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Friday, October 23, 2015

It strikes again

Hey...Do you hear that?Ya,those songs.They are back again.Remember the time when I killed them without any mercy?I killed them with full of hatred and vengeance.Do you still remember how long did it take to kill them?How long you suffered just to make them stop eating you inside out?If you still remember why do you want to resurrect them?Just why do you keep your guard lower and lower?Is it really worth it?Do you want to die for the second time?Remember the pain you had to go through.When the time you were half insane half dead.Do you really want to go against it just because you believe your instinct?Sure instinct.Last time your instinct also the one that drove you to the destruction.What should you do?Be yourself.Do not waste time.Go straight to the point.What is happening to you?Where is your confidence when you had the gut to even argue with the professors because you believed you were right.I know it is a game of art and you are not good at art.But hey,nothing to lose.At least you know the truth and you can stop having duels in your mind right?Heh...Okay I am back!Do it now or suffer like the last time.You know right the place that you always find your strength.So tomorrow is a good day.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Sorry fish

When I am fishing I only search for Barramundi and Snapper because they have good fighting spirit and worth my time.They are very hard to find and sometimes I accidentally hook Puffer fish,Grunter and Croaker. Slowly I will unhook and let them go.Of course they will hurt because of the hook.If I accidentally hook them, it is always better not to bring anything home rather than wasting their lives.I am not being ungrateful but it is because I know I won't eat them.By the way,I am not a fisherman,I have other important thing to do.I go fishing during my leisure time.