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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Loose it

Good morning my grandchildren. Sorry for not writing to you quite a long time. You know, I had too many things to do. First of all I want to say I am pretty disappointed with the game which I play for years. The progression of the come is becoming more and more ridiculous. I do not know what's on the mind of the people who are responsible on it. Maybe it is time for me to stop playing it but if I let it go, I am letting go so many memories. I am just afraid losing my memories with the game. You know, I spent hours with my friends playing it. For sure we wont have a chance like that anymore. I miss that moment. By the way, I think I need to stop my nasty behaviour. I want to start a new life. Turn over a new leaf. It is easier to say rather than do it yet I have to try. Thanks for being with me when I am sad, happy or just to kill my time. Cannot recall how many times I have tried to loose it. I want to live as healthy as I can!!! My luck goes off and it is time to rise. I am tired of meeting you in secret, becoming a thief and cannot sleep because of it.
You just too good to be true. Cant take my eyes of you. :)

Monday, December 19, 2011

Driving alone is good

Hye my grandchildren!!!For the first time tonight I feel sleepy. Tomorrow I need to go the town. I think better I go alone because I enjoy travelling alone more than accompanied by people. You know, I do not like talking when driving because I am focusing on two things. I am focusing on driving and listening to songs. When people start to talk to me, my mood which comes from the songs gone. I need to reclaim my mood everytime after I have finished talking and that is not a good thing. Oh I am kinda easily annoyed by a type of driver. I call this type of driver "troll driver". To detect this type of driver is really easy. Imagine this. You are on a straight road without traffic lights, the weather is perfect and the condition of the road is good. So you expect a smooth driving experience aite? Teettt..You are wrong. You are hardly moving because the driver in front of you moving so slow. He is driving under the speed limit. Too slow. You cannot over take him due to incoming vehicles on the other side of the road. The situation continues for almost 15 minutes till you manage to over take him. You know, I am pretty tired of this type of driver. As if he is trolling me and says " U MAD bro?"... Whenever I succeed over take him, it is time for revenge...lulz...I drive so slow and make sure he suffers and feels what I feel. I torture him till I feel bored because driving too slow like a snail then I continue driving like a normal proper human being. So tomorrow hopefully I do not come across any troll driver.
Dear, I am so sleepy....need to sleep...You take care u thisssssssssssssss much.. XD..bye2...

Friday, December 16, 2011

Me no gentleman

Good morning. Yar...I am here to write so be prepared to read. First of all I want to clarify that I am not a sexist okay. This is just my point of view so if you have other ways of looking it,I am fine. About a week ago I went to one of the most famous cities in my country. I planned to hang out with some friends at a shopping mall. I am not used to the roads there so I took public transport which was Light Railway Train. I learnt and studied their routes carefully. Like study for exam. I had to take two trains to reach there. The first train had quite many people in it yet everything went on smoothly until I needed to take another train to the shopping mall. A problem emerged. I waited at the platform and I saw a train was approaching. O yeah as the door was opening, I saw so many people inside it. I tried to choose other couch for less people but sad to say I as a man had very little choice. Imagine like this. There are 10 couches but only 4 of them for unisex and the remains are for women. The best part was women are allowed to enter the couches for unisex but men are not permitted to enter the women couches. That is so unfair. My expression was like ~_~". What on earth they created a policy like that. If you want to be fair, then make the distribution for the couches to both sexes fairly. No more unisex couches. Just specify 5 for men and 5 for women or to be fairer, no coaches for specific sex. Just make all of them unisex coaches. Wait...Do not say anything yet. Wait for my explanation. I had to force myself to enter one of the couches for unisex and guess what? I found many women in the couches and I could see the couches for women were not so full like the unisex couches. If only I own that train service, I would ask women to fill up the couches for women first.
I learnt about gender equality and met quite many women who believe in gender equality. They fight for it. Women.If you really mean what you are fighting for, then better be fair in every aspect. You want equal treatment right? Equal rights, equal payment, no more glass escalator and what so ever. Why don't you start by asking the train service to abolish the couch policy. Fight for your sitting in the train equally like men do. Oh now you want to say for sure men have advantage because of their physical. Yeah men do have advantage in term of physical but hey,you want people to treat you equally so you have to fight for it. Women always complaining about being treated unequally but actually people are treating you equally. You want people to aid you then you will feel people are treating you equally. If you want a fair life, you do not have to seek for aids from others. Not fair. If women need aids from people then men also can seek for aids and it becomes gender inequality again. LULZ.
Oh yeah. You know the term gentleman? There is no such things as gentlewoman.Why is that?Because men are expected to treat women softer and protect them. The best part is women who fight for gender equality also use the word gentleman to men who treat them softly. In a nut shell, it means that they still long for men to treat them softer and differently. You know, if a man treat a woman just like a man treat another man even with respect like you talk to a man politely (polite here means it is polite enough for men), they won't call you gentleman. Hey where is the fairness in this situation? Why do women expect men to treat them in different manner? Why do men need to treat women more polite and softer? Funny though. If women want really want gender equality then expect no different in terms of the way of people treat women.
In my opinion, women are always behind men. Men always a leader unless there are areas or situations where men are useless like you are married to a useless man. Based on my reading, the term gender equality came from a place and era where men were jerks and useless. They abused their power and denied all the basics rights for women. That is so wrong.Women lost faith in men to let them lead. That is why women want equality in every aspect. For me I do agree in gender equality but at certain things women should not ask for gender equality. Do not fight for gender equality at things that you do not know because it turns out that you are the one who becomes unfair. LULZ. By the way I am not a gentleman. I treat women and men indifferently. If you misbehave then I treat you like you deserve regardless your sexes. You know, among things that I hate the most are men who are useless and abusive and for women is women who have no manners. Arghhh...I am so sleepy...I cannot think properly anymore.
Good night dear...Grandpa always loves you.bye2

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

You know, knowing someone new is not always a pleasure. Sometimes the new person touches your sentimental part and the memories haunt you forever. The sad part is when you have lost it and you can't do nothing about it. One day you will find it. Before the person comes into your life, you think you have everything. Then the person comes, shows you what you have been missing before this. You really hope the person will stay with you because you feel the person completes you. Yeah, then out of sudden the person leaves you. You are missing the person everyday. You do so many things to get rid of your sadness. Do not sleep at night because you will think about the person before falling to sleep. You will only sleep when you are really tired. Many people come and try to replace the person, but can't. They just do not have the X-factor. The person is the only one who can fit perfectly. You will give up thinking about your future. You will start following the flow. You will never want to lead again. Memories with the person always haunt you. You really miss the moments when you were close together. Funny because you hope the person misses you too. So you decide to stay and wait. Just follow the flow.
Do not ask me about marriage. I hate that topic. I am not a good guy. I am working on something. Good night.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 24th birthday to me. It is the 24th birthday. Well I guess if people who are the same age with me start to build their new life. Begin to work, establish more stable relationship and have plans for their carrier. Physically they will reach the top of their looks I mean they will look the prettiest or the most handsome in their life. Well guess what...I do not have all those. I have no job and no plans. No job = no relationship. =_=" and plus my ugly looking. So perfect combination. Right now I am stuck here. I am not complaining but I just write this down because who knows one day I need to look at this back to remind me of what I am.
This does not stop me from dreaming something big. Here is the wish list I want to do before I die.

I want to :

Get license for scuba diving

Bungee jumping

Sky diving

Visit north Korea

Not talking to anyone for 1 whole day

Drive a sedan car through a thick forest

Go to the North pole with you

Done...That is all I want...Now I am sleepy. Thanks for the wishes. I really appreciate all of them....

Friday, December 9, 2011

It is almost time

It is almost my birthday. This time I want to make something big to happen in my life. It is time to let go everything which I do not need in my future. I have to stop my bad habits before they become permanent in my life. Starting things is always easier than stopping them. I was so stupid and weak. Give me the meaning of life in order to help me stop it. I will miss you badly because we have so many memories together. When I am happy, sad, thinking, excited and to kill time. You are always there for me. Hopefully I can get back to where I was before.

Friday, December 2, 2011


I am going off to somewhere. I hope when I come back, I will be a new person. Wish me luck....Tata