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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Sudden realisation

When I remember what did I do when I was in teenagers,I feel like I want to put my head inside a pail to hide.You have no idea what did I do back then.Why was I so stupid?Is this the feeling that I will feel during the judgement day?What was on my mind?I really put efforts to do those stupid and evil things.They keep haunting me until now.Now I realise I wasted so much time doing stupid things.I did not put much thought about what would happen in the future.I am so sorry.I would like to apologise to those who I hurt,playing with their feelings,made them suffer and negative actions that I did.I really regret about it. ;(

Thursday, February 26, 2015

A peek inside my thought

I hate making new memory as I find myself hard to let it go.That is why I give least attention to things around me.Yea it can be said that I am a sentimental person but I try to act tough.Some say I don't give a damn about what is around me.I remember the last time I gave attention to things around me,I found myself hurt so much.The problem with everything that I care is they are not permanent.Gradually they will disappear in time.Longtime friends,they will have their own lives.Cars,houses,things that money can buy them,they will break in time.Family members,they will die.How weak we are.Still people live as if they would live forever.Can't you see?What happened to people before you?They also thought they would live forever.They were too in love with this world.Too preoccupied with this world.Without they realised,bammm.Their lives ended.Why should I care and love something temporary?I think I am wiser than before.I know what to love.It is something that will last forever.Don't leave me although I make mistakes so many times.I beg you.You are the one that I beg from.

Monday, February 23, 2015

One day~

There is a person I really want you to meet.Spending 2 hours time with him is worth up to a week of lesson about life from other people.I am not exaggerating.You should come with me when you have time.Once when I was young,I valued my sleep over everything during weekend or holiday.That particular person makes me wake up early in the morning,drive more than 45 km one way,just to listen to his advice and stories for about 2 hours.He can talk about anything precisely.Usually I argue with people even my lecturers but that particular person makes me look down on the floor as a sign of submissive and sometimes I look at him with full of attention.I felt so good when he touchesd my elbow when he was telling a story.I really look up on him.With full of respect.I never paid someone as much respect as I give to him.Guide me please.I want to be as great as you.I know the journey is very long but I really want to be as great as you.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Random fact

So there are several researches support the claim that when you have heartbroken,the pain is the same with physical pain.The brain stimulates hormones to the entire body as if you are having physical pain.Do you know that the muscles around your heart are stunned and it is said it takes about 2 months to recover?How funny it is.Whoa.I am so sleepy now.Can't write anymore.By the way,the result for my 1st semester is out.I did not expect I would do that well.~_~.Good night.Sweet dreams.Bye2

Thursday, February 12, 2015

A journey

Sleepy I am.Today I traveled quite far to buy fishing gear.After a long time,this evening I had the opportunity to ride a motorbike.The adrenalin rush was real when the bike was sped up to its limit.It was long journey.Well it took almost 1 hour to reach the fishing tackle shop.The funny part is the shop was small with limited variety of choice.I said to myself "Why did I waste my time coming to this shop?nooo....".I bought a fishing line.That's all.Actually I wanted to buy so many things but an event occurred in the shop which made me rethink.I am not a pro angler but I have been fishing since I was 7 years old.A friend oft mine who came along with me to the shop was looking for a new reel.He is still new in the hobby so he asked my opinion to choose his gear.So I browsed the gear and my eyes were caught by a fishing reel.Looked so good and the price was reasonable. I asked for details from the promoter which happened to be a girl.Nah.Not a girl,a woman to be precise.I asked about the drag force and she gave me answer like a pro but the problem was the answer was wrong. ~_~. Why can't she just admit that she do not know about it rather than giving false information to other people.I used to be like that.I was very hard to admit something that I did not know so I made up stories or facts to make me look smarter.But that behaviour had been put to an end when I was around 10 years old.I was so disappointed with the promoter which influenced my desire to spend there.I giggled when she was telling her made up facts.It was funny though because you know the truth.
A random realization just came out from my cognitive part.I used to like certain aspects of a person.As I grow wiser,they look disgusting.No wonder they are prohibited.I thought they were cool before.
I am going to sleep now.Good night

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Must obey

Good evening to my grandchildren.Well if you notice , lately I always update the blog because I have free time.About 2 more weeks before my post graduate class starts.Once it is started, I hardly have time to write the blog.So now is the time to write.When I was young,I couldn't wait to grow up so that my parents can't tell me what to do and what not to do.If I did things that they prohibited,I had a great chance to be punished. I was quite a naughty boy and that explains why things that I wanted to do mostly were dangerous.Thanks God my parents were firm in nurturing me.I thought the chain would be lifted as I am an adult but I was wrong.Now my parents do not control me anymore but far greater person who I respect the most in my life tells me what can be done and what should not be done.Will I be punished if I do not follow?Oh yeah.He is not the one who punishes me but for sure I will be punished.=_=".Today my friends did things that I am prohibited to do.I really wanted to join them but I clearly remember the person said "You should not do that".I still remember his face and expression.Casually but firm.Only God knows what was going on in my mind when my friends were enjoying themselves.I said to myself "Must...obey...what...he...says...for my own good".Half of me,oh nope,come to think that,not half but one third of me really wanted to join them but the other two third said "No".The chain...the came back to me..arghh..I started to pay attention to details,not to do wrong things purposely.My breath,my sight,my mind, in short everything must be at the correct place.I do not think you will understand now but trust me one day when the time comes,I will tell you.What is the time now?Bedtime!!!I'm off to bed now.See you later.Taaa

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Good morning to my dear grandchildren.Well I'm stuck here in a meeting.I hate meeting.I lose my attention easily and most of the time they talk about useless things.Sleepy and bored start to haunt me.Arrrr...I need to bunk this meeting.You see,one day if I become an important person,I'm not going to talk alot.I'm going straight to the point.Oh no...A new random person just arrived and he seems to be an important person in this meeting.I think now is the time I should employ my greatest defensive strategy evey created.Sleeping!!I'm going to put a file at front and sleep like a boss.Good bye