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Thursday, January 10, 2013

I remain the same

You know as time passes by,the past is becoming further and further.People change slowly yet I am still holding to the past eventhough I know it is pointless.I like living in the past.I had almost everything.It is hard for me to move on and start fresh.I wonder if there is other people have the same thought.Let me tell you something.You cannot love something and hope it wont change.In this world,everything will perish.It is in the matter of time.I am so wrong to have a strong feeling for the past.Living things come into your life,change and die.In this world,do not love something.Just like it,do not take them into your heart.They will perish.Empty your heart,We want to come  in.Many have failed.I do not want to join the majority.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hi 2013

Hello mu dear grandchildren.It has been awhile since the last time I visited you.Do you miss me?If you are not,then pretend to be so that I will be happy seeing you.Your pretending should start now.Smile!!!Wider...Wider!!!Yea..That's more like it.Thanks for the smiles.You should always smile you know even you are sad inside.Smile conceals your sadness.As you grow up,you will learn that the world has teeth.It will bite you regardless your preparation.Your destiny was written before you were born.Everything.Starting from your first breath till the last.You will find some happiness and sadness in your life.If you have more sadness,then you ought to build your strength from it.If you fail,you'll crack.You know,I've been in a situation where it was sadder than death.I am still in it.I carry a heavy burden for years.Everyday before I am going to sleep,I pray silently for the burden to be gone.I used to believe time will heal everything yet it is still there.At the bright side,it is lessen even the amount of it is too little.Sometimes my thoughts will have duels.I start to question everything.The hardest question to answer is "what if" because the probability is infinite.You will slowly hoping when you have "what if" question,you want the answer to favour you.
When you are unhappy with your life,the best you can do is to make others happy by your presence.The half of me has died.If it is written for me,then no one can take it away. :(