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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Human and me

Hello my are you today?It is quite long I haven't updated my blog coz I was so busy and the internet connection was really bad!!! many things happened to me in this weak.I wanna share with you something which is really important.It's about friendship and human.Arrr!!!..I suddenly become interested in this topic because my gf talked to me about her friends behaviours and problems.You know something...You cannot trust anyone in this world unless he/she is has special relationship with God. Nowadays people behave like pigs. They can talk so many things even they do not know what they are talking,they can pretend to be nice to you but talk bad about you when you aren't with them. Within my friends also I have a few people who behave like this. I do be good to them but to be close to them, I won't..haha..coz I don't want to corrupt my mind. I better live on my own. Actually I don't like this topic because I don't wanna be judgmental. Well, who am I to behave like that...hisshhh..but be careful my grandchildren...I believe during your time, people will be worsen than my time. You will feel like I feel. Live on your own is better. Do not depend on other people. Until then,bye2

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Life is edited by our action

Hi to all my grandchildren...Today I wanna share with you about something which is really important.Do you still remember my plan that I wanted to build a cage?If you don't remember,you better reread my previous post!!I've been thinking so deep and I have found something which is very shocking.I've made my mind by delaying the project.This is a hard decision but I have to do it. I used to imagine that I would have many type of birds flying in my cage and they are soooo tame and adorable. But the reality brings me to the ground. I don't have enough money to concede with that project. I overspent my money..haha...poor me..Then the project will be my one of the greatest delayed projects in my life. I've been thinking to continue my project when I'm working. First I wanna buy a house which has pretty large space or large backyard. After finishing decorating my house with sophisticated furniture, I wanna spend my money on the bird cage project. I also wanna build a fish pond..A big fish pond so that I can have various type of fish. Every evening I wanna spend my time with my wife near the fish pond and talking about our hopes and future.ehe..pretty romantic scene for me..I hope I will be married to a woman who understands my dream. For people who do not understand me, maybe they will think that my project is a wasting money. But for me, I can say that it worth 1000 meaning. I can see right now that I'm spending my time with my wife near the fishing pond. Together we go to the bird cage and playing with the birds in a perfect life..You know something? everytime I'm feeling down, I would imagine that situation to motivate me..hehe..So right now the project is postponed because of money constrain..It's pretty sad for me actually but have a bigger plan to do which is going to Australia..Australia,,,,here I come...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Build the biggest...

Hello my are u today??well or not well??or die already??haha..tonite I wanna talk about my latest dream..heee..u r so lucky coz I wanna share with u my dream is to build a bird cage in my village..I wanna build the biggest and the greatest..let me describe the cage..the cage shapes like a square...with 4 meter width and 6 meter long..and the height is 3 meter..hehe..i wanna dig a pond inside it..birds that I wanna put inside are quail and cannery..I wanna build their house so that they can syok..and then in the pond I wanna put some fish like kaloi and catfish..heee..I wanna decorate it as closet as possible to their own habitat...then if Noni gets naughty, I wanna put her in that syok!!!...but rite now I have to find a suitable place to be my construction side...and the budget is also quite big...but nothing can stop me unless everytime I feel depressed, I will think about the refreshing...can't wait to have my own bird's syokkkk!!!!I will build it during this semester break...yeaahhhh!!!!wish me u all..tata bobai..