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Monday, April 29, 2013

Paper which drives people crazy

When life gives me lemons,I'll throw the lemons away,buy some grapes and make grape juice out of it...It will puzzle everybody...Oh,hi my grandchildren!!!I miss all of you alot.Yes I do.Now smile because it is hard for me to miss someone unless they are worth it.Okay for today I want to tell you something.You know when you have grown up and have a job.You will start to have desires.You desire for almost everything in the world.Sometimes you do not even think about something but because of peer pressure,you will buy it.That is the most stupid action in the world you could do.I know a human,eh I am sorry.Not a human but many people like that.Come on dude,if you do not really need it,why on earth you buy it?Do you buy it just to satisfy people who you hate the most?Just remember,they only talk but the person who bear the cost to buy it is you.They do not give you even a penny.
You know,one of the types of people I hate the most is people who fail to budget in spending.Spendthrift.I hate it because usually it will affect people around them.They begin to be stingy to cover their over spend money.
Talking about stingy,I know a person who is stingy.No I am not over judging him.He is really stingy.I am a person who will not count in term of spending my money for friends as long as it is in logical amount but with that person,frankly speaking,even a cent I will count it.I am acting like that because I want to teach him a lesson.
How much is your dignity?100?3k?Why there are people who are willingly to lie to other people because of money?Hmmm...Life is hard but for fools it will be harder.

I am sleepy now.My old bones need a rest.See you again...Do take care yea...bye2

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Years passing by

Yes I do...And it is still the same...When I am introduced something new for the first time,for the rest of my life I believe there is no better than the first time experience  The first time will always be my bench mark.It determines what wrong and right something is.If something is right,it should be like the first time I experience it.It applies to almost everything.The funny part is I will determine which one is the first time.Experiencing something for the first time does not mean it is my first time.You know,when I was young,I knew so many people who I called friends.None of them I considered as my good friends.And one day,I experienced what it is called good friends.That's my first time.So everytime I am looking for good friend qualities,it must at least complete all the criteria.Now the second situation.I tasted a new food a long time ago.Then I came across the same food.I expected it to be the same in term of taste as the first time I tasted it before.The best part was,people around me said the food that I was eating supposed to taste like that.It means the food I tasted for the first time had an awful taste.But I do not care!!!To be right,the food must taste exactly the same like the first time I tasted it before.Even it is wrong.Even when I am eating a food which so called to have the perfect taste, still I long to eat the imperfect food which I tasted for the first time.I miss the imperfection of the food.The imperfection of the food makes it perfect for me.I miss the imperfection.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Stop for awhile.I am here

Suddenly,the feeling of longing for you rushes into my veins.The desire of missing you is explosive and strong.Why???How are you there?Are you missing me like I do?Sometimes I am tired of it and I lie.Deep inside,I wish I could turn back time.I would make everything fine.Everyday you are further and further leaving me behind.Oh God.Every song,every memory I have with you is killing me.I tried to banish them.Buried them as deep as I could...I miss you.

Friday, April 19, 2013

I have a song

You find a great song but you have no one to share it with. At that point you know you are sadder than death.Why am I always being under the knife?

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A past life

It begins with a band.Slowly it will become quartet.Not for long,it will become trio.And without you realising it,it becomes duo.The saddest is solo.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Freak me out

I think I am a person afraid of commitment.Whenever I have friends,I feel my life is complete.Frankly speaking,I do not think I am capable of living a marriage life.It freaks me out to the core.Just imagine,you and me,living together and everything about you is my responsibility.Everyday you and me do things together.You for sure will invade my territory and I am not that good to tolerate...I am not ready for that..huuu...
Oh before I forget,what if I have my mini me.OMG!!!My mini me acquires my attention to grow up.That is a huge responsible.I am really bad at making a long life commitment.I can't imagine how would I handle my mini me.What is my reaction when my mini me talks to me?And he cries for my attention while I am playing game?What if my mini me wants to play with me?What if my mini me wants to play my computer?