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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Help yourself before try to help others

Good evening!! How you've been my grandchildren?Missing me or not?Now smile coz I wanna share with you a piece of my mind.

Recently,I have come across so many people who behave and live their lives in funny ways.Funny here means they are living their lives without following the true religion...I hate to condemn people but I have to say something for you so that you won't get lost in your life.And I'm sure people in your time will be worsen then before.So after you read this I hope you won't be confused when you encounter the situation. to start coz I'm digging my nose...wait a while...uhh uhh...(after several minutes) I'm back...heee...don't you should be serious..back to the business...

I cannot deny that my country has many rich and kind hearted people.They are so generous and such a giver when helping poor people.Take an example during the tsunami rampage in Acheh several years ago,people in Malaysia were so kind helping those needed hands.Our artists also participated by conducting a concert entitled "force of nature" to raise a fund to help the were so what's wrong?

This is the flaw. They were so eager to help other people until they forgot to help themselves first.Take a look at their clothes and the way they dressing.Female artists were wearing clothes which were so exposed and leaved a little imagination to guess what's inside.=_=...They forgot to wear scarf to cover their hair or maybe they intentionally not wearing it because they wanted to show their brand new styles of the male artists colored their hair which I believe it is haram in Islam to color your hair.Maybe they wanted to mimic the western artists who were already lost their faith in religion.

It is not wrong to help people,but you should help yourself first.Cover your hair,dress appropriately and behave like a muslim..Then after that,go help other people.Help yourself because you are doing something against the God which is a greater catastrophic rather than being struck by the tsunami.Use your brains in your acts coz it will somehow save you.

Just now I watched television and they showed me a business woman profile.She was a successful business woman.I have to describe to you how she was...because I wanna relate it with my topic today...ok..She dyed her hair and of coz she did not wear scarf.She always smile...(why do I describe she always smile??)zzz...She said "I love business but the most important thing is I always do good deeds"...hmmm...I tried to digest her point for telling people "I always do good deeds"...what's the point telling people you always do good deeds?zzzz....and suddenly I felt sad for her.She is a good woman because she always help people but she is not helping herself in her relationship with God.If I have a chance to talk to her,I would like to say "Ma' are such a good woman because you always helping people but can you please help yourself first?Strengthen your relationship with God first then you help other people"...I'm not belittled her good deeds but I somehow feel sympathy for her because all her good deeds will not be counted when she dies because she is not doing what's the God tell her.Pity her and what a waste...

So my grandchildren,what have you learnt today?if you are not learning anything,you are inappropriate human beings.You are somehow a kind of robot from another galactic.It is not wrong helping other people but in the same time,you should help yourself first okay!!!because today I am happy,let me share with you a joke...

Ali is an egoistic person.He always wants to show he knows everything even he actually does not know a thing he says.One day he went to a holiday with his friends in Cameron Highlands.They ran into an aborigine selling durians.So they decided to buy it.They asked Ali to bargain and buy it.

Ali :how much these durians?
Aborigine: RM 10 pikaloq
Ali :Oh...that's expensive..can you give me sekuhu?
Aborigine:What is sekuhu?
Ali :You tell me first what does it mean by pikaloq!!

End of the story..

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Don't just follow,use your brains

Good evening my grandchildren..Tough day today?if you have a tough day,take a rest and relax a bit.Today I wanna share with you something which I have kept for a long time.I get annoyed everytime I come across it.But I just keep it quiet until now.

You should be aware of people who try to destroy your own faith in your religion.They can do so many things to make you hesitate with your religion.And sad to say many people start to believe it.The best part is many people think they are the right one and start to condemn other people.You know,even one word which describes Islam can change the meaning of it.

Now I go straight to the point.Since the strike on WTC 2001,American and Zionist always blame Islam for something bad happens which are related to killing and bombing.And...since that day, a new word is coined.The word is "EXTREMIST".If anything happens,they say it is an act by muslim extremist.So whether people around the world realise it or not,the word "extremist" has negative impression if you use to describe something.

Do you know that,the word they are using to describe terrorist attracts is wrong?There is no wrong to be "extreme" with your religion (Islam).In fact,we are all should be extreme to our religion.By being extreme,you will do and avoid things which are said in Al-Quran and by our prophet.When we often use the word "extreme",we actually convey a message that Muslim people should not be extreme with the religion.Muslim people should only practice half of the religion and the other half is by following the non muslims.Nowadays Muslim people are afraid to practice total Islam because they will be marked as extremist.So that's why you can see many people who only have Islam on their IC,but not practicing the total Islam.Thanks to the people who always regarding being extreme is something negative.

Take an example in my country where the government has enacted a law to make gambling during world cup is something legal.F.O.I,my country is an islamic country.You know,the profit which is gained from the gambling will be given to the government.And then,the government will spend that money to develop the country.Do you think the developing which is based on the haram money will be good and not being forsaken by God?The dirty money also will be distributed to all sectors including maintaining and building mosques.Yes!!!I'm not lying.No wonder the prophet had said "when it is near to the doom's day,there are many mosques which decorated beautifully,but the resources to build those mosques come from haram money" I believe it...

I wanna share with you a mystic story. Near my village,there is a very old mosque.Then the government has given budget to renovate the mosque.So during the construction day,workers tried to demolish the old mosque.But the backhoe encountered problem everytime they wanted to get nearer to the mosque.So,got three workers thought of other plans.They tried to demolish it manually by using hammers.Not even the hammers reached the wall, two of them fainted and one of them died.=_=..So the construction was cancelled.I heard from the local villagers,they said in the mosque,there was a tomb of holy person.He would not allowed the reconstruction being done because the resource of the money is

Now back to my topic,there are muslim people who use extremist to describe terrorist acts.They only follow what the american and the zionist people without thinking.This kind of people is like a cow because they do not use their brains.They just follow.Again I wanna say,being extreme to your religion is not wrong.WE MUST BEING EXTREME.YESSS!!

AND...The correct word to describe terrorist attacks,they must use "MISCONCEPTION or MISUNDERSTANDING"...NOT "EXTREMIST" those who use the word EXTREMIST should be changed because when you use it,you are actually convey a message "do not practice Islam totally" which will lead to FASIK and KAFIR...

So my grandchildren,next time when you wanna follow something,think deeply before follow because not all leaders are wise...I'm extremist..not misconception...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Me and Piano

Hello and salam to all my granchildren...How u've been?good? It's such along time I did not write to you.Miss me??haha...Recently I was so busy with so many things...I went to fishing trip and kenduri at so many places.Now I can guarantee you that at least I put on my weight in about 3 kilos.This is because I do not do any exercise during this holiday.Don't follow my style coz it is hazardous to your health.

Actually this topic is written to inform to you that I have a new addiction which is playing piano!!!..It's not new actually because I have played before and then I stopped for almost 6 months.You know the reason why I stopped?Because I felt a bit frustrated.Frustrated with myself and the internet..I tried so hard to find keyboard scores for my favorite songs but I failed.huhu..but before I stopped, I can play quite number of songs.

I tell you what,playing piano is hard because it needs practice and patient.A lot of them.Without them,you will easily give up before you even begin your information,a song which the duration of it only 3 minutes takes usually a week for me to master.haha..but when you being able to play the song flawlessly,you will feel satisfied.I'm not lying.Everytime I complete my practice and able to play without mistake, I feel I wanna give a pet on my back because I have done a good job...

You know,many soft skills you can learn from playing piano.For example I learn to see a thing in different perspective because in piano we have melody and bass.Besides that,I also learn to be patient which where I lack of it.Haha...I still remember when I failed to learn a song in fast pace,I kicked my cupboard to show dissatisfaction with myself.Even after I kicked it,I still had to practice then I realised there was no point to throw my tantrum because it would not change the reality.Now even I feel frustrated,I wont kick anything instead of it,I practice harder...(I feel holly when I say this)@_@

So YOU,as my bloodlines you should know to play at least one instrument or else you bring ashamed to our bloodlines because even my grandmother,and great great grandfather can play at least guitar and piano..learn and play because you will see the world in different perspective...

remember that!!! I gtg..I'm on da way practicing a song entitled "way back into love"..If I have mastered it,I will tell you later you all so much...don't forget to perform solah...I kick you if you do not solah...daaa