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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I am what I am

Hello my grandchildren.How are you today?I know it's a bit too late for me to write but I have to write since I can't sleep.The weather is so hot.It just rained but still the heat is unbearable.So here I am.Years go by but I'm still the same.Things which I did 20 years ago still have my attention.Birds,fishing and farming always fascinate me.When I have to wait for something for quite along time,I can stay still and thinking about those topics for hours!I start making out problems regarding the topics and try solving them and if I can't I will do some researches and if I manage to overcome the problem,new problem will be created.The cycle goes on and on.I really need a spouse who has a deep understanding about my passions or I will be doomed.Ahhh...I cant open my eyes anymore.Too sleepy.I need to sleep now.See you again.Night2

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My inner wish

I have a burning desire.I want it really bad for a long time.It is really personal to me.I want to have aviaries around my house so I need a big compound.That is the main reason I want to buy a big piece of land to build my house.Whenever I'm down or I feel sad  about my work,I will imagine the birds and the aviaries around my house.It gives me strength to endure the boredom at work.It also gives me the reason I want to improve my life.Oh ya,I want to pursue my study so that I won't stay at the same position forever.I follow a page about birds.Everytime I see nice aviary set up,my heart pounds faster.My imagination goes wild.Haha.To put it into perspective,the feeling is the same like you see your crush or you see your girlfriend.So today I saw a nice aviary set up and  my heart went crazy.Do you wanna see it?  

Nice right?This type of aviary will be perfect if I put 2 pairs of Victoria pigeon,1 pair of golden pheasant and 1 pair of silver pheasant.Even imagining it excites me.I must have this kind of set up of aviary!!!Arrrrr....

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Losing is never a good thing

There is something that bothers me so much.The more I care,the more I worry.It is always better to know it just a little bit rather than the whole.Ignorant comforts me.How doom am I?I find it very soothing when following the flow than going against it.Deep inside I hope it will change.Maybe by a miracle.Who knows.Once upon a time,I wanted to dictate the situation but reality brought me very hard to the ground.I lost my hope.I did put good fights yet I lost.If only I knew...I am stuck now.Win or lose at this moment makes no difference.