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Thursday, December 16, 2010


Okay...For today before I die because of plane crash,I think I should share with you my grandchildren some situations which are really annoying ever happened to me.I am not sure whether you find them annoying or not....Let's start~

One day when I was sleeping for 2 hours after not sleeping for almost 24 hours, my phone rang...Then I picked up.." Hello, this is your internet company...I want to offer you something new which 20% less price.Do you know how much you can save?Calculate it!!!" =-=...That operator asked me to do math when I just awoke from sleeping...(annoying 1)

One NOT fine day which was raining heavily, I was riding on a motorcycle.Then I arrived at a busy junction.I waited and waited to cross.Then I saw an opportunity.But when I was about to cross,I saw a motorcycle moving sentimentally.Then I gave him to pass me first before I crossed.But when he nearing me,he maneuvered into a junction...=_=...He did not give any signal.Then I had to wait again because the road becoming busy once again... (annoying 2)

I went to the airport to change my tickets.I was in the line.Such a long line.Then my turn came.When I was about to talk to the receptionist there, a couple of Indian (they were from India) got into my line and standing in front of me..=_=...Yar..I was annoyed by their behaviour...I had to wait for almost 15 minutes more... (annoying 3)

I was watching television. Discovey Channel. Then came a friend of mine, changing the channel without saying a word. He wanted to watch a comedy television programme.The best part was he had watched it before.. (annoying 4)

I made a promise to my friend to go out at 5 P.M. Ok.I took a bath,prepared myself 15 minutes before.When 5 P.M arrived, I called him. He said " Hello, I just about to take a bath.Give me 10 minutes"...ZzZzz (annoying 5)

Huhu..That's all for today.I want to eat right now.Till next time,taaaa

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Evening my dear grandchildren.I just finished my second last paper for my exam.I'm so tired and sleepy right now but I can't sleep.My brain is still active. Planning and thinking about many things.=_=...You know, everytime examamination season comes, my life routine will be changed..
For this semester, I did some weird things because of the exam.First let me share with you the tips I'm practicing for my study...Your grandpa has short attention span. I cannot focus more than 10-15 minutes on things I do not like. So everytime I read notes for my examination, I will start to lose interest so easily. When I'm studying alone I read about a page or two, which takes about 10 minutes. Then I start to do what I do best. I roll over in the bed until I feel tired doing so.
Erm...then after that, I will hear evil summon by my computer. The summon is like " come on,play DOTA one game.1 game won't hurt anyone." Everytime I hear the summon, I will try my best not to compliment it but I fail.Then I play one game...then the second...then the third...huhu...Then two hours time for studying have burnt.I start to panic a bit but I convince myself "no need to panic.Even if I study but my heart is not willing to do so,it will be a wasting of time". I feel relief.
Hey!!you know what...I recall one incident where I did something to release the stress after studying.One day I studied for almost one hour.I felt so tired and tension.I carried out my ultimate plan to release it.I went to TESCO, bought some stuff and went to my friend's room.I cook!!!Yarrr...sometimes I cook when I feel stress...I cook and ate and that was the most superb cook I ever tasted in the world..hohoho..
I used to feel a bit scared if I knew my friends started to study early.Now I do not feel anymore because I know my ability.If I start study early,it will be useless because I do not remember well due to the unwillingness in studying.
I remember one more thing.I always go out with my friends to cyber cafe playing DOTA if I stress.Usually all the plans are carried out flawlessly.Only one or two are not achieved.
In the morning of the exam day,usually I will start my day by listening to songs and sing along...It really eases my stress and anxiety. I listen to variety of songs and the closure song will always be an epic song.I will feel motivated and ready for the exam...
I guess that's all for today....Now you should practice my tips and you will become someone like me.. :-P tata

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Travelling fun?

Morning my grandchildren.How are you today?Today I will sit for my last paper...huhu...But I just finished playing DOTA game...I haven't started studying seriously...After this I will study...I promise...You can trust me because I never break my promise...I want to share with you something...
On the 17th of December this year I'm going to Australia. Sydney to be specific. I will depart on 17th then go back to Malaysia on 28th. Erm...That trip will be my first time taking aeroplane for travelling. Usually I take bus. Now I want to inform you what do I plan.
I will finish my examination on 12.12.2010. On the day I finish my examination, I want to start packing my belongings and send it to my house in Sungai Petani because usually every semester break I will stay alone in that house. I will rest there for about 3 days.
On the 15th, I'll start to pack my belongings ready to go for Australia. I have to limit my luggage under 7 kg because I do not take extra luggage service. On the 16th, during the day I need to go to a religious event..huhu...You know, the 16th is Thursday.So there will be a religious event I have to attend. Then at night, maybe around 11 o'clock I'm going to take a bus to Kuala Lumpur to my auntie's house. I plan to go to the airport from her house.
On the 17th, I will depart at 11:00 P.M to Melbourne. I will reach Melbourne at about 9:50 A.M. For me the journey is quite long.I do not know what to do on the plane.Hope I will be sleeping for the whole journey.As soon as I reach Melbourne, I have to reset my clock 3 hours in advance to follow the local time.Then after I reach Melbourne, I have to take another flight to go to Sydney. It will be departing at 6:50 P.M and reaching Sydney at 8:15 P.M. I see the time gap between Melbourne flight to Sydney is quite long. Almost 9 hours. @_@. I need to preoccupied myself with something while waiting for my next flight. What I'm going to do? Do you have any plan? I think I want to explore a bit the area in Melbourne. Yup. I'll be exploring alone.
Then when the time comes, I will take the plane from Melbourne to Sydney.I'll be staying with friends in a house. Ain will be busy working so when I'm in Sydney, I think I want to go for sight seeing. Explore things in there.( I hope I will learn something new). I do not mind going alone if someone has shown me how to get to places that I want to go.
On the 27th, I have to take a plan to Gold Coast. It will be departing at 8:30 P.M from Sydney and reach Gold Coast at 8:50 P.M. My flight to Malaysia is on 28 at 9.05 A.M. You know what does it mean?I have to sleep at the airport..yeahh...That will be my first time sleeping in the airport. I don't think I will be sleeping because I plan to wandering around like a tourist in that area. I'll be reaching Malaysia at 3:25 P.M.
So, do you have anything you want me to buy?I don't think you have because you are not even borned yet. Next year I think I want to go to Paris. You want to join?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Welcome to my world

Yah...For this entry, I want you, my grandchildren to know what I do when I'm down.So you will not hurt yourself next time.What I am going to do when I'm down morally?

I love listening to epic songs, fantasy songs and even orchestras to motivate me.Yep it does help me a lot. For the start you can try listening to Within Temptation, X-Japan, Two steps from Hell, OST from movies like Departures, and Snow Queen. I can guarantee you the songs have something very strong amplifying your calmness as if they are alive.

When listening to the kinds of songs, I start to fantasize about life which I long to have. You know, I want to be in a place where the atmosphere is cold, the sun not too bright neither too dim. The surrounding is almost like dusk in cold countries.

Then I start to imagine I have a house. A big one. Like a castle in middle age. Like a Dracula castle. Situated on a hill. Surrounded by lakes and thick forests. Yeah. Then it is always raining there. I wanna live alone there. So no one can hurt me and I cannot hurt anyone.

Lame is it? but I really want to live in that kind of place. From my young age I started to think and imagine that kind of place. I thought it would be faded as I growing up but it didn't.

I do know that kind of place is not possible to get it. So I will turn it into reality by having a piece of my imagination in my real life. When I can make my own living, I want to buy a house which I personally will decorate. Your grandpa when doing things he likes, he will give the best shot. Especially to achieve this dream.

If I get married, I hope she will understand my situation. I hope she can give full support for my dream. I mean it.

Now I'm listening to an OST song from Bleach entitled " never meant to belong". I want to stop writing now. You take care of yourself okay.bye

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Typical Marriage life

Evening my grandchildren...It's 2:46 A.M December 2,2010.I am so hungry right now. I need to kill my time for more than 4 hours more so I can go to breakfast after this...That's why I'm writing this. At around 12.45 P.M, my friends and I went to Infinity (Cyber cafe) near my college to play online game until 7 P.M. Today was not a good day for me coz I lost many games.Then after that, we went back. I slept around 9 P.M because my brain was too tired playing games. Thanks to my friend who called me at 1.45 A.M, woke me up and I could not sleep anymore. Now I'm hungry...haishh..I want to sue him for that...@_@
Then I tried to play online game, but the internet was so slow.I could only get 1 lag game. Felt a bit annoyed, I stopped playing and started to listen to musics and thinking about life.Then I notice many things in common after people get married.
I notice many people especially men grow in size after they get married.Oh man.Men after they settle down with their spouses, they will get bloated stomach and fat.hahaha.
You know why?From my point of view,men tend to be lazy bum.They leave everything especially house chores to their wives.Cleaning the house,the surrounding and even small things like washing plates and glasses after eating are leaved to their wives.No wonder they become fat like well fed cows.The only things they know are eat and eat.
Frankly speaking,many men think they are the king in their house.Well I hate this kind of situation.They only know order things to be done.It is so wrong. My dear grandsons.If one day you get married, please do not have those kind of behaviours. Yes you are the leader in the house, but that does not permit you to abuse your power. What's wrong if you help out doing house chores with your wife?
So funny because men during the period of dating with their girlfriends, they show the best side of them.Suddenly they turn into super gentlemen.Give sweet promises,talk softly and showing that they are hardworking. But once they get married, they turn into a completely different people.From my observations and reading, in the period of 5-10 years life after marriage they will start becoming lazy.=_=...From the moment they are declared as husband and wife, one by one the good qualities they show before start to disappear mysteriously...haha...It is so true!!!
Not only that, many men like to hang up and spending time hours and hours with friends at stalls and restaurants.My house is near stalls and restaurants. I went to buy some food there and I saw a group of men hang up in the stall. 5 hours later, I went again to the same stall to buy food coz I was hungry and I saw the group was still there...hahaha...funny...I think they were discussing about global warming issue..That's why they were still there..The worst case is I overheard a group of men talking when I was eating with my friends in my hometown.They were talking about dirty manner...uwekkk...They did not realise their age...Average age for those men was in the age of we cannot guarantee whether they would still alive or not tomorrow..@_@..nah..I'm lying coz I want to leave dramatic effect..Their range of age was late 30's and in the middle of 40's...
If you are married, you better not to spend your time like them. Many important things can be done rather than spending time in that manner.Try to help your child doing his homework.Your child will appreciate it.Believe me. Many fathers only know to condemn their children when their children do not achieve good results, but they do not give any help like teaching their children doing homework and monitor the education progression of their children. So absurd. If you want to spend your time with your friends, it is not wrong to do it once in a while.It will be wrong when you do it every night.
Erm....One more thing.Take care of your health after you get married. I mean physically. You know what, I will try my best to maintain my weight and physical figure until I die.I'm serious.You should have that kind of attitude to!!!
Okay dear..That concludes today's preach.Gotta go now.I want to play online take care of u dear..good night..taaa