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Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm dead serious

Tomorrow I'm going to a camp for 3 days. So I wanna give you this song. It is an old song. Though it is not really nice yet the lyrics are good.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Tik Tik Tik

So there's a girl who has caught my attention. This girl is going through a restless life because there is a man, who can't never accept the fact that things between them are over. The man, I would rather say living a pathetic life because he refuses to accept the reality. The man, who is really bold enough to defame me using my name to threaten the girl. The girl, who has a very sensitive heart is hurts by the act. Me, actually never gives a cent about the thing feels hurt too. The man, is lucky enough to have the girl to stop me doing things to that man. The man was lucky enough to have that girl for 2 years. The man has failed to appreciate it. The man thinks he could fix the things between him and her but the problem is there is nothing to be fixed. The man is gone mad. The man starts to go on rampage. The man thinks he is the mastermind. The man doesn't know the actual mastermind. The man thinks he is at the winning side. The man is drifted. Me, wanna make the man goes crazy. Me, wanna make the man suffers. Me, wanna make the man knows the reality.The man doesn't know how the problems actually strengthen the girl and me. Me wanna say this to the man.You have failed now back off

Sunday, April 8, 2012

6 years

Yar 6 years more to go until I am fully alive. For now I am just half alive. I do not want to build anything or achieve dreams which I have have planned them since I was a kid. Yup I have been keeping many dreams since I was a child. I really want to fulfill my dreams badly. Why 6 years?It is because I hate my life right now. I want to improve my life.It is so unstable to start anything before 6 years. Lame people,lame surrounding,lame life. So what should I do right now?I just follow the flow but at the same time I have prepared myself to achieve my dreams. I am so happy whenever I think about my dreams. You know,when I am down I will always thinking about them. They motivate me so much. Can't wait for it!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Hello my dear grandchildren. I miss you so much. You know, when I'm feeling down, there are things which never fail to comfort me. I want to share with you the things so that you will find things that can comfort you when you are down. The first thing is thinking about my salary. I keep counting my salary just to comfort myself. Then I start to budget my spending. I'm thinking about my plans. Ah...It really does comfort me up to 75-80%. Owh then I start to think about having my own room. How will I decorate it according to my own style. The comfort level would be around 75-80% too. The next thing is I'm thinking of having my own bird aviary. I plan to the details such as how big it is, the budget,what type of birds I want to put inside, how to decorate it and many more. The comfort level would be up to 90%. I really can't wait to have my own aviary. I think I want to spend quite a big sum of money just to build it because that is my dream since I was a kid.
I can't wait to get my job conformation because I want to reformat things which are very wrong happening at my workplace.