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Sunday, May 18, 2014

I will always tell the truth

Good morning my grandchildren.I know it's quite late but I want to tell you a story.A short one I promise.So today I went dinner at a random restaurant.Just to try something new.The restaurant was so dull and few customers were eating when I arrived.I like the ambiennce of the restaurant because I just hate a crowded place.Then a waiter came to me with the menu.As I went through the menu,I was impressed by the list of foods.They served western food!!!I did not expect to see it at a restaurant situated in a rural area.I ordered a plate of Spaghetti Carbonara.
The drink came and what I can say is based on the drink itself I could tell the food would not be delicious.Guess what!!My prediction was right.The waiter served me a plate of pale and stale spaghetti carbonara.I did not feel excited to eat it.I took a bite and it was really awful.Too salty with unwanted extra spices taste were torturing my taste buds badly.I wanted to pay for the food and walk away right after the first bite but I felt it was very rude to do that.
So I took several bites and stopped.I went to the counter to pay for the meal.The cook came to me and noticed the leftover was so much on the table.With sweat on his face(yes he sweated alot due to the heat from cooking),he asked me "Was the food nice?".I almost burst into laugh but I controlled myself.I had to tell the truth.So I told him about the food.Deep inside I felt sympathy towards him.He cooked whole-heartedly but the food was pathetic.Anyway I guess telling the truth is the best policy.I told him straight forward because I really wanted him to improve.I do not want him to live in delusion.Somehow it was funny though.Hihi.Okay.That's all for now.I'm off to bed.See you again.Night2

Friday, May 16, 2014

Peek inside

Good morning.Yea it is morning now.So how's life treating you?I want to talk about something heavy tonight but I do not like to reveal my thoughts openly.Should I tell you?Let me think for secs.Okay I have made my mind.I'm telling you since you are my grandchildren and who knows certain things can be used during your time.
First of all I happened to read about a piece of opinion by a well known person among the laymen.So that man was talking about the main reason of divorce is the change of nature where nowadays women have carriers.The writer said women feel secured and do not care really care if they are getting divorce.He also stated that back in the old days,women tried to endure the pain of marriage due to the inability to survive economically of they were divorced.So that is the main reason why the number of divorce is getting higher each year. Interesting thought isn't it?
Do you want to hear my opinion on this issue?I think the writer perhaps saw his mother got beaten by his father but his mother endured it well because the inability to survive if she was divorced by his father.Just joking.Personally I think the main reason of divorce rate is getting higher each year is due to lack of leadership quality of a man possesses.To be more specific the leadership quality that I mean is religion.I happened to have an opportunity talking with an officer who is working in the Islamic Department of the state.I still remember where he said when he conducted 10 interviews for marriage,only 1-2 men who knew the basic of religion well.The other 8 only smirked and scratching their heads.
What do you expect from a man who does not know his own religion to be your leader?I learn my religion so that I know how to react and how to behave because religion is absolute truth.Nah some of people might say as long as they know how to behave nicely then it is alright.Define nicely.Human's laws and cultures are weak.Certain behaviours are considered good in my culture but they are considered rude in other culture.That is why you need an absolute guideline to behave and the guideline would be religion.I do not care whether my behaviour is rude or not even in my culture as long as it is acceptable in religion.
Back to marriage.When the husband or both of the spouse do not really know about religion,when they encounter problems and bad situations they will react based on their limited knowledge or even using their emotions.Limited knowledge and emotions combined and they produce the best recipe to the downfall of a marriage.Yea.Human knowledge is limited.If only they knew what the religion taught them how to react in every aspect of their life,I am sure many marriages could be saved.
I have seen enough of examples of this.So this situation really affects me.It is very hard for me to find a spouse.My colleagues are wondering why am I still not married.I always hear they say " You have a job.Why is it so hard for you to find one?If I were you,I would have no problem finding a spouse".For me,me and them are looking at different qualities of a spouse.Perhaps for them look comes first but for me religion comes first.I let you see the world from my perspective a bit.Let say a girl standing in front of me.They first thing that I would check is her attire.Is it appropriate in my religion?If the answer is no,immediately I will kill my intention to take further action.Okay let's say she wears decently.Now the second thing is her behaviours.It takes so much time for me to evaluate the girl because it is impossible for me to access her behaviours on a short occasion.Next intelligent.Yea the most attractive part in a girl for me is intelligent..I hate small talks.An intelligent spouse is very important because I want to spend my time with someone who I can talk with and asking for opinion.It is contradicting with typical men.The first thing they would check is perhaps the face or the body.Then okay everything is good.Let's get married.You know,I do not think finding a spouse for me is an easy task because usually it takes so much time.I am afraid that maybe by the time I find someone,it is too late for me.
Nah...I talk too much.I am not a good person but finding the right person is important because I want to improve myself.I am off to bed now.You take care.Good night and goodbye.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

U me

If I were you perhaps I would do the same.Who knows.So I won't blame you for everything that happened.Once more I need to unlearn things that I've learnt.It is very hard but luckily I've been through this quite alot of times.How I miss the day when I was innocent and full of dreams.Thinking about the thing over and over again without being tired.It is so funny for me when I remember what I had planned for the future when I was still a little boy.