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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Gibberish talk

Hello my grandchildren.How are you today?Today I have nothing special on my mind.I just want to talk and talk without any aim.First I wanna tell you that I begin to like cooking again.I'm thinking of making beef sandwiches but the problem is most of the ingredients to marinade the beef are hard to get around here.Perhaps I should cook something simpler like spaghetti bolognese.Very delicious.Oh I also wanna try grilling my own burger.Yesterday I did something very noble.I washed my own clothes but I hate the smell after they dry.They smell so good but the smell suits for women.You know,I really love farming.One of my dreams is I have my own farm.I want to raise animals and also be a part time farmer.I can't really let go my current profession because my brain needs to stay sharp.If I leave it,I will not use my brain alot.That's all for today.See you again next time.Take care...

Friday, February 14, 2014

Half of me is dead

Good evening my dear grandchildren.It has been awhile since the last time I wrote something for you.Here is a piece of advice from me.If you cannot stand the feeling of losing something,never own it because everything will leave you one day.I always practise that in my life.Believe me,I've through alot in order to learn that."It is easy to talk rather than do it".Nope,I am walking my talk.I remember the first time I lost something really precious for me.I felt helpless.I sat down and could not even utter a word because my feelings were all shattered.From that moment, I learnt gradually to restrain my emotions.There were times where my body was shaking and my heart was broken into pieces but my thought refrained me from feeling sad about it.My brain out powered my body and my heart.Usually in that state,my mind will go blank.It shuts everything to refrain my emotions.I'm seeing but not looking and I'm hearing but not listening.Now I am so much stronger.I can handle it well ( I think so).I dare to make such claim because when people around me are sad,I am still stable and not really feel any negative emotion.Just remember,nothing's last forever.Even your breath.There are times where I wish I still have some emotions to express but it make me week.So I guess this is the best state of mind for me to carry my life on.

I feel like I am a psychopath...haha..Don't worry,I am still a normal human being.I'm heading to bed now.So sleepy.Goodnight my grandchildren.I miss you so much.Taaaa

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Life is just a dream

Some people find amusement in wealth,some find it in love and some find it people.If you look deeper,they only bring amusement for awhile.Where are the people before you?Where are the people before them?They also found amusement in those area but now where are they?Can't you feel there is an empty space inside?Nah,I bet you won't feel the emptiness inside because you are too busy chasing things which are not permanent.How stupid people who are too busy for something temporary.Since I was a young boy,I always thought how I would miss every moment of my life.I used to imagine how did it feel to lose one by one people who I cared so much.We start to grow old,older people die.The cycle will continue and yet people fail to see this.They are too busy.Life is really a very short journey.Everything happens as if it is just passes by a minute ago.I used to be a kid now in a blink of an eye,I am an adult.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Counting down

Everybody loves it.Oh wait,not everybody.There are some people who do not love it.I lost so much because of it.The majority takes the left path and few take the right path.I'm with the few.I shall never bow to the majority because I know they are wrong.They are living in illusion of ideal life.They who always chase it shall never at peace.They who just take what they need are very well composed.When you are matured,you will understand everything that I told you.Are you really ready to take the right path with me?The path is so rough since we will go against the majority.I never believe in majority.Make up your mind.Once you have entered,you shall never turn around to reset everything.Yes I am afraid because once you are in,I will learn new things.Those things I cant be unlearned.I do not want something to be done halfway.The destination is far far away.It is better to be alone forever than having something for awhile.In my ideal world,she will never listen to anybody except me.In my ideal world,she agrees to disagrees.I have seen so many people who live in illusion.They are pathetic.I sometimes...