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Monday, June 29, 2015

Sentimental strikes

Good morning my grandchildren.It is 4:02 in the morning!!!Haha.I haven't slept yet even though I am working tomorrow.Tomorrow I do not think I am going to work because I have problem with my car. Need to fix it.I read the past posts in this blog and I can see that my style of writing is actually getting better but things which are important for me during those days are still matter to me up until today.Oh boy,how time flies.I started to write this blog in 2010 and now it is 2015.5 years...And I think I am still the same.In the 5 years,people came and went away from me.I lost several loved ones.I learnt more than before.I committed so many mistakes.There are things which are best to be kept secret and I regret them.Come to think that,people around me are getting older.I am getting older but the signs of your presence are still far. I am not sure whether my dream will come true.I rarely take my time to reflect my life but once I do it,I will feel so down for a long time. I am sorry to let people who had faith in me down. I was stupid and I was wrong. Next time before I will do something,I will start to think very deep.Will I feel regret about this here and after?

Friday, June 26, 2015


In about a month or less I am going to meet you.I miss you almost every day.Every time I remember you, silently I pray deep in my heart for your well being. There are times I pray profoundly just to be at the same par with you one day. I went through just a bit of what you had been through and I almost gave up so many times. I wonder what had you been through to make it to the level now. It is not from you, but from you I will learn a lot about Him. It is not an easy task that is why you are appointed to lead.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Post statistics

Hello my grandchildren!!!I just finished one more paper today.Research statistics!I kind of love and hate that paper at the same time.My hands hurt so much until now.Suddenly I realize the paper is not that hard if I studied earlier.I think I just nailed the paper. I do not really enjoy aiming just to pass any paper.I want to ace it because I feel like it is a waste of time to study when my aim is just to pass the paper. I will always do my best for every subject I take,always desire to ace every subject but if I am destined to get low mark,I have no sorrow.I am yours and everything is yours.Who am I to question you?So this coming Tuesday is my last paper for this semester.I feel like celebrating it after finishing my final paper because this semester is very rough for me. Hmmm...What should I do to celebrate the end of this semester?Should I watch movie?Nah...I hate watching movies because movies always defy logic and physics law.Should I eat at expensive restaurant?Nope...expensive restaurant menu does not really suit my appetite.I know!!!I should sleep more.I need to rest a lot after several restless nights I have been through. Can't wait to finish my master.I want to disappear after I have completed it.At that particular moment,I am with myself.Okay...See you again...Good bye

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Here we go again

Hello good morning to my grandchildren.I wonder if you ever will read this.We are so far away now.Perhaps I am dead by the time you will be able to read. So this month has come again. Every time this month comes, I feel sorrow deep inside.I start to think how short our life is. I feel like yesterday I was a little boy but then suddenly bammm...I am a fully grown up man.I don't really understand what motivates people to fight for something temporary.We are here just for a short time.Take what you need, not what you want.Put them outside.Not inside your heart.I miss the people who used to be apart of me.Now they are all gone. You know,it is not like they move to another country or what.But they are now dead.One day, I am going through that process too.Sometimes I forget to prepare myself.My advice to you, live the way you want to live because one day you are going back to the creator.To be safe,follow the rules.I cannot help you, I cant even save myself.Good night.