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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Give me the limerence

When I was a little kid, I always kept telling to myself "I am not going to hurt anybody". It turns out to be a lie.I hurt people and though time passes by,they are still suffering.First of all,the reality of the world is very different from what's in your imagination when you were a kid.You will learn that the world has teeth.It bites you even you do not provoke it.As it bites you,you will feel like breathing when you are drown.Suddenly your only light of hope becomes dimmer every second.You wonder what you have done wrong.It's a cold world.Your only sun has burnt out.The only way to stay alive is to be strong.That is the only choice.Well,you do not know how strong you are until the only choice is to be very strong.
Tik tik tik.And without you realise,it has become a very old history.You feel like it just happened yesterday.It is just so vivid.Everything.Sometimes to tell which one is reality and the past is difficult.No more hurting other people.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Still a very long way to go

My journey is still a long way to go.I need a partner who can tag along very well with me.Talks only about good things,supports my dreams even she has different dreams,well composed and trust my decision.Having intelligent partner is always my desire.Maybe I am asking too much.You know,I always attracted to people who display high intelligent.Beauty comes second.I would love to do crazy stuff but not stupid.So I expect to have a partner who is as crazy as I am.Like going out for unplanned vacation.Imagine this,one night I wake up and decide to go somewhere for a vacation.I'll ask my partner to pack some clothes and just drive to a random place.What a nice life.
You know,right now I feel like I do not belong here.Though I make quite a living here,but deep inside I want to break free from this place.This is not the place I want to be.I am here because I was forced to be.Frankly speaking,I am struggling to fit myself in this place.
There are two types of people.The one who grows in highly motivated environment and the other one grows through pain.Personally I think the one who grows through pain always thrives disregard how the environment is.If you remove motivation from the environment,the first type of people will crumble.So I hope you,yes you will grow through pain so that you will be very strong. 
I always have...