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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

More than this

Am I living in the past? I do not think so. I have millions to tell you but we are separated. It is not your fault. It is mine. I am sorry for being weak. I am very optimistic even though logically the percentage you might read this is fewer than 0.01 but I will continue to write. Who knows one day we can read this together. This is my proof that you will always be here with me. I was so cold that day. I remember.I had to. For the sake of both of us. You must be wondering what went wrong. Well, nothing was wrong. Every single thing was right. We did everything right. Perhaps, probably, and I hope, I pray, everything that happened was just temporary. Hey, I am on a journey to be a warrior. I need to leave you for awhile. Then one day, hopefully by His will, we will be together. Unless you break the promises or I have an order. Wait for me...wait for me...

Monday, August 14, 2017

Wish you were here

I still miss you like it was yesterday it happened. You really are my life. You are different from others. I remember the times when I was trying to get close to you. It started by becoming your friend. Then I decided yup you are the one. I must take you into my life. Maybe you do not know actually when we were together, I had been tested 3 times. My loyalty to you. Not going to mention here but it is enough to know the tests were every wild dream a man can have.I still remember my responses to them. You were always my priority. The moment I was gone from your life, half of me is dead. Several times they tried to resurrect but I refused. If I have to marry or share my life with someone, the person is you. I will try my best to fulfill my promises to you. Please wait for me.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

My words to you

When I was young I thought words were for accessories. As I grew older I realised that words were meant to be proven. Then now words are meant to be tested. It is better to be really careful with my words. They have power yet so many people abuse them. People like to spit them like nothing. Promises are made but never meant to be fulfilled. They are for accessories and icing to convince other people but deep inside the utterers never meant every single of them. I hate that kind of people. Irresponsible. Now I am bounded to promises. I think it is going to take the rest of my life to prove my words and I am willing to pay. I am responsible for every single word that I uttered when we were together. I will try my best to stick to my promises unless I have to obey orders given. I obey orders. Hopefully one day we will be together and we can look back what we had done and smile together. I really mean each one of my word. ;)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Su Ann

It has been more than a year yet the feelings are still as strong as if it just happened yesterday. This scar or perhaps this cut is still bleeding. Almost no one knows how devastated I am. Yup for your information every time I miss you too much my tears will shed. Do you know that? I do shed tears.They call me a man without feelings. They were wrong. I told no one. I hold in and conceal it so good until people think I am healed. Remember my promises?I am trying my best not to break them. Unless I have an order to fulfill. I obey orders. Your promises, my promises, haunt me ;(. I vividly remember every single word I uttered when I tried to win your trust and your heart. I try not to recall them too often because I am tired of shedding my tears. Yup. A grown up man still sheds tears. What I want is neither more nor less or like you. I want you. Exactly you. I still remember the way you smiled and you talked. I thought to myself how lucky I was to have you by my side. Deep inside my heart, I pledged I would take you to be a part of my life. If I had to open up my heart for someone else, I would choose you. Remember the day I went away and you said I was the same with other men? You hurt me ;(. I am different. I left you (hopefully for awhile) against my will. It is an order. If the stake is only my life, I am not afraid to lose it. is more than that. One day I hope that day will come. "Hey you, thanks for waiting. I am here now. Follow my lead. ;)" Su Ann. I miss you.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sudden appearance

Once upon a time, I believed you were my life. I tried my best to win you. I even willing to sacrifice everything. God knew what I would do just to prove my feelings towards you. Then you left. After a few years, you came back. I am not sure what is your purpose but I think I can grasp it. Just to let you know, I have changed. In the few years when we were parted, I had learnt a lot. I went through so many things. I used to view you as a perfect person. Now I see right through you. I admire someone who I will follow till my last breath. The person whom I admire is out of you league. The person will do illogical things yet I must believe in them. You won't be able to stand before the person's presence. believe me. In the few years we were parted, you did so many mistakes which I intended to prevent back then. I cannot accept the mistakes since I need someone who I can walk together easily. In my point of view, it is better for you to find another person who can walk with you. I have made my promises and I want to honour them till my dying days. Be strong.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Random babbling.

When I am bored I learn something new. This behaviour has been practiced by me for a long time Then the more you learn, the more you know. Life becomes more complicated than it was before. I start to think of more complicated things rather than asking wondering about why the sky is blue or even why the oceans are salty. The problem is these types of questions are puzzling other people. I do not have time to entertain them. I do not have time to feel amazed with these kind of things when people share with me their so called "new" discovery. Sadly it turns out I look to be a snobbish. No...I am not snobbish. I just do not feel entertained with the topics that I already knew. I need more challenging questions to feel amazed. Somehow I become more firm and rarely change my stand because I know what I am doing and I know it is the correct choice. Regularly I have to go against the majority as the majority knows a little bit and due to their number, they make themselves to appear right. Never mind. I always go alone because I believe if I want to go far, I have to go alone. Less burden, less people I should take care of, and less dramas. By the way, I miss you a lot. :(

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Further and further

It has long?I lost the sense of day and time.My world is getting smaller.Just to fill this emptiness I have to go further and further.You...the person that I miss the most.I want to pursue my education as high as possible until I am called or ordered to be back home.I really hope you will wait for me.I am going through a war.In the war it has many battles. In the battles, I have a lot of fights. I cannot lose. This world is nothing without you. I start to understand little by little. I learn a lot but I have no one to share. How I wish you are with me because I know you are a good listener. Everything I promised is still valid. I miss you a lot.