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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Do not!

Okay here's the deal.Do not...I repeat Do Not look up or look upon me as a wise person. To be honest, I am still learning. There are a lot more to be learnt to be on the same level like my idols.To put it into perspective, it is like this. I am a preschool kid, just learnt to write the capital letter "A". Most of the time I cannot write the letter due to my incompetence and stupidity. I have to learn a lot more. I need to learn to write all the letters in capital and lower case forms, need to learn to count, need to learn to write properly, to spell, and so many more.I think you got the idea. 
Now the people that I look up are in PhD level at least. Some of them are even professors.They say things that I always do not understand due to my limited knowledge but I believe in them. They say the truth.Whenever I am lost,I seek for them to light my path.That's how things work.I say what they say.Of course you are impressed because the people know the reality.Okay that is all.Good night then.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Plan B

Can you see that home above?If I am not married,that would be my type of house.So minimal yet so perfect.In the time for the people strive for more and more, I am so grateful that I have been guided not to waste my time on temporary things.Maybe just maybe people would feel a bit sympathy towards me for choosing that kind of life, but actually I pity them for focusing too much on unnecessary things in their life.I can imagine my simple life living in that house,Yeap that's my home.
If one day my colleagues, friends, or family members visit me at my home, please do not be sad.I am happy with what I have chosen. The move is not be made due to my disappointments in my life, but actually I have planned it long before you guys knew me. I am inspired by someone's whom I admire the most speech.Wake up in the morning, be grateful I am still alive, and head to see my idol.Then go back to the house and rest. In the evening, I head back to see my idol till dawn and head to a place to see another idol to learn from him.Then I go back home to sleep.The routine is repeated till I die.Hopefully I am forgiven.Please wait for me at the other side.Just like what you have promised.I know I am not a good person but I am trying to be as good as you guys.One day we will be on the same par. ;)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Now what?

Good evening my dear grandchildren!!!It has been awhile hasn't it?I was so busy with my thesis until I did not have time to write.Okay first thing first.Nothing has changed.Haha.I remain the same.Right now I am free because I just finished my second last semester hopefully.I need to re organise  my sleeping schedule.I had slept at odd time recently.You know I used to be so busy and right now when I do not have any assignments to do,I feel empty.Huhu.This is dangerous because when I have free time I start to spend it on things I should not spend.Nah I cannot state them here because they are illegal.Hmm...Okay enough of babbling. Now back to real business. My supervisor is really good.Tolerable and not a pushy person.He has the mind set of "this is master,it is about you know how to do it then it is enough".The problem is I am not going to settle down on that mind set.I am a bit discontented with that attitude.I wrote my thesis with passion so I want him to grade me as honest as possible.I do not care about the "real" mark I get if he reads my thesis in detail.I just want to know my true ability.Maybe some students love to have that kind of supervisor, but not me.I am here to learn, not to score grades.See...that is my mentality.Rarely people will understand me.Thinking back at years I have spent pursuing my master,I have no regret.Yes I do have low grades but I really did my best.Before I just surrendered, I fought as much as I could and that leaves me zero regrets.So by God's will, this year end I am going to finish my master.Maybe...just maybe I will change my profession due to some external factors.Who knows right?Right now I am weighing the pros and the cons of my possible new profession.Okay that's all for today.See you again one day.Remember,I am your grandfather!!!haha...take care and good bye.