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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Being old and being matured are two different things

When I was a boy,I thought adults would behave like they should.I never have been so wrong.I restrain myself from small talks and the result is they said I am such a quiet person.Deep inside I would like to say to them "nope,actually I feel like not talking to you since small talk is your main topic".I can have small talk but first prove to me you are not really meant stupid things that you utter.Sometimes I find it is hard to tell whether they really mean it or saying it  just for the sake of entertainment.How I wish I have some people who I can talk with around here.The latest incident happened today.I occasionally bring home cook food to work.Of course I cooked them on my own.Today I learnt something new from them.It is an embarrassment to bring home cook food to them.It is a sign that you are poor and cheapskate.I really do not understand why do they think like that.Perhaps they are trying to live in style.I bring my own home cook food because I can prepare whatever I want and alter the taste according to my preference.Waitttt....why am I talking about this to you?haha...I also do not know.Nah...I'm going to continue doing my work.Hope you will read this and miss me....hehe...Love you my grandchildren...xoxoxo

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Diamonds aren't forever

Hey there...I really want to be here forever...But I can't...I am running out of ideas...I am afraid I cannot hold on anymore...It's getting away from me...I'm losing grip...I wish you will come to me as soon as possible...I really cant hold on anymore...

Friday, January 3, 2014

A piece of reminder

He who has everything likes to be low profile...He who has seen so much is hard to be impressed...He who knows so much is hard to be fooled...