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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I miss you badly

It has been awhile since my last writing. Tonight I am going to write again. About 4 days ago I lost one of my mynas. As usual in the morning when I am going to feed my turkeys outside, I will let both of my mynas go outside of their cage. They will follow me with open mouth asking me to feed them even they are not hungry. So that day when I opened the cage, only one of them followed me. I whistled louder and louder to cue the other one but it only opened its mouth and flapping its wings to respond to the cue.Damn sad...I did not know why it did not follow me and feeling dissatisfied I went to it and hold it in my hands.I tossed it gently into the air as I was near to their favourite tree but it fell down. I started to catch something was wrong with it. So I did physical check on it. Its anal was not clean and my heart started to beat fast because in bird world,unclean anal indicates they are so sick. Next I checked its tongue and it looked pale. The bird started to chirp slower and slower. It tried its best to put a distance between me and it. It hid itself under their favourite tree. That time it started to rain.So sad if I recall.I rushed into the house and took medicine for it. I forced it to drink and took it inside my house. I put it next to me but it wanted to be alone. It walked slowly behind my CPU and stayed there. I knew it would end sadly so I hold it into my arms even there was some struggling happened. Then after a few moment it calmed down and let me hold it into my arms.I was so sleepy because I did not sleep during the previous night and I put it into the cage inside my house. I looked at it and it went to the corner to be alone.I fell to sleep and when I woke up it died near the cage door.At that point,there was no words could describe my feeling.In the evening,in the rain,I dug a hole and buried it witnessed by its brother.
You know, the damage is so huge. I saw it grew up,I fed it till it could fly,so tame and adorable,always asking me to pet its head,loved to perch on my shoulder,being so noisy when heard my voice,came to me when I whistled no matter where it was,bathing in front of me and accompanied me when I was cleaning their cage and fish tank.I feel like I lost something very precious. I miss its chirp and actions when asking for food. Two days before the incident, I was not really spending time with it because I wanted to teach it eating by itself but I still took it out in the morning and in the evening.Hmmm...Yet I have nothing to regret. I miss it so much. I know it sounds stupid but I do sometimes feel like as if I heard it chirps but that is my imagination.Hmmm...I am so lost.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Recent song

Currently I like this song so much. I can't recall when was the first time I heard it. I do not know why but the girl seems so cool. Maybe she does not talk at all. The words in the song are powerful. Cool girl...

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I want to remember you

This is for my future.You are like a balloon where you are full

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My new birdies

Good morning my grandchildren. Today I want to show you my new birds which I bought them 3 days ago. They are still young yet so energetic. They do not want so sleep in their cage so I have to put them outside near my computer. Actually they were sleeping but I had to wake them up in order to have better view. No I do not have names for them yet. Hopefully they will grow up healthily.Oh before I forget, they are peach faced love birds.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Things to do tomorrow

I have mixed feelings while waiting for tomorrow to come.I need to go to a workshop in the nearest town to repair my father's car. After that I need to bank in money to a bird supplier. Yar. I just placed my order for two birds which still required hand feeding.They are peach faced lovebirds. The supplier later will post the birds using bus. Sounds funny but it is true.I made this decision because I woke up in the evening and raising from birds from chicks option came into my mind. So I chose to buy them. Don't worry, the supplier is verified real.
I think I am the only one who is excited about this. Oh, the supplier was a weirdo. I texted the supplier mentioning my intention and every message replied contained emoticons like " :) and :P ". The worst case was he is a man. Tired of reading his messages containing emoticons, I called him and placed my order. Haaa...
If tomorrow goes smoothly, I will receive my new birds on Monday.Right now I have 2 mynas which are raised from chicks and 2 turkeys. Whenever I release them from their cages, they will follow me. I have followers when I am walking at the front of the house and somehow it makes me feel like I am a mafia leader with loyal followers.
Later when I have my new birds, I will show them to you. I need to sleep already. Good night my grandchildren. Good bye.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Which one?

Good morning my grandchildren. How are you?I really want to know how are you today. I am not asking for the sake of politeness.Have you ever heard about a proverb saying You are what you eat? I just ate Durians. So now am I a Durian?
Actually I have a dilemma here. I am thinking very hard whether to take a pair of lovebird chicks or fully weaned. Both have pros and cons. I want my pets to be very tame so I need to raise at the young age but I do not have the experience of taking care this type of bird. If I take fully weaned, they can breed and their food is easy to obtain but they will not be as tame as I want. Maybe I should sleep first and when I wake up,the first choice comes to my mind will be picked. +_+.This type of making decision is so childish. It reminds me when kids at certain age making decision. For example if you give them to choose between cake or ice cream, first they will choose ice cream and if you ask again to choose between ice cream or cake, they will choose cake. Later you will realize that they make their decision by choosing the last item. Don't say you never did that kind of method when making decision.
I shall sleep by now in order to make decision. I hope my decision will be the correct one. One thing I need to keep in my mind is when I have made my decision, I must be ready to bear the consequences.So I am going to sleep and in the same time I need to prepare my self bearing the consequences. :P
Before I go to sleep, I just want to say that I dislike women with make up.Yea they are pretty in make up but it is fake beauty. Fake is bad for me.Why am I telling you this? I also do not know. =_=. Okay, I need to sleep. Hopefully everything is good.Nite2 dear.Taaa

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Random mind

Do not make permanent damage on temporary anger

Lightning does not strike the same spot twice

I remember this song.

Do you?Do you?Do you?

Monday, August 15, 2011

3 I prefer this one

There are three versions of this song but I like this one the most.Why?Notice the piano accompanies the song ? It leaves huge impacts on the song. It makes the song becoming dramatic and full of emotions. If you don't get it, you ought to listen to the two other versions of this song.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How I see world

Today I feel I want to share something. Have you ever had crushed on someone? And when you have crush on someone whether you realize it or not you are REALLY trying your best to find something that your crush does as a signal to you that she also has the same feeling on you. Have you? Even the slightest action like she drinks the same type of water like you are drinking will be seen as a significant signal to you. As time passes by, you will start to hallucinate by searching any common actions and behaviours that you and your crush do to regard them as signals. Maybe you will lay in your bed, thinking and saying "Hey, I think she really likes me because too many signals she has conveyed to me. Nah, I don't think they are just coincidences." Have you been through this situation?

That is just an opening for a broad topic that I want to share. My friend just clashed with his girlfriend. He was really down and called me to share his feelings. I am not a good person to advise or give motivation because I do not really believe in something abstract like feelings. I just listened and gave my point of views. Very rough point of views where I said "She does not want you so move on. Accept the fact that you just lost her". I know that line is not suitable to say for people who are having hard time after breaking with their love ones but that is the truth. I cannot give good motivations full of sweet words and promises to him. I just can't. I remember his saying " I thought she was the one for me because I always dream about her." Besides that,I also have a friend who also said the same thing to me. He dreamed about his girlfriend and based on some actions that she did in the dream, he strongly believed that girl would be his wife.The sad part is they have stopped seeing each other now.

The common thing about these two friends is they are having hard times to move on since they have seen so many signs indicating their ex girlfriends would be their wives.Come on friends. I used to be like both of them. Believing in those things. Seeing "signs" and significant things that indicate she is the one. I start to lose faith in those when I watch a film about a rebel happened in France. The movie really shook me to the core. There is one character playing the role as Satan questioning the heroin about signs from God saying that the heroin is the one who can save her country.The Satan questions all the signs that the girl believes as signals from God as signs she is the one.

Dreams, coincidences and actions that we think significant and signs from God or from whatever you believe in to show she is the one are nothing. NOTHING. We,ourselves who see them and because we want to have something to believe in so we create our own meaning. A dream is just a dream, nothing more than that. Actions from your crush like having the same drink like you, listen to your favourite songs after you introduce to her are NOTHING. Maybe she is just plain thirsty and your favourite songs are really nice.Do not take them seriously. If you want to know whether she has crushed on you, the best thing to do is ASK HER.

People who believe in signs,dreams and many many more will have hard time to move on. Come on people,you are wasting your time just to hold back just because of those things. Those things are meaningless. You are the one who give meaning to them and you are the one will suffer next.

You can start believe in your dreams as signs from God when you are already become saints in religion.I am lazy want to talk about that because I am not at that level. Oh,this point of view can be applied in many fields accept in religion.Religion is something deep in meaning. Laymen won't understand unless you have reached the level required.

It is the time for me to sleep. Good night my grandchildren..bye2

Friday, August 12, 2011

They are bigger now

These two birds are raised from young. They are so attach to me and behave like kids. I often take them out in the evening. Whenever I turn on the faucet, they will come down from the tree and take a bath. After that, they will fly to the tree again.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random mind

There are a few things that you ought to know to ensure you live peacefully.

Never go to a barber shop in the afternoon unless you are ready to know what the barber eats for lunch. The smell is strong until you can imagine what he has eaten.

Do not do exactly what people do to you. When I was a child, an old man did a stupid joke with me. He touched my wheener and laughed. Not satisfied, I did the same thing. The feeling was gross...EEEwww

Just do things that you think you will regret if you do not do it. Opportunity sometimes only comes once.

Before you do something big in your life, think thoroughly. When I do like that, even if I fail I feel satisfied.

Do not afraid to be hated. Well when you are being hated by someone, it conveys that you are standing up for something.

Do something because you want to not for someone else.If you do for someone else, you will stop doing it when the person is not around.

Hot tempered people often have bad thoughts about other people.

If you are afraid to lose it, do not have it.

3 people can keep a secret but 2 of them must die.

Songs amplify feelings.

Don't be attention seeker on the internet. Update every single thing that you do.

Insufficient sleep leads to uncontrollable behaviours.

If you want to hit like a girl, hit it like a big girl.

Recent song

reflects the past and gives hopes for the future

Thursday, August 4, 2011

You lie, I lie, and lie again

I am working on something. Remember about my mission to find a grey parrot where I met many swindlers? Got one of them who really tried to convince me that he was sincere. He tried really hard to make it as real as possible until I brought up a point where I wanted his lists of customers and addresses. Lastly he gave up and admitted indirectly that he is a swindler.
So now he is offering me a job. He asked me to work for him and swindle people in the internet. You know what? I will play around with him. Don't worry, I am not going to swindle other people. I just want to know how the organization runs. Later I show you my emails with him.
Oh by the way, I am enjoying my life by watching a Korean drama entitled "He who can't marry" via Maaduu in Facebook. It is a 2009 drama.I like it a lot. since there are similarities between me and the hero see life. Maybe many people do not like it since the hero and the heroin are not good looking but for me, I do not care. I like the plot. If you have time, try to enjoy it.(If only the drama is still available during your time).
Okay, I am going to continue watching. Good night, sleep tight. BYE~

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's the time

Good evening my grandchildren. How are you today?Today is the second day in the fasting month. The first always the toughest. I guess it is true because I was so thirsty when I woke up. As the time passed by, I managed to contain the thirst by not thinking about it.
Today I notice one thing in common for people who break with their bf/gf. Got one friend highlighted it. She gave two or three examples or people around her who have pets. For me? I planned to have a pet since last year. I am not lying. I wrote about it last year.
Now back to my topic, before this I made a promise to myself if I have a pet, I would treat it nicely. Now I have not only one but TWO!!!Both are birds. Let me tell you a bit about how did I get them. A friend of mine told me about a nest up above a coconut tree. So he climbed the tree to check it. Got two eggs. So we let them for 3 weeks to hatch. After 3 weeks, we went to the same nest and found out there were two chicks. So I took them as my pets. It sounds cruel and it is cruel. I kidnapped them from their mother. I feel guilty.
Now they are learning to fly. From my observation, they are growing healthily. I bought a new cage for them. I have to feed them regularly. They eat alot!!! Ya I feel tired but I need to fulfill my promise to treat them nicely. In the evening, I take them outside providing them a chance to know the world. They walk and wandering around near me. Tell you what, they are acting like children. They will move a bit by a bit away from me. One step taken and they will see my reaction. If I ignore them, they will take another step and look at me. They will continue doing it until I shout at them. So funny.
At night, I need to pet them on their heads so that they can sleep. They chirp so cute when I am petting them. I am just afraid when I am working later I cannot give the same commitment like I do right now. I will try my best to fulfill my promise at them because I have promised. :)
Sleepy already. Good night dear..Bye