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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


It's kind of depressing though when you can foresee the future yet you are helpless.The knowledge that you gain when you foresee the future is just knowledge.

Monday, May 20, 2013

My life recently

Hi my grandchildren.So here I am in this place.You know,3 days ago, I longed to eat KFC till I had a dream of eating it.LOL. Now I really want to eat a piece of cake from Secret Recipe for dinner but the distance from my house to the nearest Secret Recipe and KFC is about 80 KM.The trip will take about an hour due to the distance and traffic flow.Arghhh. I have to postpone my desire once again tonight. Haih.So what am I eating for dinner now?A piece of bread with some milk.It is a humble dinner. Haha.Okay I have some work to do now. See you again my. Tata

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A piece of advice

You and I.We live in two different worlds.Two different leagues.We see things differently.I respect yours so should you.You have your own beliefs so do I.You have your own priorities I have mine.If you insist I should follow you,just bear in mind that you are wrong and I am right.Actually not worth at all talking about this.Just remember,those who are chasing something are the restless.Take a break and enjoy your life.Life is beautiful.

Friday, May 17, 2013

I need a tinker bell effect

It's funny how motivation can change someone's life.It gets funnier when the wrong person motivates you the most.Do you know what is tinker bell effect?It does not happen to me... :(

Monday, May 13, 2013

5 years

I really want to be a bird breeder.I want to breed many local birds species which technically it is illegal but who cares.I really want to save those species from extinct.You know,when you make something illegal,you must be prepared for the consequences but in order to avoid yourself getting into trouble,a perfect plan must be hatched.What if I told you I am working on it right now?In 5 more years,30% of my plan would be completed.It is slow but better move slowly towards the end rather than progressing so fast but stop in the middle of it.I have a big problem if I am a successful breeder.When I have too many birds,I need to sell them but I am afraid the new owners do not know how to keep them properly.I hate seeing animals being mistreated.If there are a person and an animal in trouble,I would have helped the animal first.For me,animals are helpless compared to human.
I have seen so many animal cruelties.Just because they are silence and we do not understand their language,it does not mean they do not feel pain and emotion.If you are incapable of giving attention and fulfill their needs,you better do not keep any animal.You are torturing them.The best way to see whether  your pets are happy or not,just put yourself into their shoes.Will you be happy?Living alone,being kept in cage 24/7,no entertainment at all and eat the same diet over and over again for years?Sometimes I can feel their pain when seeing some stupid humans treating their pets like that.It hurts me alot.
Why am I writing this?I am writing this so that you will know what is my next move for the next 5 years.