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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Annoying people

You know,there is a kind of behaviour.It is called annoying.You know the characteristic?

-When I asked to ask me any question,he would say "anything that I do not know".Then I gave him an answer,he would say "I knew already".Lame isn't?So hard to talk to this kind of people.They like to talk something in general even actually they have something really specific to ask, then expecting people would understand their specific target question.What should I do to this kind f people?ignore them..yeay!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tell me

Tell me what you want to hear
I will say just to make you satisfied
I will tell you everything
Fast,ask me anything...I'll tell the truth
I'm waiting,ask me anything
I'm gonna tell all my secrets

Not enough?What else do you want?
I'm gonna swallow all my pride to tell you the truth
Tell me what you want to hear
Ask me anything

Friday, February 11, 2011


Shhh~Do not talk about me.
Just seal your mouth.I know it hurts,but silent please.
I know the feeling when you are in pain,and in silent, tears are running down.
It hurts the most when masking your pain with smiles
Coz deep inside you are empty

Some people would say,hey what's wrong with the flaw?just accept and live your life
I would say to them,hey let me cut one of your legs,try to live like normal
Easier to say rather than do it

I admit I did stupid things...I thought my ignorance wouldn't hurt anyone
I was wrong.Sooo wrong.
My life,my way.It hurts people.I am nothing more than a dust

I swear one day I will disappear

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Before I am taking next move,there are things I need to consider

What will I do when:

I am wrong and you are right
I am regret over something
I am destined to die alone
I am not so strong as I thought
That one move will be the last
I have things to tell but I don't trust anyone
I am worse than I thought
My plan fails
I do not have strong supporter

I also do not know YET.But I will find all the answers one day.To people who read this,I am not writing this for you.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Once I remember- part 2

Good evening my dear grandchildren.My mood today is quite good since I could play online game in the evening.Okay.For today I wanna tell you 2 stories that gave me adrenalin rush.I like them all.

The first story
I love hunting birds using sling shot.I have a friend who had the same obsession with me.We both spent so much time hunting birds but we had a major problem.We lived in a city.We were lack of hunting ground.So not many birds we could hunt.We came out with an alternative for our hunting ground.We started to hunt pigeons.The bad part is all the pigeons in my neighbourhood were owned by people but that did not stop us to hunt them..muahaha...Pigeons liked to perch in electric cable behind the owners' houses.We had to take a risk to shoot the birds down.We sneaked slowly at the road behind the owner's house,then we shot as many pigeons as we could.We sold the pigeons to a chinese woman to make herbal soup.Actually seldom we took money from the chinese woman because we were not after the money.It was just for pure fun.Usually our modes opperandi ran smoothly until one day....While my friends and I were aiming some pigeons in the cable,I heard some noise.I turned my head back to see what was going on.I saw an old man holding a big stick running towards us.We were doomed!!!Quickly I asked my friend to get onto our bicycles.Luckily our bicycles were parked near us.In a split second we got onto our bicycles and paddled as fast as we could.That man chased us.I heard he shouted "!@%^%^(censored) these kids.No wonder the number of my pigeons is decreasing"...He tried to keep up the speed with us but he could not catch us.Then I saw the big stick passed beside me.OMG.That old man really wanted to kill us so bad.hahaha...After we were sure enough that old man could get to us,we parked our bicycle and mocked him.One of the sentence I still remember was "come catch us old man.You cannot take your pigeons to your grave so why don't give some to us?"hahaha...You think that's the end?Nah....That man started his car and chased us!!!hahaha...I told you already he wanted to kill us so bad.Luckily we knew our neigbourhood roads so well.We went into a narrow path which a car couldn't pass.The chase stopped at there.

Second story
I love fishing.The same friend which I used to hunt birds with him shared the same hobby with me.We explored so many rare places to fish.We came across some dangers like being chased by a cobra and a pedophile person.I do not like to talk about that pedophile person because it is so dirty.Erm.I tell you a little about what happened.He got naked,showed his weee weee to us,and masturbated near our is a funny story.So I prefer to talk about another story.An adrenalin rush story.One night we decided to fish at a jetty.Quite far from our house.The jetty was not for a faint heart because to get to the jetty,the journey was so creepy.We had to pass a cemetery,narrow and bumpy road and went through a palm oil farm but because of the fish at there was big in size,we took the risk.We did believe in ghost but fishing was more important.So on the way there,we had to pass an abandoned house.I hate to pass that house.Not because of ghost,but there was a dog guarding that house.I never saw the dog.From distance I could hear the dog barking.When we passed the house,I did not see the dog.Only heard it barked.Then we arrived at the jetty.We fished for almost two hours there.Then we packed our gear.Oh..I forgot to mention.We went to the jetty by my motorcycle.I was the one behind the wheel.We passed the palm oil farm,and getting closer to that house.I heard that dog barking from far away.We mocked that dog.We barked together.We tried to bark louder than the dog.Then as soon as we passed the house,my friend started to scream "faster!!!"I looked at the back,I saw the dog chasing us.A black dog.Big in size.Sure die if get bitten by it.I tried my best to get faster but the road there was so narrow.Bumpy and so many holes.I could feel my face getting cold and adrenalin was pump to all over body.I had to speed up my motorcycle,avoid holes and at the same time tried to balance or else both of us fell down.The dog was so determined chasing us.Suddenly the barking stop and I slowed down my motorcycle.My friend scream "why the heck you slowing down the motorcycle?the dog is still chasing!!!$%$%!!!"Yeah..the dog was still chasing us...It was so near.The dog could bite my friend's ass if I went a bit slower.Then I increased the speed but still could not go so fast because of the road condition.I ran on a big hole and almost lost balance.Luckily we did not fall.My friend's torchlight fell from the motorcycle because of the impact.That was an expensive torchlight.After a while,we lost the dog.Phewww~...Still from distance we could hear the dog barking.Now we had to pick up the torchlight.Slowly we went to the place where the torchlight fell.We really pushed our luck that night by going to the place where the torchlight fell.Luck was at our side.The dog was not there when we picked the torchlight.After we got the torchlight,we headed home.At the main road,we started to feel how lucky we were but that did not stop us talking crap.Haha.."Hish..I feel really angry with that dog.Luckily today I'm not in mood of killing".."You screamed like a little girl"..."My driving skills were so good like Valentino Rossi"..."Actually I can pulled the dog's head out of it's body but today I feel a bit lazy"..Those were sentences we uttered to after the incident...huhu
Okay..that's all for today....Now I'm so hungry...Need to hunt for food..hehe...Nite2 dear..tata