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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1 year 8 months

Good evening my grandchildren.How are you today?It has been awhile since the last time I updated this.You know my grandchildren,when you grow up you will meet many kinds of people which so called friends.Some are true friends and some are not.For me I have few friends who are really reliable.Others just come and go but true friends stay.I am not a  person who can be considered as friendly.When meeting someone new,I will stay back and relax.I do have few conversations and at the same time I judge the person.When I see some similarities,I will start to be friendly gradually.By doing this,I have succeeded to differentiate between friends and people who will leave no memories to me.You know,it has been a year and a half I'm here yet I do not find not even a friend.I only found people who are insignificance.There are few people who share some similarities but they are not really passionate about them.They just do it because of other people do it.Yes I am very picky when it comes to pick friends because once I find one,I do not mind to do anything for them.Damn I sound so gay!!!But that's the truth because it is worth it.How I wish I could find a true friend here.I am seen as anti social due to my daily routines here,but if only I found a true friend here,that would change completely.I still remember those days where I had so many friends around.Everyday was a good day for me.No one told me how monotonous life would be when I am working!!!