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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sentimental again

Hye sentimental feeling.It has been awhile since my last visit.So you come to me as I am reflecting my life. I wonder what I am really looking for in this life. Is it to be rich or happiness or what so ever where typical people are looking for.I imagine myself to have every single thing which this life can offer to me yet I feel there is still an empty space deep inside. I am not sure what should I fill in into the space. I begin to miss my past life. Where it is impossible to go back. It does not mean I do not appreciate the present but I just miss my past life where I was younger than before. Do things I like without any concern. You know, when you are a grown up man, you will realise you do the same things over and over again everyday. Wake up, go to work, go back home and sleep. The cycle continues for the rest of your life.
Now it is 12:52 a.m. I wonder what did my great great great great great great great grandfather and grandmother do at this time. Where are they now? What did they think at this particular time? Did they ever think of their great great great great great grandsons like I do?
I also wonder what will my great great great great great grandchildren will do at this particular time. I also wonder what will I do at this particular time in 1000 years from now.
When I was a child if I am not mistaken when I was around 6 years old,I started to feel there is an empty space deep down my heart. I began to search something which can fill the space yet I haven't found it.
I miss people who used to be apart of my life. My late grandmother and my late great grandfather. I miss the memories with them. When I am thinking about the past, I feel a bit lonely and afraid because time always passes by yet I haven't found what I am looking for since I was a kid. I do not think the thing that I am looking for exists in this reality world.
If only I could reboot myself and do things correctly, I think I can find it.
You...readers who read this will never understand this post...Because it is something secret and underneath it is still a secret...

Sunday, March 18, 2012

It is 2

Hello my grandchildren. It has been a long time isn't it? I was quite busy and now I have time to tell you something. When you have someone in your life, you will have some issues because it involves 2 people. 2 people when in something for sure they will have some different point of views due to different brought up and experiences. So what can you do? You need to tolerate and adapt yourself. Many people do it wrong when only one side does it. You have to respect and give credit to your spouse when he or she tolerates with you. It is something big you know when your spouse tolerates with you and as I said before you also need to play your part. Do not abuse it because when it happens, it only benefits one party. Relationship is about two people being happy together.

Oh, when you are angry or you have some misunderstandings, it is always better not to raise your voice or dominate the talk. It is so wrong when you talk without giving chance to your spouse to explain. Many people do it wrong when they only know how to talk and never listen. They expect people to have the same point of view with them and cannot accept if his or her spouse have other point of view. Do not brag the same thing over and over again. Slow talk is the best. Remember that.

You shall not bring up things in the past. I mean mistakes which happen before the current misunderstanding happens. It only makes things worsen and also complicated. The past is the past. It is considered settled after sorry word is uttered and your spouse change the wrong behaviour.

Always respect your spouse no matter what because she or he also has feelings. Treat her or him like you want yourself to be treated. Many people do it wrong when they want people to treat them right but at the same time they fail to do it. It is wrong.

Appreciate your spouse. I do appreciate mine. :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Going back

I'm going back to my hometown this midnight. The first thing I want to see is my cicit!!! I miss him badly. I heard he grows naughtier. I can't wait to see him with his new spouse. I will train his spouse to be tame if possible. Can't wait to see him!!! I think he is missing me.
Now I need to pack my stuff and clean my room before going back. I am so lazy to do those chores. Ahh...If only I had a magic power where I can command my chores to be done themselves, my life would be perfect...
Now I'm listening to someone who is playing with a robot.The robot is creepy if you ask me. As if it was a real human.
Back to the topic, I am going back at 12 a.m. Why 12 a.m? Because the highway wont be jammed and hopefully we would not be stuck for hours in traffic.You be good okay when I am away.
On this coming Sunday, I'm going to my sister's place. There is a stall there with delicious delicacies...Ahh...I want to indulge myself with delicious food from Northern!!! I am sick and tired of food from Southern. They are tasteless..haha..
Sorry if I offend the southern people but you gotta know that your food is lame... You know, when I am here I eat just to survive. Not to indulge me...Can you feel the pain?
Haih...I need to pack my things already...Come and help me will you?