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Monday, November 29, 2010

When I said "YES" you would say "NO"
When I said "NO" you would say "YES"
When I said "Don't" you would do it

When I said "Do not buy it" you would say "Why not?Lots of my friends bought it"
Do you want to hear my though? "Your friends also make the same mistake as you do just because they are inexperience in that kind of thing"
I read a lot about that,I know the field well
When I said " You are making a mistake" you would say " Learning from mistakes is the best"

But do you realise one thing? You can't afford to do all the mistakes in this world because you don't live long enough to make all of the mistakes...

So the best is learn from others to improve
I know more than you know in certain areas
So listen to me

I'm not egoistic because I learn from you and others also
Only idiot people who are egoistic

Listen to me

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Once I remember

Morning my dear grandchildren...I'm not sure if you are awake in the early morning like this...because when I was young,I woke up really late...I don't see any problem waking up late as long as you do not have other important things to do...So, indulge yourself while you still can..yar..
Last night when I was about to fall asleep,I started to think about my past which I had with my friends...And some events made me laugh when I recalled them...Well,the events were so funny and crazy because during my young age,I did some crazy stuff with my friends just for the sake of overcoming boredom...
I remember one day, when I was at my house in Sungai Petani....It happened during my young age should take note of that...MY YOUNG AGE...Almost every evening my friend and I loved to take a ride on a motorcycle...Well you know the drill...When young people on motorbike, they will flirt a bit..huhu...So we did flirt with some random girls..We did not care whether the girls were pretty or ugly...We just loved the thrill being chased by their boyfriends...Yup...We flirts girls while they were dating with their boyfriends...Then one day I said to my friend, " I feel bored you know..flirting with girls with their boyfriends...let's try something out of the norm"..Then my friend asked me how.."Just see me" I said...Then we rode our motorcycle near a road which was quite stiff...There I saw a person cycling hardly to reach the end of the stiff road...So my friend and I approached that person slowly and started to use our magical words..."Phewiit...hi..."...
Then my friend realized the person was a man...I purposely set to flirt with that know what happened? That old topless man lost his balance and almost fell down from his bicycle...It was so funny coz he almost hit a big dustbin beside the road...I laughed so hard..hahaha...Then my friend said loudly " Hi...1st time being flirted by handsome guys like us?" That sentence almost got me killed...I laughed till I could not breath...
That incident just made my day..All day long I could not help thinking about that incident and his face when he almost fell...Until now, if I am alone and out of nowhere recall that incident, it still makes me laugh... day, if you do something crazy for fun I think I know from where the gene comes from...You just inherite my gene...I don't think it is wrong to behave a little bit crazy to cheer up your day..There are plenty more of stories about crazy things I'd done in my life..but now I got to go to Alor Star airport..I have something to settle...You take care of yourself...Do crazy things but not stupid things...I have to go you dear..taaa

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Share your food pls

Evening my dear grandchildren...May God always bless you...I am now in my college...Sitting for my final examination for this year...The best part is, only my badge is left in the college due to the examination date been postponed...My friends stay in different hostels so in my hostel there are only 5 students including me...
I'm writing this not to complain about being lonely or scare of ghost but I feel so worry about cats in my hostel...YES..There are about 7 cats in my hostel....I'm worried about their welfare...As I mentioned above, the number of students in my hostel is sooo small...We usually eat outside...RARELY we cook in our rooms because of time constrain....Erm..
Everytime I open my door, there are cats infront begging for food...The situation touched my heart....I do not know how to react because these cats badly crave for food...They do not eat sometimes for almost 2 days...T_T...I feel sooo bad because I have to chase them...If I have food,for sure I will share with them..I do not mind to share with the helpless cats...I always shut my door to avoid the cats entering my room and hoping me to give them food...It is so disturbing when I have to disappoint them...
I remember one day I went to the toilet to bath...After bath while I was on the way back to my room, I saw at least 5 cats from far running towards me...3 of them were kittens....T_T....They begged me for food as they approaching me...I hate my self...I hate to be in the situation where I am helpless...Everytime I come back from having lunch or dinner outside, I feel bad because even my stomach is full, there are other creatures around me longing for food just to survive...
Frankly speaking, I do hold some anger towards junior in my hostel...They are the one who feed those cats until the cats decide to stay permanently in my hostel compound...They do not think ahead...They do not think what will happen to the cats when they leave for their semester break...If I have the opportunity to meet the juniors who usually feed the cats, I will say to them " What on earth are you thinking?Don't you think ahead?Now you make some commitments with the cats but your commitments are only short term..It is so immatured act by you.."I will tell the juniors...Yes I will...
Grandchildren..If you are about thinking of making commitment with something, please think deeply...Think 1-10 years ahead..Will you be able to give full attention and effort to keep the commitments? Be wise my grandchildren...
I got one more story about human....It happened many times but the recent event did got on my nerve....I went to eat outside alone because at that time I was so hungry...I could not wait for my friends anymore...So I stopped at a restaurant to eat...I ordered my food and while waiting for it, I took a look at my surrounding..." many cats in this restaurant" I said to myself...Then I noticed not far from my table there was a man eating...And below his table there were 2 cats begging for food...The sounds made by cats were very pathetic...They begged for food until they almost lost their voices...But that man ignored those cats...What really made me angry was suddenly that man threw fork and kicked the cats to chase them away....The actions were really brutal for cats...Stupid human!!!...I did curse that man in my heart for acting like that...Then my food was served...I knew I was really hungry but I put my priority to give the cats to eat my food...I ordered new food for myself....In this situation, I put my blame to that man and the restaurant owner...That person should not act like a barbarian when eating...What's the problem if he shares a bit of his food with the cats? I believe he wont die due to malnutrition and starvation if he does that...And for the restaurant owner...He should feed the cats there before opening his business because the cats will disturb the costumers...=_=
Hmm...My point here is not to show that I am generous or what so ever but I just want you to try to understand the feelings of other creatures...They also have feelings like hungry and pain like we do...Humans when they are hungry, they can find food without any problem...What is the problem of we try to share our food with other creatures?Is it too hard for that?Don't be so stingy to share your food...We share our planet with other creatures so we should help each other out...
Now back to the problem in my hostel, I will buy the cats food...In bulky quantity...I try to keep them fed until for 1 month period...I do not care about the cost because I have enough money to do that...But this does not mean I like cats...I hate cats...I do not want them in my house in the future...Even I dislike them it does not mean I should treat them badly...They have feelings too...I'm doing this just purely because I can understand and imagine the feeling of not having food for two days...Seriously it is so painful...
That's all for now dear...I need to take a bath...My hair is wet because I just came back from watching movie and while on the way back,it was raining heavily...You go to sleep okay...Love you so much...byeee

Friday, November 19, 2010

All I need are these!!!

Morning dear...Today I feel so disappointed with my situation...huuu....My dear grandchildren...If I am still alived and you are working already by the time you read this blog, I want you to treat me with several things...I want these things badly...T_T...First I want you to buy me a new keyboard..or if you want to have extra attention and love from me, you can buy me an organ or a know Casio keyboard which I have right now has broken...I feel sooo sad...As if I just lost a part of my life...So sad!!!Actually I was planning to play a song entitled " Lover's concerto" just for you...I wanted to up load it on this blog but it seems impossible right now...I do not have keyboard to play for you...I can play half of the song already...It is a nice song...sad..sad..sad...
Next you must buy me a watch...yup..a watch..For almost 3 years I do not wear wrist watch..I am waiting for you to give it to me..heee..If you give me a watch, I will love you a bit more than before..It's just like a bribe you know...^_^..
LastlyI want you to buy me an Alienware lap top...The lap top is sooooo elegant and the function is superb...I want it!!!Even when the time you buy it I am no longer playing pc game, but I just want it!!!...I want to hold it in my arms..I want it!!!but if you can't afford it,never mind...You can buy me a Sony lap top...hehehe....I love the design..So sexy
I think that's all I want right now...If I have any more to add,I'll tell you later...^_*....just remember..I love you no matter what..BUT...IF YOU GIVE THE THINGS I WANT, I'LL LOVE YOU EVEN DEEPER..HAHAHA...TATA

Thursday, November 18, 2010

24 hours without you

The last time I met you was about 9.30 p.m yesterday...We did spend quality time together last night in the cold rain on my way back to home...Actually I have planned to walk away from you a long time ago...If you notice, I made several attemps to leave you but my passion and love to you were so deep...I'm telling you the truth...You are one of my passions in my life...During our glorious relationship time,I spent so much money to get you....I could not stand to be apart from you not even one hour!!!You totally got me drunk in your love...
You must be so shocked because I want to stop seeing you so sudden...People call this thing "cold turkey"...Ermm..I do not know how and when the coldness starts to be inside our relationship..Seriously I do not know...I remember one incident which happened last week after I finish eating...I got to choose between you and sweet...and I chose sweet...I do not feel the sensation to be with you anymore...
Right now I feel a bit abnormal because I have left you for quite a long time...I feel my head is dizzy,my mouth starts to be watery everytime I remember you and yes your absence in my life do affect my mood..I do not know how long I can be apart from you....Every single minute I long for you...but I have to let you go..You bring more damage than good to my life..I'm so sorry...I know I have to be strong to forget you and I will try my best...Just remember..We have enjoyed each other for a long time and now the time to say good bye has come...Let see then how long I can stand without you~

Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie time

Evening my dear grandchildren...Anything good happens to you today?If there is any,you should appreciate it coz you never know when is the last time good things will happen to you..maybe today is the last..who knows...
Well I'm writing this entry because I want to share with you one of my activities while waiting for the exam to come...I watched movies...A lot of them...Some I took from my friends and some downloaded them using bit torrent....Mostly action genre and some about life...And...I can conclude that movies actions are really full of disappointing scenes..
Hmm...I'm a logical person and I analyze things around me due to the habit watching programme like Mythbusters...For instance, while I was watching movies entitled "Salt" and "The marine", I saw full of illogical scenes...Hero ducked bullets, been hit by cars and many more...The point here is, I'm losing the enjoyment of watching movies...You know, it's so sad because I think too much when the actions parts took place in the movies..OMG..I just could not help myself from thinking about the actions whether there were impossible, plausible or possible...Think too much leads you to lose the feeling of watching movies...
The result is, I skipped the actions parts...I hate them because they are not real..The worst were I smiled and grinned everytime there were actions in the movie...I think maybe my roommate thought I was crazy coz I smiled at the suspense parts...
Before I go, I recommend you to watch a movie entitled "Departures"...It is a Japanese movie...It is a sad movie so be ready with your tissue papers..The OST was lso very beautiful...It is not about love between girls and boys, but more to family..You should watch it....I really mean it...I can give it to you if you want...I give 4 stars out of 5...That's all for today...I love u...tata dear

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Plan for my life

This things I would love to do before next year:

stop xxxxxx

sleep early


listen properly especially when my mom is talking

stop doing stupid stuff coz I think I have enough

stop talking crap things even I love it

live in reality world

stop eating rice coz rice suck

be good to all

talk nicely to people

stop believing in true love

stop complaining

be responsible

do my work

control my anger

mix with people not only in games

think positively

get rid of things that I'm not comfortable with

be more systematic (come on Adfa, you are a future educator)

learn to write properly and decently (even I think my handwriting is decent enough)

realizing the fact that live is not like in movie.(in a movie,everything favours the hero)

clean my room!!!

be hardworking

stop teasing my younger sis ( it's very hard,but I will try my best)

be more serious (need to google on how to be serious)

don't too obsess with indonesian, epic and orchestra musics

accept things that happen even I do not like

stop drumming when nervous

don't procrastinate things

be matured

follow rules

stop day dreaming when driving (dangerous habit)

I think that's all..Why am I changing? because I'm too old right now so I need to behave like a good proper human being...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Junk in my head

You know, when the time has come I will let go almost everything I have...I will do that in order to improvise my life...I know I will miss some of them but that's what I should pay...It's hard to do but I have to...I will find the best date to do that...Then the new me will be reborned...
A good love song makes a single wants to have a partner and makes a couple appreciates each other...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

That's how life is

Hi my grandchildren...How are you today?Having any life problems?chill....If this life has no trouble, I think life would be so boring...Let me share with you a story about problem in my life
I have planned to go to Australia for a long time ago...So I put extra effort to make it succeed...You know, making a passport for me was not an easy process because I was somehow extraordinary citizen... My finger prints on both of my thumbs were not recognized by computer...hohoho..Even making IC also took about 3 months...Then after my passport was done,I had to find Australian consulate in Penang to get Visa...That thing also was not so easy...To cut the story short, I managed to get Visa,Passport and booked my flight tickets to Australia...Overall I think I spent about almost 1700..but for me money is not a big deal...
Now recently my examination has been postponed...The best part is, my last paper is on 12/12/20010...and my flight ticket is on 5/12/2010...OMG...I have to cancel my whole trip to Australia because of the examination...
At first I was quite frustrated with the situation..You know during the night I got the recent schedule for my examination, I was driving...huhu...I was on the way back home from somewhere...My thought was wondering around..I could not focus very much on the road...And the sad thing was, I ran into a cat which was crossing the road...=_=...It's not my fault...That cat suddenly pop up and crossed the road...The distance between the cat and I was only 2 meters away.. I had only two options...The first option was run into it and the second option was push the break as hard as I could...I did some mental calculation during that 1 split second before the impact..."If I break suddenly,I'm afraid that I will involve in accident...but if I run into it,I won't involve in accident but it will get hurt"...So you know...I did my choice...I ran into it...I felt bad for doing that but one of us was needed to make a sacrifice..And obviously the time for the cat to make a sacrifice had come...So I ran into it...
I reached at home...I prayed in my heart for the cat...I hope it will recover soon...I sat in front of the desktop and started surfing...I did not know what to surf because I kept thinking about the trip I have to cancel...My friend YM me...Asked me to play DOTA with him...I was not in mood to play...I could not concentrate very much...Then I sat on the sofa...Watching Discovery Channel...Hoping that some documentaries could drift my attention away from thinking that matter...But it failed...I still could not be relax...So I carried out my ultimate plan for relaxation...huhu...I pushed the button on the remote control..The channel "202"....You know the channel? It was a Tamil movie channel...
I wanted to watch Tamil movie because I like the scene when a hero beats the bad guys...1 hero could beat 6-10 bad guys at once...In ridiculous way...I like that coz it tickles my logic sense...hehe...But.....That night..=="...Tamil movie also did not want to cooperate with me...They showed a ghost Tamil movie....hishhh~....It failed to tickle me,in fact it increased my bad mood because the heroin in the movie was soooo stubborn..arrrrr....One fella told the heroin to move out from her village because a ghost was hunting her, but she was soooo stubborn...She did not want to believe that fella...And she also went into a castle where the ghost lived...ARRRR!!!!...Because I did not like that movie, I switched the TV off...Then I went to sleep...
Now after two days from that incident, I can tell you I'm 90% recover from my bad mood...I can smile and laugh...hahaha..And even play DOTA game...But I will try to postpone my flight so that I can go to Australia this year...
I want you to learn something...You know when life knocks you down, don't be so naive to just sit and cry...coz it won't change a thing...You should come back stronger...Yup...The process is not easy but the process itself makes you become stronger than before...Many people wish to have special ability, but fewer people want to put extra effort to get it...
I think that's all for today....Wish me luck dear to get my flight tickets...Until next time..Do take care of yourself...tata~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sorry I don't share

Evening my grandchildren...I just finished playing DOTA game...Now I need to rest..but before I rest, I want to share something with you...It's about my habit...I'm not sure I can say whether it is a bad or good habit..For me and people who have the same point of view with me, I think it is a good habit..You wanna know what it is?Are you sure?Serious?hahaha..
Okay...I have a habit where I do not like to share food and drinks with other people..It is not because of I'm stingy(seriously), but it is all more to hygiene...I'm not sure when this concern developed but as far as I can remember,it is all started when I was in primary school...If I'm not mistaken, that time I was in year 2...
I read an article about this matter, and I found out one psychologist saying that people who do not share their food and drinks with others have a disease..I do not know what is the name but the disease is about you want to show your possession on your belonging...And by not sharing with others, you actually implied that you have complete control on your belonging...Is it true?...nah...I don't think so...
Maybe it is true to some people who have sickness in their mental but for me as I mentioned before,it is more to hygienic issue...There are certain rules I set up in drinking and sharing food...I do not mind if I share drinks as long as the opening is not touching or make any contact with their mouth..bottles for example..but if I drink using straw, for sure I wont share with people!!!...because later I have to drink using the same straw...ewww...and even if they use different straw to drink, I won't give it..because I have imagination their saliva flows through the straw into the drink...brrrr~...yekkkk...uwekkk...
And for food..I do not mind to share food with other people as long as they do not have contact with the food...Understand or not?okay..for example,they want to taste soup that I'm eating, I will give it as long as they use A NEW spoon...and if after they take a sip of the soup using the new spoon and they want some more, well they have to find another NEW spoon to take my soup...Certain food that is not so difficult to share is like pizza...well...because pizza has already cut into slices...hehe...
You know what, I do share my food and drinks with some people even they make direct contact with my food and drinks...Who are the people?...well good question...I share my food and drinks with my siblings, parents and people who are close to me..I mean very close..Hmm...let me recall how many people who are not my siblings and parents that I have shared my food and drinks with even they make direct contact with the drinks and food...I think it is below 3 for my entire life...And in this institute that I'm studying right now, from the day I enter this institution until this time, only 2...gagagaga...You know who you are( to the people who I share my food and drinks)..These 2 people I accept to share because one of them is special to me and the other one is because I look up upon the person plus that person is hygienic...
At first, many people around me especially my friends cannot accept this behaviour...They say I'm stingy...but I don't care...I don't share and in the same time I do not ask for their food...I have to explain to them the reason for not sharing...And if my food and drinks are not hygienic, I will get ulser easily...I remember one day I went out with my friends for dinner...Then I ordered my official drink..Iced tea without milk...I was so thirsty that day...and waiter came and delivered my drink...Before I even started to take the first sip, my friend drank it first...So what happened? Yes..I was angry but I stayed calm because my friend did not know that I do not share my drinks with others...I ordered a new drink...(T_T)...I had to wait for 5 minutes more to get a new drink..huhuhuhu....
What can you learn from this writing?You are actually learning me...hahaha...You are learning your grandpa!!!okay dear..That concludes today's writing...I need to rest now...Grandpa is old..need to take a nap...bye2

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

About My Blog

I've learned that my blog viewers are from various countries...Even from the countries I never expected such as America, Netherlands,Slovenia,China and even Germany...=_="...What is happening here? Maybe some people are wondering what the heck I'm writing about..So I post this to make things become clear...
I begin with a bit of my personal background and my thoughts...I'm 23 years old...Still studying in a high education college in my country...I have not married yet...I write this blog for my grandchildren. You get it? Even I do not have grandchildren yet, but I'm thinking to leave something for my grandchildren...I'm afraid that when I become a grandfather I'm already dead..At least I leave something for my grandchildren...I want them to know me...
In this blog I write about my point of view and my feeling...And also some advice to them..It is like a personal diary for my grandchildren...Maybe I'm sick because I'm doing this but I just want them to know that I remember them even the time they are not born yet...
So I think that's all for today..I hope all of you understand...taaa

Monday, November 1, 2010

TV programme which I follow

Hello my dear grandchildren...How are you today?Today is sooo cold coz it is raining from the morning until now...Now I'm so hungry...I have not eaten anything yet this whole day...I bet you can imagine the hunger that I suffer now..
So what did I do until I did not have time to eat? Actually I watched a TV programme on Youtube...quite irony here because TV programme should be watched on TV,not on just could not stop watching it...You wanna know the TV programme?It is called......

Man,woman wild

This programme glued me for almost 6 hours...hahaha..I just love to watch it...It is a programme about how to survive in the most remote places in the world...Actually there are many programmes like this but this one is very unique...They put a couple of married man and woman into the most harsh conditions...Then they need to survive..

So the couple shows many techniques to survive but the best part is I like the way they treat each other even in the hard time...To cut the story short, the husband is so gentleman and the wife is so sweet...I like the way they communicate and comforting each other even they are facing the hard times..I know today my writing sounds a bit gay but you should watch it then you will understand my feeling..hahaha

How I wish I could react the same way they do even in the hard time...Yes they do fight but the husband seems to be compromised and well composed when making decision...The wife as I expected,is so animated but sweet...Major things that I notice from all the episodes are they praise and motivate each other..These kind of behaviours are obviously not in Malaysian culture ( I think so)...If I get married, how I wish I can motivate my wife when she is having

That's all for today my dear...We'll see again next time..take care yourself...taaa