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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New life

Good evening dear. Now I am working. Far away from home. I feel slightly funny because I somehow miss my college life. I miss my friends and things we used to do. Anyway I have no regret because I have done many great things together. So now everybody has their own life. To gather every single person together is next to impossible but hey, that's life. Remember we used to do many crazy things? I keep our memories in songs so everytime I listen to the songs, I will remember them. I wonder will we still be the same when we meet next time.
Now back to the present. I play a lot. Seriously but when I am doing something because I get paid, I will do it my best. I would like to express my gratitude to God because you give me what's best for me even I am such a bad person.
Oh before I forget, at this moment I am really in love with voices of two women. They are Laura Shay and Karolina Komstedt. They have great voices.
OMG. Karolina Komstedt just accepted my friend request!!! I am so happy....YEAY!!! Hahaha...
Okay I am off to do something. Be good k...Bye2 dear

Monday, January 23, 2012


I judge people.Yes I do. I say exactly what I mean. When I say I will, I will. Mostly I judge people by their actions rather than their words. How far would you go when you say you would do something? You know, when you promise to do something, I wait for it. I see you have chance to do it and after it is gone, you come to me and say you cannot fulfill your promise due to some difficulties. It is not I cannot help you, I just want to see your effort to make it happens.
Yeah...You really go. I feel so insignificance. Compare my effort to make things right with yours.If I were you, I would never go even you ask me to go. Now I see your weakness. Easy to let go. Okey then. Things won't work if only one person wants. You have set me. You lead I follow.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A small step

Good evening my dear grandchildren. I just being informed about my posting result. The state is far away from my house. About 600km. I do not know what to think now. It feels bittersweet. I am eager to start a new life yet at the same time I have to leave the past behind. I can't barely look at my 2 lovely pets. I have to leave them behind for their own good. For sure I will miss them so much. If everything is right, I will bring them along after I am stable in the new state. Oh yeah, I will bring my desktop along. I hope I will have access to the internet as soon as possible. I need to find a house to rent and new clothes. Thank to the 8 months of holidays, I gain weight like a boss. The greatest fear is I think I have forgotten what I have been trained for. Arghh..

Saturday, January 7, 2012

You ought to know

Hey there...I am writing this post for my future GF (if I have one later). You know life between two people is hard. It needs consistent toleration and understanding between two parties. If one party only has those, it will become a problem because it is called abused. I let you to know some of my thoughts and behaviors so that we are not going to fight because fighting is a micro crack which later will lead to a major crack.

First, thank you for letting me into your life. I really appreciate it. When you are with me, I expect you to give your best shot because I do that.I always want to do the best so that I do not regret if something bad happens in the future.

Do not lie to me. Once you lie, I will not trust you anymore. I begin to feel everything you tell me after that is another lie. Believe me.

If you have someone better, tell me. I will not holding you back because you deserve the best to spend your life with.

Do not yell or scream or what so ever when you are angry. It leads me to lose my respect to you. Yeah, you can be angry but tell me properly because I will understand.

Do not be so cold when you are sad or angry because I take that as an indication you are not interested anymore. I will walk away. I am not a beggar who will beg for something.

This is slightly embarrassing but I have to tell it. Make me feel important.

I respect your interests so I expect you do the same.

Am I asking too much from you? As time goes by I will learn about you more and more. I hope I wont lose respect to you because there is a saying says that "the more you know a person, the less respect you have to him.".