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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Pre walking out

I still remember the time when I put my happiness in someone.It depended on someone totally.At that time I was stupid and blind.You know there is no perfect person.Now my happiness depends on something big and eternal.Absolute truth.The most merciful.Maybe just maybe you do not really know me well that is why you take it for granted.Hmmm...What a waste.Do you want to see me walking out without giving a single attention?I think it is happening.Well I feel a bit sad because I thought you were the answer but I was wrong.I'll just pretend that you never exist and we never knew.Goodbye

Friday, August 28, 2015

Hey ;)

;) Life is so unpredictable.I hate memories.That is why I do not fancy making new friends.Maybe I look emotionless outside but deep inside,I am suffering.I dislike new things but hey two parallels line,so many similarities yet they never come across each other.I am not sure what should I feel,I am a bit confused.I do not know what to react.Should I smile?cry?.Follow me because I am following the right person.I am going even I am alone.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hey,thanks for the memories

Told you we have different missions.We have different sources to get our strength.I am not willing to let my source of strength go.By God's will,one day I will succeed.Of course you have difficult time to let it go because I am the right one.But anyway,everything has changed.Cannot be undone.I have much more important things to focus on.My fooling around time is coming to the end.Almost there.You'll hear no more from me.Including you and you and you.I am devoting my life for my mission.It is the order from above.I am sorry.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I will die one day

One way or another one day you will find out about this blog.Well I hope you won't feel shock reading all the posts.The posts are from my inner thoughts and hopes.They are meant for my grandchildren.As I said before,I dislike new things.I need to learn new things when I feel comfortable with the old ones.But what can I do?People change,they leave me behind.The fact that they will leave me forever is not bothering me but the memories are killing me.One person and another slowly leaves me behind.I observe them attentively.Can you see nothing is forever?The love ones grow old.One day they will die.I am getting old.If I live long enough,I would return to the same first stage when I was born.I would start to depend on other people just to do simple routine.Why people are still chasing the one which are temporary?I am chasing the permanent.I wonder why people live as if they would live forever.I am going to chase it with or without you.May I have the strength to fulfill my dreams.Yes it is very hard.My heart pounded like crazy when I heard about the journey ;)

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The person

Tomorrow I am going back to my hometown.To be exact I am going back to my village.You know what really excites me the most?Seeing the person you have been thinking so much.I remember the time when I was waiting for the person to come to the person's favorite restaurant. I had not seen the person for quite a long time. While waiting, I had butterflies in my stomach.I wanted to punch them badly so that I would be well composed but I could not. The longer I was waiting the harder my heart beat.Quickly I measured my heart rate.It went sky rocket.Then I saw one of the finest sights.There was the person walking into the restaurant.I walked slowly but in my heart,God knew.I was like "yeayyyyyy!!!!".Ahh..the memory.The person also used to give me the sweetest smile ever.The person put the newspaper down, looked at me and smiled. I was completely stunned. That is the sweetest smile I ever have in my life.I continued looking at the person,watching every move and listened carefully all the words came out from the person's mouth.You know, whenever I feel so down, I close my eyes and think about the smile.I feel so motivated. Now I am going to see the person later.I cannot wait for tomorrow to come.Who is that person?The person is someone special.Very special.I do not simply idolize a person unless the person has something really really special.Yes the person is really special.One day, by God's will and permission, I am going to be like the person.Love it more than anything in this world.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A diamond I should be

Sleepy...but it is still early for me to sleep.Today I am going to tell you something about my duel.The duel is a lifetime duel. What ever happens I really hope I will win this. Have you ever been wanting or longing something so much? Well I have. I pray and put effort in it. It is so hard to get it but hey,that is why so few people succeed. I want to be one of them so I need to walk the path they had been through. I must love it more than my life, my glory, and money. It is hard to find someone who shares the same view with me. I pray to be a diamond just like them but once the compression begins, I almost crack. Lesson learnt I must bear the compression to be a diamond. It is hard...That is why I always look at you and you look at Him. ;)