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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Story telling

Arrr!!!Hello...You know my grandchildren,this sem I have to take story telling subject...Lame isn't it?Coz I have to animate like a puppet which is not my character...So tuuuutttt(censored) boring!!!..I wanna share with you few stories that I've read during my childhood...I used to read a lot of books when I was young but the problem is all the stories that I read are corrupted literature...haha...Maybe you do not know yet the reason why I call it corrupted,but just continue reading and I'll show you...

The first story....

There was a boy who liked to lie to the villagers.One day,he passed a herd of sheep field.The herd was happily grazing on the field.So since the was nothing to do(during that time there were no PSP, PS3 and computer games..that's why he was bored),the boy wanted to entertain himself.He got an idea. He shouted as loud as he could " is a wolf trying to eat the!!!"...The villagers heard his shouting and came with weapons to kill the wolf. As soon as they arrived, the boy laughing and shuffling in the same time coz he was entertained when the villagers were cheated by him. So the villagers when they knew they were cheated by the boy went back to. (This story sounds typical but continue reading bebeh)...After a while, the boy shouted again " is a wolf trying to eat the!!!"... For the second time, the villagers heard his shouting and came with weapons to kill the wolf. Then they realized they were being cheated by that boy...Now they were angry with that retarded boy..They went back and promised not to come if they heard the boy's shouting....As soon as the villagers went back,there was a wolf came...The boy shouted " is a wolf trying to eat the!!! This time is real"...The villagers heard it but they continued to do their work. They did not want to be tricked by the false alarm. The wolf started eating the herd and they boy kept shouting for help but the villagers did not come...Some of the villagers were playing chess, some were practicing shuffling and got some who were making piano out of stones....Then after sometime,the wolf ate all the herd and went back into the forest. Some villagers started to feel curios when they did not hear any shouting from the boy anymore so they decided to investigate. When they arrived at the field, they saw the herd was gone and the boy was laughing so hard. You must be wondering why the boy was laughing right? The boy said " I told you already there was a wolf eating the herd but you did not you must bear the lost because the herd was not mine..muahahaha...It was yours!!!" One of the villagers fainted with regret because the herd actually belonged to him...haha

Moral of the story "sometimes we should believe the liars"

Second story....

A long time ago,lived a family with 3 daughters. One of them named Cinderella.. She was a step daughter to the family. So as usual, she was always being abused by the family. She was not kindly treated by the family. She did not even have her own clothes and any other belongings. So like the typical Cinderella story, a news that the prince of the kingdom held a ball to search a wife was heard by the family. The two stepsisters bought nice dresses and heels to attend the ball. On the day the ball was organized, Cinderella had to do house chores.While she was doing, she cried softly because she also wanted to go to the ball. Then out of nowhere a fairy godmother appeared. She turned Cinderella's smelly cloth and shoes that she was wearing into a beautiful dress and heels. So Cinderella went to the ball. She went back before 12 o'clock...When she was rushing to go back, she accidentally left a heel....Then she arrived at home...Then the next day, the prince started looking for Cinderella based on the size of the heel. The search finally brought the prince to the Cinderella's house. Cinderella was so happy because she hoped she could marry the prince. But not only her was happy, her two step sisters who were ugly like rotten rambutans also happy...As usual the prince asked the family to try to wear the heel. The first step sister tried but her feet were too big. As big as an elephant feet..muahaha...Cinderella was so eager to try because she could not wait to marry the prince...But her second step sister came in and tried it..You know...........................The heel suited her...The heel suited her second step sister!!!yesss...haha...Cinderella was shocked and so did the prince because he had to marry that ugly rambutan....Cinderella was almost fainted but before she fainted she managed to find the reason why the heel suited her second step sister....It was because last night she borrowed her second step sister's shoes when doing her house chores...She did not realize it even when the fairy god mother turned her into a beautiful the prince had to marry the second step sister and they lived happily ever after...hahaha

Moral : Do not borrow other's belonging

Tired already...wanna play dota...arrrr...chow2

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My life

Peace be upon you my grandchildren...It has been a long time I did not write to you...How are you?arrr...Today I think I wanna share with you the story of my life since you do not know me well coz I already dead when you read this not afraid of death because it is a process of transportation from the world to the other world...So are you ready to get to know your grandpa?

I like to tease people who are close to me especially my little sis called "Noni". Since I was a toddler I started to tease people around me. The first victim of coz my younger bro.I teased him until he the time went by,when I was about teenager,I had my youngest sister..So I thought I would not continue my habit because I was the second eldest child in my family and the age gap between Noni and I is huge, but I was wrong. I still continue to tease her even until now...can you imagine a 23 year old person tease an 8 year old child? I enjoy it very much and the best part of teasing is when she cries and screams because of dissatisfaction and angry when I tease her...That is the best part...hahaha...sometimes...ermm..not sometimes..all the time without any proper reason and out of sudden I always have ideas on how to make her cries...wahahaha...I should be awarded because of my creativity in the art of teasing my youngest sis...

I remember one day when I just came back from Maktab, I was so thirsty. I wanted to have an iced tea but I was too lazy to buy it.So I asked Noni to buy it for me and I promised her I would not tease her for the whole day if she bought me iced tea.She was really happy to buy me iced tea...I could see her determination because at the time I asked her,she just took a bath...She was still not wearing her cloth..haha..So she dressed up and went to the shop...So I drank that tea at about 5 o'clock in the evening...At around 5.30, I saw Noni was playing happily...My good idea had come across my mind..I went close to her, but not even anything happened, Noni said "Bro, you have promised not to tease me today..haaa".. (T_T)...I was quite shock and I recalled back my on that day my little sis was saved from being teased by me...But on that day also I felt very uncomfortable because I could not make her cry...wahaha...I could feel the time passed by so slow...I just could not wait the next day...

Oh I feel so sleepy..before I leave, I wanna show u my's the pic

She is the one who is holding a cup of milo..isn't she vulnerable??hahahaha

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

20 cents is useful than RM 1

Hello my's you going?sleepy right now but since I did not update my blog for a long time,so I have to update it tonight...This is a real story.It happened to me when I was a teenager.

Usually in this life,things which have more values are very important to us.For example Rm 1 is more valuable than 20 cents.But you should rethink because I had encountered a situation where things which have less values were more.It really made me to rethink everything in this life twice.

Here's the story.When I was in secondary school,I often went back to Sg Petani using bus from my school.It took about 30 minutes to reach my house area.So everytime I reached the area,I would call my mom using public phone to pick me up from the bus stop to my house.During that stone age time,there was no HP ok...That's why I used public phone.So to make the story goes short,one day I took a bus to my house area.Then after reaching the bus station,I went to the nearest public phone to call my mom.When I reached the public phone,I realised that I did not have coins...=_="...I only had RM 1..I mean the money was not coin...So I took initiative to exchange it into coins..But it was rather hard than what I wanted.There was no shop opened at that time.Omg!!!I almost walked for about 100 meters to find the nearest shop in the dry hot sunny day and not a single shop was opened...

Hmm..At that particular time,I had a thought in my mind saying that no all the time things which have greater values were useful.I was really hoping that I had 20 cents rather than rm 1.How I wish I had 20 cents!!!You do not know the feeling of it..After walking and walking,then without realizing, I was almost half way to my house.So I decided not to call my mother.I just walked straight ti my house under the hot sun.After 20 minutes of walking,I reached my house and straight went into the bathroom to cool off my body.I cannot stand the heat of the sun until now.

So grandchildren,what can you learn from this simple yet meaningful story?I hope you learn something.For my self,I have learnt not to look things only in their economic value only.I have learnt to appreciate things in many values.