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Monday, November 24, 2014

From cat to New Zealand

Hello my little grandchildren.It has been awhile.Actually I have 3 assignments needed to be completed but since I am not feeling well I think I should rest and do something without require much thought.So here I am writing this for you.Today I am going to share with you my weird experience when I was having my dinner.I had my dinner around 7 p.m.I went to the same restaurant everyday and ordered the same food.Haha...I have this behaviour for almost everything.I will do the same thing and eat almost the same food everyday.It is not I am a dull person but just for the sake of convenient.So that day when I was waiting for my food, a wild cat appeared.It gave me an adorable stare and started to play around my legs.I hated cat but at the same time I wanted it to be happy.So I let it play around my legs and it started to climb my leg to be on my lap.I thought it was really hungry.I said to the cat ( ya I am a bit crazy because I always talk to animals) "wait for my food,I will share it with you". The food arrived and I gave a chunk of chicken to it.Do you know what happened?It didn't give a damn and started to stare and me.I think it said to itself "Do you think I am hungry?I do not want your food human". 

It stared at me for a long time while I was eating.I think the cat was retarded.After I finished eating and heading to my car,it slept on my chair.So the conclusion is the cat was retarded.

By the way it has been awhile since the last time I had my vacation.I should reward myself after finishing my master.I wanna go to New Zealand badly. This is my picture when I was in Japan visiting my sister there.

Now I want to go to New Zealand...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Motivation to myself

In three days I will have a major test for one of my subjects this semester.I am so lazy to study.I do not know really why but I started to feel it since yesterday.I have to keep saying the golden sentence to keep me on track.Now I will say it here."Do you really want to be a farmer?If you do then go to study!!!".Yea my dream is becoming a farmer.One day I will have a piece of land which I can build my own farm.Every time when I am tired especially after class,I will imagine about my farm.I smile and I know I am one step closer to my farm.Can't wait for it.Now I am going to study.See you later