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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Maybe it is true

I currently listen to this song a lot.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The unhappy me

I do not feel like writing but I have to write it down so that I wont forget.Well what I can say about the new environment of my workplace is I'm still adapting.Learning the routines and also who are the player makers there.I notice one thing.Everyday I drag myself to shower and to work.Nothing beats the happiness of going back from the workplace but the happiness only lasts for about 3 hours after I reach home.When it is night again,I start to feel really unhappy about I have to go to work again tomorrow.I never felt that way before.I am not sure what makes me really unhappy.Perhaps I am still thinking about the products I left at the former workplace.I moulded them and trained them hard for years.Suppose this year end I would start to see them bloom.I feel like I have unfinished business with them.Or perhaps I am not happy with the distance I have to travel everyday.It is quite far.Or perhaps I am not really happy when my routines have changed.I need to wake up earlier than before due to the long distance I have to travel to the workplace.I need to sleep earlier than before.Every night I have to force myself going to sleep early eventhough I am not sleepy.Or perhaps I need to start from the scrath.Everybody is nice there but still I am not happy.Well I guess the saying feeling alone even you are surrounded by people is the worst feeling is true.I think I should focus on my study for 2 upcoming years and I am done here.I am going to change my job.I just need to bare for 2 years more.The only thing that stopping me is myself.Nah I am going to the bed now.See you again someday.Goodbye :(

Monday, July 7, 2014

I hate changes

Hello my grandchildren.It has been awhile since the last time I wrote to you.You know things have changed.I was in a struggle before now I bet I am a bit stable.I got transferred to another place.The moment I heard about the news I was unsure what I felt and what did I suppose to feel.I looked at the bright side to calm myself down.It is funny though because till this moment I feel betrayed.I molded them for so many years and this is the moment for them to shine but this thing happens.Perhaps there is something better for me.It is very unprofessional of me for trying to hold on to the past memories I have with them.Creating a boundary and always feel things will be better if the changes did not happen.I am off to bed now.See you again.