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Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Good evening!!!hehe...So how's your life?I really hope you read this even by this time I am dead.At least you have a chance to know about your grandfather a little.Okay for today I want to share with you some embarrassing moments in my life.

1. I went to a mall and took some groceries to the counter.With confident face,I took my wallet and found out I did not have enough money to pay for them.I slowly walked back and put them at the racks. :P

2.I took out my money and handed to the cashier and it happened to be the cashier was a woman.My friends were lining behind me.Then the cashier smiled and started to giggled.I asked her what's wrong and she gave me back my picture. Argghhh!!There was a picture of me stacked in between the notes and my friends teased me as if I purposely did that to flirt...I swear to god,I didn't know about it.

3.I purchased a wrench at a hardware store during a festive day.The shopkeeper made an opening palm gesture and I thought he wanted to shake hand and I shook his hand...Actually he was asking the money. arghhh..

4. I like to listen to songs on mp3 players.So one day I went to a library and listened a good song there.I sang along and sometimes I humming slowly.While I was doing those,I could see people were looking at me.Then I realized I sang too loud...hehe

Enough!!!I do not want to add anything more.It is too embarrassing to think about other incidents...Till then,nite.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Good morning my grandchildren.It is rare for you to find me writing to you in the morning.It is too early to buy lunch right now so I'm killing my time now.But no worries. I'm not going to write something brainless just to kill my time.As I woke up today,my brain suddenly switched to deep thought about the correlation between how people express themselves in the past and in the present.You know,I do feel tired seeing people sharing food on the social network.What's the point of sharing every meal you have?Then I see the pattern.People tend to share more about food which they consider luxurious and expensive.Are they trying to establish that  they are rich and well fed so they want to let the world know what they are eating.I am not talking this without any proper observations.I watched two documentaries about two poor societies and how they behaved for hundreds of years have similarities with what some people are doing right now.So the first one is a society in Africa ( I am sorry I cant remember the tribe name and the specific nation) has a belief fat woman is beautiful.Life is hard at there and when a man wants to get married,he will find a wife who is fat because it symbolises she comes from a wealthy family and well fed.So every mother feeds their daughters to be as fat as possible hoping they will end up marrying men who are also come from rich family.They force feeding the children as early as 5 years old just to get as fat as possible so that people would think they come from a wealthy family.In short,they want to express themselves as a rich family through what they are eating.They have a good life,eat well till they are fat.Identical with the present day where people do the same but in the modern way.
Okay finish with that society and now I want to talk about another one.Deep in the jungle in Indonesia,there is a tribe who is still practising pagan ritual and lifestyle.As you know,life is hard there so there is one interesting custom which has a similarity with what modern people are doing.The tribe hangs the skulls of cow and buffalo in front of the door of their house.They do that to show to other people that they are rich and can afford to have meet on their plates.So what is the similarity with modern people?You think about it.I am out to have my lunch.Too hungry right now...Arrr...See you again...bye2 

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The first and the last

It has been quite along time I went into silent.So today here I come.So many things to tell but so little time.Hello my grandchildren.I miss you.A lot.Today I went out with a colleague to a tackle shop.Going there was his idea and I just followed.The funny part was I was the one who paid for everything.Even at the restaurant.Phew...I felt like I'm going for a date with my wife where I have to support everything.The difference is he is not my wife.I am not complaining about it but I just want to teach you the art of socializing.When you go somewhere where you and your friend have the same interest in it,the best you should do is spilt the cost together.I felt it was kind of pathetic when he who is a fully grown up man yet still failed to practice that behaviour.He really lacked of it.What made it more pathetic when he usually bashes the other colleague for failing to do so.He didn't realise his mistake.That would be the first and the last time I would go out with him.You know,I always love to travel alone.Even going to a very far place,I will travel alone but that can change if my best friends are around.They know what to do.I won't be stingy around them because they are the same with me.Since I do not have my best buddies here,so I will keep travelling alone.Thanks to him,that event reminded me the reason I hate mean I hate people who do not behave like they are suppose to.Yea.I am easily annoyed by misbehave people especially those who are stingy.I feel pity to them and to avoid  unnecessary confrontations,I put distance.By the way,I am planning a fishing trip this coming weekend.Guess what,I am going alone.I would love to spend my time alone since I do not have people who are really worth to spend my time with.My colleagues always ask me to go out with them,I would love to but the thing that keeps me from doing so is their behaviours.Talking bad about each other,small talks and boosting around.Those thing make me feel uncomfortable.Yea,you can small talk with me but you have to prove you are not an idiot at the first place.So that I know that you are joking.As I am writing this,they are still fail to prove it.I do not want to involve in small talks with them.Am I bad?I do not think so.I am picky when it comes to friends.Friends are actually defining you.
Enough of talking whining.Now I want to tell you my little fishing trip.I plan to book a hut in the middle of the sea where usually people go there with friends but I am different.I am going to stay there alone fishing. I believe in the principle "It is better to be alone than spending your time with the wrong ones".Wew.I can't wait this coming weekend.Now I am going to bed.I am pretty worn out.See you later.Bye2