before she fainted she managed to find the reason why the heel suited her second step sister....It was because last night she borrowed her second step sister's shoes when doing her house chores...She did not realize it even when the fairy god mother turned her into a beautiful the prince had to marry the second step sister and they lived happily ever after...hahaha

Moral : Do not borrow other's belonging

Tired already...wanna play dota...arrrr...chow2

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My life

Peace be upon you my grandchildren...It has been a long time I did not write to you...How are you?arrr...Today I think I wanna share with you the story of my life since you do not know me well coz I already dead when you read this not afraid of death because it is a process of transportation from the world to the other world...So are you ready to get to know your grandpa?

I like to tease people who are close to me especially my little sis called "Noni". Since I was a toddler I started to tease people around me. The first victim of coz my younger bro.I teased him until he the time went by,when I was about teenager,I had my youngest sister..So I thought I would not continue my habit because I was the second eldest child in my family and the age gap between Noni and I is huge, but I was wrong. I still continue to tease her even until now...can you imagine a 23 year old person tease an 8 year old child? I enjoy it very much and the best part of teasing is when she cries and screams because of dissatisfaction and angry when I tease her...That is the best part...hahaha...sometimes...ermm..not sometimes..all the time without any proper reason and out of sudden I always have ideas on how to make her cries...wahahaha...I should be awarded because of my creativity in the art of teasing my youngest sis...

I remember one day when I just came back from Maktab, I was so thirsty. I wanted to have an iced tea but I was too lazy to buy it.So I asked Noni to buy it for me and I promised her I would not tease her for the whole day if she bought me iced tea.She was really happy to buy me iced tea...I could see her determination because at the time I asked her,she just took a bath...She was still not wearing her cloth..haha..So she dressed up and went to the shop...So I drank that tea at about 5 o'clock in the evening...At around 5.30, I saw Noni was playing happily...My good idea had come across my mind..I went close to her, but not even anything happened, Noni said "Bro, you have promised not to tease me today..haaa".. (T_T)...I was quite shock and I recalled back my on that day my little sis was saved from being teased by me...But on that day also I felt very uncomfortable because I could not make her cry...wahaha...I could feel the time passed by so slow...I just could not wait the next day...

Oh I feel so sleepy..before I leave, I wanna show u my's the pic

She is the one who is holding a cup of milo..isn't she vulnerable??hahahaha

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

20 cents is useful than RM 1

Hello my's you going?sleepy right now but since I did not update my blog for a long time,so I have to update it tonight...This is a real story.It happened to me when I was a teenager.

Usually in this life,things which have more values are very important to us.For example Rm 1 is more valuable than 20 cents.But you should rethink because I had encountered a situation where things which have less values were more.It really made me to rethink everything in this life twice.

Here's the story.When I was in secondary school,I often went back to Sg Petani using bus from my school.It took about 30 minutes to reach my house area.So everytime I reached the area,I would call my mom using public phone to pick me up from the bus stop to my house.During that stone age time,there was no HP ok...That's why I used public phone.So to make the story goes short,one day I took a bus to my house area.Then after reaching the bus station,I went to the nearest public phone to call my mom.When I reached the public phone,I realised that I did not have coins...=_="...I only had RM 1..I mean the money was not coin...So I took initiative to exchange it into coins..But it was rather hard than what I wanted.There was no shop opened at that time.Omg!!!I almost walked for about 100 meters to find the nearest shop in the dry hot sunny day and not a single shop was opened...

Hmm..At that particular time,I had a thought in my mind saying that no all the time things which have greater values were useful.I was really hoping that I had 20 cents rather than rm 1.How I wish I had 20 cents!!!You do not know the feeling of it..After walking and walking,then without realizing, I was almost half way to my house.So I decided not to call my mother.I just walked straight ti my house under the hot sun.After 20 minutes of walking,I reached my house and straight went into the bathroom to cool off my body.I cannot stand the heat of the sun until now.

So grandchildren,what can you learn from this simple yet meaningful story?I hope you learn something.For my self,I have learnt not to look things only in their economic value only.I have learnt to appreciate things in many values.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Help yourself before try to help others

Good evening!! How you've been my grandchildren?Missing me or not?Now smile coz I wanna share with you a piece of my mind.

Recently,I have come across so many people who behave and live their lives in funny ways.Funny here means they are living their lives without following the true religion...I hate to condemn people but I have to say something for you so that you won't get lost in your life.And I'm sure people in your time will be worsen then before.So after you read this I hope you won't be confused when you encounter the situation. to start coz I'm digging my nose...wait a while...uhh uhh...(after several minutes) I'm back...heee...don't you should be serious..back to the business...

I cannot deny that my country has many rich and kind hearted people.They are so generous and such a giver when helping poor people.Take an example during the tsunami rampage in Acheh several years ago,people in Malaysia were so kind helping those needed hands.Our artists also participated by conducting a concert entitled "force of nature" to raise a fund to help the were so what's wrong?

This is the flaw. They were so eager to help other people until they forgot to help themselves first.Take a look at their clothes and the way they dressing.Female artists were wearing clothes which were so exposed and leaved a little imagination to guess what's inside.=_=...They forgot to wear scarf to cover their hair or maybe they intentionally not wearing it because they wanted to show their brand new styles of the male artists colored their hair which I believe it is haram in Islam to color your hair.Maybe they wanted to mimic the western artists who were already lost their faith in religion.

It is not wrong to help people,but you should help yourself first.Cover your hair,dress appropriately and behave like a muslim..Then after that,go help other people.Help yourself because you are doing something against the God which is a greater catastrophic rather than being struck by the tsunami.Use your brains in your acts coz it will somehow save you.

Just now I watched television and they showed me a business woman profile.She was a successful business woman.I have to describe to you how she was...because I wanna relate it with my topic today...ok..She dyed her hair and of coz she did not wear scarf.She always smile...(why do I describe she always smile??)zzz...She said "I love business but the most important thing is I always do good deeds"...hmmm...I tried to digest her point for telling people "I always do good deeds"...what's the point telling people you always do good deeds?zzzz....and suddenly I felt sad for her.She is a good woman because she always help people but she is not helping herself in her relationship with God.If I have a chance to talk to her,I would like to say "Ma' are such a good woman because you always helping people but can you please help yourself first?Strengthen your relationship with God first then you help other people"...I'm not belittled her good deeds but I somehow feel sympathy for her because all her good deeds will not be counted when she dies because she is not doing what's the God tell her.Pity her and what a waste...

So my grandchildren,what have you learnt today?if you are not learning anything,you are inappropriate human beings.You are somehow a kind of robot from another galactic.It is not wrong helping other people but in the same time,you should help yourself first okay!!!because today I am happy,let me share with you a joke...

Ali is an egoistic person.He always wants to show he knows everything even he actually does not know a thing he says.One day he went to a holiday with his friends in Cameron Highlands.They ran into an aborigine selling durians.So they decided to buy it.They asked Ali to bargain and buy it.

Ali :how much these durians?
Aborigine: RM 10 pikaloq
Ali :Oh...that's expensive..can you give me sekuhu?
Aborigine:What is sekuhu?
Ali :You tell me first what does it mean by pikaloq!!

End of the story..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Don't just follow,use your brains

Good evening my grandchildren..Tough day today?if you have a tough day,take a rest and relax a bit.Today I wanna share with you something which I have kept for a long time.I get annoyed everytime I come across it.But I just keep it quiet until now.

You should be aware of people who try to destroy your own faith in your religion.They can do so many things to make you hesitate with your religion.And sad to say many people start to believe it.The best part is many people think they are the right one and start to condemn other people.You know,even one word which describes Islam can change the meaning of it.

Now I go straight to the point.Since the strike on WTC 2001,American and Zionist always blame Islam for something bad happens which are related to killing and bombing.And...since that day, a new word is coined.The word is "EXTREMIST".If anything happens,they say it is an act by muslim extremist.So whether people around the world realise it or not,the word "extremist" has negative impression if you use to describe something.

Do you know that,the word they are using to describe terrorist attracts is wrong?There is no wrong to be "extreme" with your religion (Islam).In fact,we are all should be extreme to our religion.By being extreme,you will do and avoid things which are said in Al-Quran and by our prophet.When we often use the word "extreme",we actually convey a message that Muslim people should not be extreme with the religion.Muslim people should only practice half of the religion and the other half is by following the non muslims.Nowadays Muslim people are afraid to practice total Islam because they will be marked as extremist.So that's why you can see many people who only have Islam on their IC,but not practicing the total Islam.Thanks to the people who always regarding being extreme is something negative.

Take an example in my country where the government has enacted a law to make gambling during world cup is something legal.F.O.I,my country is an islamic country.You know,the profit which is gained from the gambling will be given to the government.And then,the government will spend that money to develop the country.Do you think the developing which is based on the haram money will be good and not being forsaken by God?The dirty money also will be distributed to all sectors including maintaining and building mosques.Yes!!!I'm not lying.No wonder the prophet had said "when it is near to the doom's day,there are many mosques which decorated beautifully,but the resources to build those mosques come from haram money" I believe it...

I wanna share with you a mystic story. Near my village,there is a very old mosque.Then the government has given budget to renovate the mosque.So during the construction day,workers tried to demolish the old mosque.But the backhoe encountered problem everytime they wanted to get nearer to the mosque.So,got three workers thought of other plans.They tried to demolish it manually by using hammers.Not even the hammers reached the wall, two of them fainted and one of them died.=_=..So the construction was cancelled.I heard from the local villagers,they said in the mosque,there was a tomb of holy person.He would not allowed the reconstruction being done because the resource of the money is

Now back to my topic,there are muslim people who use extremist to describe terrorist acts.They only follow what the american and the zionist people without thinking.This kind of people is like a cow because they do not use their brains.They just follow.Again I wanna say,being extreme to your religion is not wrong.WE MUST BEING EXTREME.YESSS!!

AND...The correct word to describe terrorist attacks,they must use "MISCONCEPTION or MISUNDERSTANDING"...NOT "EXTREMIST" those who use the word EXTREMIST should be changed because when you use it,you are actually convey a message "do not practice Islam totally" which will lead to FASIK and KAFIR...

So my grandchildren,next time when you wanna follow something,think deeply before follow because not all leaders are wise...I'm extremist..not misconception...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Me and Piano

Hello and salam to all my granchildren...How u've been?good? It's such along time I did not write to you.Miss me??haha...Recently I was so busy with so many things...I went to fishing trip and kenduri at so many places.Now I can guarantee you that at least I put on my weight in about 3 kilos.This is because I do not do any exercise during this holiday.Don't follow my style coz it is hazardous to your health.

Actually this topic is written to inform to you that I have a new addiction which is playing piano!!!..It's not new actually because I have played before and then I stopped for almost 6 months.You know the reason why I stopped?Because I felt a bit frustrated.Frustrated with myself and the internet..I tried so hard to find keyboard scores for my favorite songs but I failed.huhu..but before I stopped, I can play quite number of songs.

I tell you what,playing piano is hard because it needs practice and patient.A lot of them.Without them,you will easily give up before you even begin your information,a song which the duration of it only 3 minutes takes usually a week for me to master.haha..but when you being able to play the song flawlessly,you will feel satisfied.I'm not lying.Everytime I complete my practice and able to play without mistake, I feel I wanna give a pet on my back because I have done a good job...

You know,many soft skills you can learn from playing piano.For example I learn to see a thing in different perspective because in piano we have melody and bass.Besides that,I also learn to be patient which where I lack of it.Haha...I still remember when I failed to learn a song in fast pace,I kicked my cupboard to show dissatisfaction with myself.Even after I kicked it,I still had to practice then I realised there was no point to throw my tantrum because it would not change the reality.Now even I feel frustrated,I wont kick anything instead of it,I practice harder...(I feel holly when I say this)@_@

So YOU,as my bloodlines you should know to play at least one instrument or else you bring ashamed to our bloodlines because even my grandmother,and great great grandfather can play at least guitar and piano..learn and play because you will see the world in different perspective...

remember that!!! I gtg..I'm on da way practicing a song entitled "way back into love"..If I have mastered it,I will tell you later you all so much...don't forget to perform solah...I kick you if you do not solah...daaa

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fishing with my father

Good morning my grandchildren.You're doing good today?How's ur parents?Did they have a hard time with you?Don't be so naughty please.Poor ur parents.Hishhh...If I were there,I would beat ur ass to make all of you behave.
I wanna tell you a story of my life today.You are very lucky to hear it because usually I was very lazy to tell it to other people.Yesterday I went fishing with my father who is your great grandfather.Actually recently I was not so into fishing especially fishing on a bot in the middle of the sea.This is because I cannot stand the heat of the sun.For sure I will feel dizzy and hot inside my body.That's why I will try my best not to do outdoor activities during the day.

But...Two days ago my father asked me to go for a fishing trip with him.Impulsively I said no I couldn't coz I always slept during the day and also I cannot bear the heat of the sun.The moment I said "NO" to my father, I could see his face changed dramatically.hehe..From his face impressions, I could tell you that my father was disappointed and a bit frustrated because of my answer...and he started to made himself busy doing his thing...

And I as his eldest son who is macho enough pretended to be cool and not noticing about the changes of his behaviours. I just continued watching television and online. Then my father went out with his motorcycle...So as soon he disappeared from my sight,slowly guilty feelings came into my heart. Even though my eyes was watching television, but my mind was thinking something else. I started to think "wtf am I doing?if I were him,for sure I would also feel the way he feels. Why am I saying that kind of answer?wtf..stupid.."hisshh....

So after perform the asar prayer, I started to pack all my stuff ready to go back to SP. Before I leaved, I had a discussion with my mother. I said "mama, should I follow abah for a fishing trip?" Then my mother said "I think you should coz you have not gone for a fishing trip for a long time with him".The answer from my mother struck me straight in my heart.I thought deeply and I agreed with my mother.When I was a child,I always followed my father for fishing trips. Every invitation from my father was a pleasure to me.Coz I really loved fishing when I was a child...Then I made my mind and said to my mother "tell abah I will go with him tomorrow".Then I straight went back to SP.

So the day my father waiting for had come.I departed from SP at 7.30 a.m because we wanted to go fishing at 9 a.m...I tell you what..when my father says 9.00 a.m,it will be definitely 9!!!...haha..If you are late,then you are gone..I think that's why I become like him...I cannot stand people who are not punctual. I will leave them if they are late. Luckily last night I slept early so I didn't have much trouble to wake up early but my head was still a bit dizzy due to lack of quality of sleep that recently I had.

At 9 a.m we departed..oohh..oh...before I forget, I ate a lot of nasi lemak as my mom cooked it. I felt like a python because I moved in full of stomach to fish. So we reached at the beach around 9.20 a.m..We prepared the boat and we went fishing...

Now is the hardest part...When my father and I were fishing, I felt some kind of uncomfortable feelings in my head...yup...I got sea sick...and I said to my self, "oh man...not a good time to get sea sick..&^%^^%!!!" I think I happened because for a long time I didn't go on a boat so my body had to adjust it's balance again when encounters the situation.So it caused me to have the uncomfortable feelings. My father had already set up his hook and bait for a long time while I tried to buy some time to ease myself by pretending forgotten the way to tie fishing line to a it works...We caught many fish and we moved to other spot as the tide was slowly became too wavy..

I don't like to fish because I have to be a man who needs to lift up the anchor and land it in the water as we change the fishing spot...huhu...not an easy task and it is annoying..wahaha...For the second spot, we caught a quite number of fish and my father seemed to be satisfied...I always wonder until today "why I always catch fewer fish and smaller size fish compare to my father??!!!" When I was with my friends, I always be the best in term of number of fish and the size but with my father, I always lose..hishhh...Ohhh..ohh...wait...during fishing,usually my father and I did not talk so much..only few sentences just for giving orders and to announce the changing of spot..hahaha...we both cool...coz not talking so much...not like in the television drama, when it comes to the scene where a father and his son are fishing,they will talk a lot..for me it will not be happening..haha..usually I only answer "hmmm" as sign of agreement when my father asks me something...but yesterday I did something miracle...I asked my father about a person who was passing by on a had a little conversation..haha

Then we went back.And my mother cooked fish soup...ewww...for me a soup cannot be mixed with fish because the smell of fish will absorb into the soup and makes it smells like a fish...haha...but I was wrong...It didn't smell like a fish because it depends on the type of ate it as if that was the last meal i would much until my stomach almost shaped like a balloon...haha...So my grandchildren,,,will you accompany me if I ask u to go for a fishing trip???hehe...

now it's time to sleep.see u again next time...daaaaaaaa