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Saturday, January 29, 2011

When Boredom strikes

My internet service is under maintenance.I cannot play any online games today.Now boredom strikes me with critical hits.When I'm bored,I start to feel'm missing things which I used to have them before.One of them is my keyboard.I want my keyboard back.Erm.Actually I need a new keyboard.My recent keyboard is broken.I have not practiced playing piano for almost 3 months.Last song which I could play was "Lover concerto".My audience was my ex roomate who was my junior.He had to be my audience because I practiced over and over again in the room until I could play the whole song.He became my indirect audience.I play songs for myself.Very rare,I played to people.Erm.To people who I used to appreciate or I appreciate.I dream to play a song before I sleep.Nah.Maybe..Maybe one day I will play for my grandchildren...But I don't think I will have that opportunity...
Now I barely can't recall how to play songs which I used to play because I haven't played them for a long time.I need a piano/organ/keyboard right now.I need it desperately.I just want to play.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sweet revenge

Evening to all of you.The time now is 2:50 A.M...27/01/11...I want to tell you a story of my life today.To be particular,today I tasted the sweetest revenge ever in my life!!!
Okay...This is how it started.At 4.30 p.m in the evening, my DotA team went to our regular cybercafe to play DotA game.We played many games but almost all of them were halfway.It happened because our opponent teams ran away before the games ended.They could not bare the feeling of losing.You know,we played those games half halfheartedly yet our opponent leaved the games.I'm not boosting about achievement but that is the reality.
Tired of running opponents, there was a game which we decided to play without thinking.I mean without strategy at all.At first the opponents were killed so many times.After sometime,they grew stronger and stronger.They started to killed our characters.We laughed and got excited because we found a strong opponent.Things started to get wrong.They started to be really annoying.They became snobbish.They started to called us "noob"."Noob" is a taboo word in DotA.It implies that you are a newbie,inexperience,time wasting,and incompetence player.I felt really uncomfortable.I looked at my friends and asked about their opinion.My friends said,just let them finish the game.Erm..It was really hard seeing my team was losing that game.
Before the game ended,I asked the snobbish opponent for one more game.We really hoped they would like to have another game because this time we would play at our standard.The bait was hooked.They agreed for the second game.
As the second game started,I could see all my friends were started to be serious.Even I started to be vocal when playing the second game.We played with different strategy to take the opponent down.We succeed to kill our opponent after 10 minutes the game started.Then our killing spree fiesta begun.We did not give any chance at all to the opponent.We played with hatred to teach them a lesson.They lost badly.At that moment,I felt very satisfied because we showed to them our true ability.All of my friends contented because we could taste the sweetness of revenge.The opponent team shut their mouth tightly.They got nothing to say...
I said to the opponent team "next time do not be snobbish.You won the first game because we did not show our true ability.Do not insult people even they are bad"lol...
What did I learn from this event?Do not be snobbish even if I am good at it...Now I'm looking forward to join my college DotA competition.I really can't wait because they are juniors who also join the tournament showing some snobbish signs....I think my team can win this tournament....We are ready for it....
That's all for today...tataaa

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Evening to you.A week holiday is nearer.I never like holiday since I was in foundation year.Honestly I do not like being at home.I envy people who are really eager to go back home.I never miss being at home.I do not know how does it feel when having homesick.How I wish I had the feeling of lost when I was far away from home.I always go back to my home for the sake of my parents and my little sisters.They will call me to come back.I never go back home voluntarily.This holiday will be the toughest holiday in my life because usually I would spend my holidays alone at Sungai Petani but now the house has been rented to people.Erm.How I miss the days when I spent all my holidays alone.Nothing to be bothered.I learned so many things when I was spending my time alone.
It does not mean I do not love my family,I love them..But..nah..I do not know how to describe what's wrong with me.I'm sick.I have a bright plan for this holiday.I think I would be at my home for two days the most,then I want to go back to my college.Sorry my parents.I disappoint all of you.It is better for us to have some distance.I'm not a good child.To my little sisters,I will spend the two days doing things that I have promised to you.
I foresee my future.I don't think I will have problem working at a place which is far from my home.
If someone can understand my feelings and thoughts,it will be a lot easier.That's all..bye

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Silent start

I just do not know what should I write.I do not think this blog will be reaching you my dear grandchildren.It's because I just broke up with my girlfriend after two years.To my ex,I just want to say I am sorry and thanks for everything.We are never meant to belong.Maybe I'm destined to live alone until my dying day.Believe me...I would rather hurt myself than ever make you cry.This separation is good for both of us.Actually it brings more good to you than me.
I do appreciate you came into my life.I'm not good enough for you.You deserve a better man.The thing I hate about having a relationship is it is hard to stop.It needs time and effort.It does bring pain to me but I mask it with silence.
I guess I need to adapt myself to the new life.Back to four years before to be precise.When the time I used to be alone.Right now I am calculating my next move.erm..nothing...bye

Monday, January 17, 2011

My DotA team

Evening my dear grandchildren.I just finished playing DotA game online.As usual today I want to tell you a story.This story really makes me realise the importance of motivation.I mean it.
Here's how it begins. Almost two weeks ago me and 4 more friends formed a team to compete in the USM DotA tournament. We always trained together at the Infinity cyber cafe.Hours and hours we spent perfecting our skills. So we found out that several combination of characters were the best.We aimed to use the combinations for the tournament.
To cut the story short,the tournament day had come. It was two days ago. We felt confident after training for hours. Our first match was against a team which was sponsored by a cyber cafe. We talked to each other and one of it was "They sure really good that's why they had sponsor." But it didn't break our spirit to put on the best game ever. We were divided into two places. Our opponent played in room 1 and we played in room 2.
As I entered the room, I realized something was wrong.The computer screen was in square shaped.I started to sweat because I usually trained using rectangle shaped screen.It had a huge differences you know when playing on square screen. I asked one of my friends who was happened to be our leader to change to room number 1 because computer screens in there were all rectangle. My friend asked the organizer but the organizer did not allow us to change because earlier we had agreed to take room number 2.It was a huge mistake making a deal without seeing the condition 1st.With a heavy heart, I sat down and ready to play.I played supportive role to disable my opponent in my team.
The first 1 minute, I was quit nervous because it was my first time joining a tournament.As the time passed by, my nervous was gone but...I had a difficult time adapting myself playing on the square screen.Then I started to make mistakes.I accidentally clicked my mouse on the opponent characters when actually I wanted to return to the base which resulting my character to die.I started to feel a bit guilty.Then another mistake happened. I used items wrongly. And then another..then another mistake occurred.In 35 minutes the game was over.We lost that game.
I went straight to the toilet. I felt really bad because I was the one who made my friends lost.It becoming more painful when I knew I could have done better if I had the opportunity to play on rectangle screen.The feeling haunted me.Other than that,my team used my suggested combination of characters for that game.You know,we never lost a game before when using that combination.Obviously we lost because of my fault.At that moment,how I wish I was a child so I could cry.But the reality is I am an adult.I have to accept my fault.I felt so down.I washed my face over and over again to ease myself.
Then one of my friends came in.I told him that was my fault and how sorry I was for that.He just
smiled and said "Never mind,we can try again for the next games."I said to him that our path would be harder because we had lost one game already.We had two win the balance two games to qualify for the next round.He just laughed and said "After this,we will win all the games.Be ready to win all." At that moment,all of my friends came in and said that we had done good job.The opponent was a good team and that's why they were sponsored by a cyber cafe.I knew all of them tried to comfort me by saying good things.I really appreciated them even deep inside I knew they were also frustrated because we lost that game.
After listening to their motivations, I had recovered from my bad feelings.I felt ease and calm and ready for the next game.While waiting for the next game,we discussed our strategy and we laughed a lot.I felt so good to have that kind of friends.They were really supportive.
The second game we got to play in the room number 1.All of us put our best effort to win that game.We killed opponent characters so many times.We led the score but sadly we lost that game.
But all of us satisfied because we had put our best effort to win.I personally satisfied with the second game because I threw my best shot.I had nothing to regret.
What I've learned from this event is never let people who are feeling down alone.Motivate them and I'm sure they will remember it till the end of their life.From now on,I will try to motivate people who are down mentally because I have realized the importance of motivation.A simple motivation sure leaves a huge impact on people's life to be stronger than before.That's all my grandchildren.I need to sleep awhile.I have football practice after this.Take care of yourself dear.Love you...taaa

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My new obsession

Good evening my grandchildren.You know what? I purposely missed my class today because I was so sleepy.huhu...Not a good behaviour you know.You should not copy my move.I have a new obsession...It is a bit awkward but I really like it.Every night before I sleep, I will watch cooking videos on youtube...The frying sound really makes me feel as if I'm the one who is cooking that...hahaha...
I like to watch on how to make your very own nugget, muffin and chicken popcorn.It is sooo easy!!!I never thought the process would be so easy.For me it is very useful since I do not quite like eating fast food because of the ingredients they put inside it.So when you are making our own fast foods,you will know what are inside them.Erm..You also can control the freshness of the ingredients...wew...I like it very much.
If one day when I have my own life, I want to cook on my own.Not cool you know when you are depending on restaurants or your spouse to cook for you.Mostly I want to cook western meals because they are pretty healthy and easy to prepare.Not like Malaysian's food,which the basis are mainly rice and coconut milk.I do not want to die because of heart attack or obesity.Not a good way to end up my life.
When I am so good at making my own meals,I want to move on making my own pastry...hohoho...I can't wait to make my own cakes and cookies too...Bare this in mind.Even I can cook,I am not a gay or a guy who is acting like a girl...Believe me...
I think that's all for take care of yourself ok...tata

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Good evening dear...It has been awhile I stopped updating my blog. Today I am so happy because I won a DotA game in clan war after for a long time. Now I wanna tell you about my trip to Australia.
On the day I arrived at Melbourne, I was checked intensely by the custom at the airport. He asked me so many questions. The best part is, sometimes he asked me the same questions more than ordered me to take out all my stuffs inside my beg.=_=..Then he checked every inch of my beg and he went through all my clothes including my underwear passionately...hahaha...Not satisfied because not finding anything, he scanned my battery charger twice.Erm...After that he came to me and told me in disappointment. " I thought you were a drug trafficker"..@_@...Then I answered "I am too handsome to be a drug trafficker"...
After that, I wandering around for awhile while waiting for my next flight to Sydney.I found something interesting with the airport. I found a Surau!!!.I entered it and I did what I do best.I slept on a couch in situated at the back of the Surau.
In Sydney, I had a great time. Went to several places. I noticed several things which were very different with Malaysian's culture. Their public transportation was really efficient. On the top of that, the bus drivers there were very polite. They greeted and smiled to passengers. You rarely find the behaviour in Malaysia.
But one thing I do not like with their culture. Almost everything was closed at 5 P.M...They did not have night life.huhu...Imagine this. I woke up at 1 o'clock then I only had 4 hours to shop and watching movie.So lame.haha
On the last day when I was in the Goldcoast airport, I experienced a new thing. I had to sleep at the bus terminal because the airport was!!!It was so cold. I was bored but luckily I made friends over there.One man from Hong Kong and the other one is a woman from Sydney. At 4 A.M, the airport opened. The woman from Sydney treated me a mocca and a doughnut.She talked a lot about herself and I only listened attentively.hahaha.She asked me about my name and when I told her she laughed and said my name is funny.Then I did the same thing to her...hahaha...Suddenly when it came to religion, she told me that she is a I told her my religion....And I asked her, "should we go for a war?"hahaha
Around 5 p.m, I arrived at Malaysia....I was so tired and I went straight to my aunty's house...That's all I want to share with you..Till next time...tata bobai~

Sunday, January 2, 2011


One day when I have total control of my life I won't be begging you for money.I also won't bother to come back.I will create a very big distance between us.You obviously discriminate me.Just remember,you are getting older everyday.I want you to feel what I feel.Kinda of stupid but I want to seek for revenge.It is to teach your orthodox mind.Just see later.I'm not a prophet doing good things even people do bad things to me.I'm just an ordinary person.Too much you have done,I remember everything you have done, I will put a full stop later.Too late to fix everything.If there are people try to advise me, I will slap them because they do not feel what I feel.Easier to talk rather than go through the situation.I hate you