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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Japan,here I come

Good evening my dear grandchildren...I am going to Japan tomorrow for 10 days...I remember the first time travelling alone.You know the feeling of guessing what will happen as I reach the destination.Fear not,my sister and my brother in law are going to be there.Let's learn something new!!!Oh by the way,after Japan,I'm going to Thailand in December.You should travel the world when you grow up.See the world,you will be wiser.I'm going to bed now.Love you so much.Good bye

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Do not come

It is true that sometimes I forgot that certain things in my life should be forgotten.I accidentally recall them.I really want them away from me.The names,places,events,the smells,the songs...Everything should be forgotten.They just make me feel so far away and apart.It is life.Nothing can be done.Yes nothing can be done.Humans are so weak.Lose to time.What is the furthest thing in your life?the past... If only I knew earlier...