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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lyphard Melody

You know today as I was searching for the right technique for fishing in deep sea,I stumbled across a blog.The blog was very informative but something else caught my attention.It was the background music.Very sentimental and I used to hear it when I was a kid.I was really eager to know the name of the melody.I really hate the blog because it did not state the name of the melody.I rarely love a song but that song gave me goose bump. Nothing drives me crazier than having a song which the title of it is unknown.I cursed the owner of the blog and started my search.I suspected the melody was played by Richard Clayderman so I started the old school way searching for the tittle of the mysterious melody using Youtube.I opened the playlist of Richard Claderman's hits.Darn.It had almost 200 melodies.So I began to listen one by one.As I was listening,I browsed for the way of finding a melody title on the net.Nothing really worked.The pressure was mounting.I went crazier than before.I was so desperate and I even analysed the java script of the blog.Argghhhh.It did not state the name of the melody.Deep inside I started to lose faith in technology.I thought very deep and hard.Ceh...None of my friends were fans for classical music.My last resort was asking for someone who knew how to read the java code better than me and knew useful softwares to help my search.Apparently he also failed because the owner of the blog was really a jerk.He saved the song in HDD server and concealed the information of the melody.Arghhh....While my faith was fading away,at the 163 playlist,I heard identical melody with the mysterious melody.Yeahhh!!!I found it.The mysterious melody was Lyphard Melody by Richard Clayderman.I told my friend that I had to listen until 163 song in the playlist and he said I was crazy.Yea...I am crazy.Persistent is the key to success.I am sleepy now.I have to go.I will sleep with a smile on my face.Taa

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The pack leader

One day hopefully I will be a leader.You know what I mean by that.So when I am the leader I expect you to follow me.Respect me as a leader.I will start to behave like a good leader.I'm preparing myself to lead you to the right path.You be a good follower.I am the one who you should follow.Not other people.Why you should follow other people when I am your leader?I will not take it lightly when you start to listen to other people.Some people must learn to respect that I am the leader and you are the follower.I have seen enough examples in life the situation where follower starts to listen to other people.It leads to destruction.I do not want my life to crumble due to external factor.If you cannot follow my way,then you should not appoint or accept me as your leader.