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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Some random thoughts

Hey remember the time when I was so full of anticipations and dreams about this life?Well I don't.Lol.Okay I lied.I do remember.Still parts of my dreams,I am carrying them.I have discarded some.If only you see the way I see, you definitely will understand.It is quite hard to find someone who will understand my point of view.I am trying to find the perfect match for myself which I see it is hard.Not many people want to give up this world before it is too late.Glory and gospel.Both of these things have destroyed people for generations yet so many people are still chasing them.They live their lives as if they will not die.Try take a moment,think what happened to people before you.The great people or perhaps the great rulers.They died.I do not want to die without enough preparation.Yes I am still young but I always think about death unless I am drifted away from the truth sometimes.My death definitely will come,I should die before my eternal death.It means I should take what I need, not what I want.People have endless desires.If you give them a mountain of gold,they will ask for the second mountain.They will chase for the second mountain and without they realise they are dead.No preparation at all.Very few people feel enough and grateful about what they have.I found a person who can always remind me about it.The problem is he is far away.My plan is, I want to move out from my current state and move in to a place nearer to him.I have to love it more than everything.Once I have moved in, I am going beneath the radar.I am going now.See you later.Good bye

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Almost holiday

Good morning!!!Well lately I am moving on to my new life. It is a now what moment since I am in the semester break. So much free time even though I am working.Don't get me wrong. It means my brain has so much free time. I constantly need challenge for my brain to keep me sharp. Well when I have nothing else to think, I start to have projects. You know because I have money and I am a grown up man now. I am thinking of going fish the moment I arrive my village. I am going to buy 3 fish traps and set them for a night. I remember when I was a young boy, I set up several fish traps. At night I could not sleep because I started to imagine things. I was so excited and wished the night faded away quickly. I think the same thing will happen even I am a big man now. I just cannot contain myself for that kind of excitement. Things that make people excited rarely make me feel excited but for this thing, although it is considered minor for other people but for me it excites me. Oh by the way, a person I just barely knew has started to give me advice regarding life. I do not really enjoy it since I have my point of view of life. It is heavily influenced by someone who is highly respected by me. It may seem I am a care free person for some people. It happens because I put priority different from them. What is the point of chasing something temporary? Oh by the way, I bought a new watch. So cheap but I needed a watch so I bought it. Hey, I am off to bed now. See you later. Good night...

Monday, July 6, 2015

It is getting harder

I think I will walk alone in this life.Ya I know in 200 there will be 1 who will conform with my way of life.It is a fact.But I do not have time to try out 200.Living with me meaning there is no gospel and glory.It is hard for people to live without them.Recently questions keep on taunting my mind. What my great great great great great grandfathers and grandmothers did at this particular moment?Did they regret with their lives?Let say I am married and I have decedents. Will my great great great great great grandchildren even know my name?I don't think they even know about my existence.That is why I want to abandon gospel and glory.This world is just a place full of lies and fake promises.If only you see the way I see.The further I go,the harder I find the one.I start to see differently.Do you know deep inside,I have a constant duel.It fights each other and usually the bad one wins.I am so weak.That is why I have the highest respect for people who have won the duel.There are very few of them.I am trying to be the few.Until my dying day,I will keep on trying. ;)