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Monday, August 30, 2010


Good morning my grandchildren...just now I read a blog which I follow quite along time..The style of writing is interesting coz he really plays between the line of religion and culture...He also included some facts to strengthen what he claims...interesting isn't it?

But actually he is quite blur with his ignorance..Just now I read his post about freedom of religion..He said that U.S is better than other Muslim's countries because U.S practices freedom in religion..He also condemned Malaysian's constituent because in Malaysia we have official religion which is Islam...He claimed that in U.S there is no official religion..==..

You know why U.S does not have official religion unlike Malaysia?Just compare Malaysian's history with U.S...Malaysia was once lived by Malay and other native races.Malay,was almost all Islam and other native races practicing animism...So as the time passed by,animism lost it's followers because modern religions which are more logic came in but Islam is still relevant. Then other races came in...To symbolize Malay is the native here,they made Islam as the official religion and other than that, Islam is still being practiced by Malay...

Now we look at the U.S history.....It was once belonged to the Red Indians and Latin people....But the majority was Red Indians....During that time majority of Red Indians practicing animism...So when Stephen Columbus was on the search to find new lands,he discovered U.S soil....Then British sent his citizen to COLONIZE that land....They took the land by war...To cut the story short,they succeeded...Red Indians converted their religion as they saw more logical religion when they were under colonization....So how the hell on earth U.S would have official religion because they are not the native there?Do you think they should make their religion as official religion?==

If you want to condemn others,you better do research thoroughly because if you fail to do it,at the end you will bring ashamed to yourself...Take a look at BRITAIN...THEY HAVE OFFICIAL RELIGION ...BECAUSE THEY ARE THE NATIVE THERE...THE QUEEN IS THE HEAD OF THEIR RELIGION THERE...NOt like U.S because it is a colonized land...

Tired I wanna go to sleep...nite~

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Raya and Me

It is almost half of the fasting month right now..I never realised it before..So how's ur preparation for this year Raya? Have you bought new clothes?new shoes?all new things?? careful when buying things my not overspend.

You know, I used to celebrate Raya when I was around 5 -11 years old..I couldn't wait for Raya to come..coz I wanted to collect as much money as I could..But now things have changed..For me Raya is nothing more then a mark to show that the fasting month is over..Don't get me wrong..I'm not against Raya celebration ok...It is my personal opinion..

I can't exactly recall why I changed my attitude towards Raya celebration..For years I did not buy anything for Raya especially clothes and shoes...I still remember the last celebration...I slept until 2 o'clock in the evening and I woke up because my friend texted me...The funniest thing was he wished me Slamat Hari Raya and he was a christian..He celebrated it but not me..hahaha...Dont follow my footsteps...It sucks coz you are missing a big thing in your life..But for me, I used to the situation..

Hari Raya is a day where siblings should be together and celebrate it with joy...There are things that I can't mention that I feel during the day..

My plan for Raya this year..hmmm...I want to live alone at Sungai Petani and sleep..and play online games..and sleep..and eat...I want to switch off my hp to avoid Raya dedication coz it annoys me..It will wake up...but if this plan fails,I will go back to my village and perform Hari Raya pray..coz I never do it for years...who knows maybe this year will be my last year to do it...haha...and after that,I want to go back to Sg Petani and be alone..I don't feel comfortable if I stay at my village coz many people will come...they will ask questions to me...

So my grandchildren...don't be like should celebrate it coz it is a meaningful day for you...if you follow my footsteps,I personally will strangle you!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Promises in my life

My dear grandchildren,as you growing up I bet u make so many promises to people around you.But do you aware the consequences of not full fill your promises?Once u make a promise,you must work hard to full fill it.If you do not taking any action to full fill the promise,then you are not a proper human being in Islam.And if you have taken so many actions and throw your best effort but you fail,it is okay because you have tried your best.How do you know whether the best effort has been thrown?You will know it inside of your heart.You can feel it.Believe me.

Today I'm going to share you my story about promises in my life.The longest people started to promise to me when I was 9.Once a person promised me to buy a watch after he knew that I wanted a watch.He promised me to give it to me 2 months from the day he made the promise.Then I waited...and waited..and I'm still waiting...I bet he has forgotten what he said to me but never mind,I will always waiting~

Second story,I made a promise which I cannot full fill it anymore even for my entire life.I regret it so much.I made a huge mistake to promise thing that I did not want to do.One day, my grandmother said to me "I really long to taste the ais kacang sold at the bus terminal."So spontaneously I responded "Tomorrow I will buy it for you".So the next day, I didn't go to the bus terminal coz I was too busy with my friends.Actually I have the capability to go but I chose not to.The third day,my grandma was sicked and she passed away on the same day...and I failed to keep my promise to her forever and ever~

Third story, I promise to my mother when she gave me Rm 500 when I wanted to buy my new PC.I promised to her that I would pay to her later.And I will pay to her when I'm working next year.I will!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The way I overcome boredom in my life

Read that title again. Your grandpa has a very short attention span for things that I do not like. ICT subject, academic talk from people I think not qualified to talk, lame movie, pack classes, all these are apart of boring stuff that I've been through in my life. So I begin to rebel so that they can see that their activities are so boring and lame. The worst would be I will absent for lame class. But if I cant avoid them, I will start my weird habits to overcome boredom. Here is the list what I do when I'm bored :-

1. I would ask academic questions to my friends. For example "If Eman Manan (an actor) fights with Abon (also an actor ), who would you support?...justify ur answer...or "If an item would cost you RM 1, how many you could afford if you have rm 2?...after my friend answer it, I would ask "Ali has rm 5, how many items he can afford?"

2. I will repeat after the lecturer or the speaker...I will do it better by adding some actions and uttering the same sentences but make sure it cannot be noticed by the lecturer or else I will be doomed.

3. I will ask my friend about the biggest achievement in his/her life. And I will belittled it until they wont find it the biggest achievement anymore.

4. I will observe people who are paying attention to the speaker or the lecturer. And then I will start to predict what happens to him/her in 10 years and the way he/she dies...sometimes I share my prediction with my friends.

5. I will start to I praise the way he dresses for today...I will say "hey look handsome today..."I love to see their response and at least I do a good deed.I increase his confidence in his life.

6. Listen to my MP3 player...I love it!!!

7. Start to think about my future.How I can improve my life and what I wanna do if I can reverse time.

8. Doodling...very addictive.You know, there is a research where it has been proven that doodling increase ur attention span and focus...

9. Tease people!!!hell yeah..teasing is an art...I love to tease people who seem innocent...I ask evil question...In my class,there is a pious female student,,, I asked her "how many bombs have u made today??"

10. Recall music notes so that I can polish them.

11. Sleep...sleeping in class acquire a very fine skill so that u cannot be detected.

12. Play snake game in my HP and try to break the record

13. Plan my activities for that day.

=_="....sleepy!!!wanna sleep d..daaa