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Monday, October 31, 2011

Here we go again

Out of nowhere today I feel so down.Again...I think it all started when I heard a news regarding my posting. It will be next year. I have to stay at home for at least 2 months more. You know how much I hate holidays. If I have too many holidays,it makes my brain becoming slower and lazier. I need to be always on tasks in order to stay sharp. Doing nothing is not good for me.You know, there were times when I had semester breaks, I stayed alone in another house in the town. I enjoyed it very much. I remember where I sharpened my piano and playing keyboard during those semester breaks. Not an easy task for me to do those things. My left hand was stiff so I could not play the bass very well. So during those semester breaks, I only used my left hand in every single thing I did including eating. Chill out. I ate using spoon. Preoccupying myself doing things like those makes me using my brain and forcing myself to do something out of the ordinary.
Now back to the down feeling...The internet is too slow. I cannot play online game properly. I lost several games. That is not cool. I feel unsatisfied because I lost due to the lagging. Not because I was an incompetence player. Seriously.
Bragging like this won't do any good so I stop now. I want to read something to make me feel good...nite2

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prank 1

Good morning. It is 3:54 AM 30/10/2001. Still early for me to sleep. When you are about the same age like me later, do not copy my lifestyle. It is not good for your health. Sleep less than 6 hours leads to so many dangerous diseases. Okay for today I want to tell you a thing which I did when I was still young and dangerous. @_@

When I was a child, I always misbehaved because I wanted to know the consequences and they gave me adrenalin rush. I remember when I was in primary school I pranked my friends. Yeah it was a bad thing to do but that time I was a child. You know what did I do? Some of my friends and I went to a public phone and called for a pizza delivery. I was chosen to call and talk to the operator because I had experience ordering pizza for delivery before. The menu was not a problem because every month they would send us pamphlet about the latest promotion. We chose the most expensive set and expensive side dishes. We ordered in a large quantity. AT first the operator did not believe in me because of three reasons. The first one was I was a kid and the second one was regarding the quantity and the third one was I did not give them my land line number. Luckily I came out with excellent reasons saying that I was about to throw a surprise party for my parents who just came back from U.S. Regarding the landline problem, I told them the phone cable was stolen. I had to contain my self from laughing or it would blow my lie. I gave the operator the victim's address and his name. Very precise directions because they could not contact us anymore to find the victim's house.After we were done ordering it, we went back as fast as possible to see how's the victim would react. His house was near our houses so we watched the drama from far. About 20 minutes later a delivery guy from pizza came. I was so impressed because he could find the house in a short time. So you know what happened? The delivery guy stopped and called for the owner of the house. The victim's mother went out and they had a long conversation. The victim went out as his mother called him. Lastly the delivery guy went back to the pizza restaurant.

The next day the news about the prank spread. It was not only a topic between kids in the neighbourhood but it was between parents as well. We asked the victim what was a pizza guy doing at his house yesterday. He told us someone had pranked him and he was still finding the gulity person. He also told that his mother wanted to take all the pizzas but he was full that time. We pretended like we did know who was responsible for that because all of us involved.

After reading this maybe you would think I am evil, yeah I am an evil guy. Many more to come. I will write about other not-nice-things which I had done when I was a kid. Did I feel sorry for doing that?Of course I did feel sorry. But that thing had passed. Nothing could change it. I got to go now. I want to watch football. Real Madrid is playing. CR!!! Good night dear...Bye

Friday, October 28, 2011

Still I am looking

While I was surfing to find out about a thing which has been bothering me for a week, I found a song. A really nice song. Yar, the song is a different genre from which I often listen to but it is worth to be in my Mp3. Her voice is raw and the song is sad. Suits my style.Simple yet it conveys strong emotions.

I am still searching for it.Great song can come from anywhere.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My birdies

So before I go to sleep,I wanna write something for you.The first thing is today I almost lost one of my precious again or in normal human language is one of my birds. As you know, I raised a pair of lovebirds since they were young so now both of them can fly. They are super tame and their cuteness level is 10 out of 10. If you don't think my lovebirds are cute and adorable, I am very happy to announce that you are an improper human being. So as I woke up around 3 O clock, I did what I usually do. I bathed and switched on my desktop. While waiting it fully on, I took out both of my birds from the cage. You know, it is a routine for me releasing them in the house so they will wander around my desktop. They will bite every single thing. Today went on just like another typical day. They both happily bit my mouse and the modem router while I was concentrating on a new song given by my friend. Then suddenly I heard one of my lovebirds sang and chirped loudly. I knew the song was meant to call its partner. Impulsively I looked at the birds but I only found the female. I looked down and around finding the male but I couldn't find it. My heart skipped a beat. (I would live longer a beat because the lower the frequency of heart beating, the longer one shall live). So I said...Here we go againnnnn...(I lost him once before).

I stopped listening to the new song and began to find the bird. The female kept singing and chirping calling for her partner. My mind started to think all those feelings where I felt when the first time I lost him. I could not think properly because emotions started to overwhelm. My lovebirds are one of my most valuable possessions and I always treasure them like my own siblings. I went to calm my self down and started to plan my moves. From far I could hear the male chirping and calling for his partner and the female chirped back. I took the female outside. I let her to chirp and call. I was hoping that the male would come if he listen. Then both of them started to call each other. Still no sign of the male. I could not trace the exact location of the male.(You know how poor my eye sight is). I tried for almost 1 hour but still no good sign that the male would come. So I went inside my house and took a rest. While resting I heard the male was nearer. Once again I went outside and guess what? I could merely saw it inside a bush. I saw it in a glance but I was very confident that it was him. The problem was the bush situated in a swamp.

I calculated all the options and alternatives. The rain was coming down. I had no choice. I needed to get into the swamp. Oh before I forget the only way I could access the swamp was by going from my neighbour house. It was situated behind his house. I ran to my neighbour's house and saw his father at the back of the house. I asked for his permission to trespass his farm so that I could get into the swamp. Permission granted. Slowly I approached the swamp and every step I took, I would sink deeper and deeper into the mud. I spotted my bird from quite far. I called him. He just chirped back. I tried to make him fly to me but he did not want to fly. I approached as the nearest as I could and I noticed he was all wet. He could not fly. He did try to fly to me. I could see his head was shaking and he adjusted his body position to fly to me but when he flipped his wings, he felt down. I jumped to him and caught him before he was completely felt into the swamp. By the time I grabbed him, I realised that I was sunk up to my knees.LOL. I could barely walk. I lost my slippers when I took my first step going back.

After I succeed retrieved the bird, I headed back. I saw my neighbour's father was still there. He asked me about the bird. He started to argue that the bird was not a lovebird but it was another species of a local bird. I had no time to waste arguing something which clearly I was right. I walked back with my bare feet. On the way back I had a free reflexology session because the road headed to my house was deconstructed. So the road was completely gravels. After reaching home, I gave him a good shower. I wiped him till he dried and put him back with his partner.They kissed each other when the first time they met after the incident. The female helped the male to groom. I took them both and kissed them..Oyeahh...I love them very much!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bad days

You know today is a gloomy day for me. A very bad day. It all started last night. Around 8.30 p.m last night I texted my friend asking him out for dinner. I did that because before this he asked me out several times but I had to turn down every invitation because I was busy. After several times I called him that we made a deal to meet up in 15 minutes. I was quite happy because finally we could meet. Then 15 minutes passed. He did not show up. I waited again..20 minutes,30 minutes,40 minutes...I called him but he did not pick up. I surfed the internet and opened my facebook and..... He was still online. I pmed him asking about our deal, he said he was asking another friend to accompany him that was why he had not departed yet. I was like "@_@". Well at least he should have told me about he would be getting late because he was asking other friend to accompany. So he asked me to wait in 15 minutes more. He guaranteed he would come to my house in 15 minutes. I agreed. 20 minutes passed still no sign of him. Then I waited till 30 minutes passed. I said okay that was it. I called him but he did not pick up then I saw he was still online. I pmed him saying that I did not want to carry on the plan anymore. He replied saying that the friend did not want to go. He asked me to wait again because he just asked another friend to come along. He said he needed 10 more minutes. I do not know why but last night I was so patient. I gave him the third chance. 15 minutes passed once again I texted him I want to cancel it because I wanted to play online games already. He replied "I am waiting for him to come,I also do not know what takes him so long". I said to my friend, now the planned was canceled okay. He could not accept it. He would come to my house no matter what..~_~... I ignored the message and I wanted to play online games....Good Lord, the server was down. I did not know what to do. I started to read books then not long after that (actually quite long) I heard a car approaching my house. "OoO...they are here already" I said to myself. I looked at the watch it was 11.16 p.m...OoO...Funny though coz I planned to go out around 9 p.m. So we were off to the restaurant which was chosen earlier.

At the restaurant I did not talk much because I was tired of waiting and in the same time I was eager to go back as soon as possible. I wanted to play online games. They talked about topics which I was not interested. Topics like politics and mystic things.... I rather listening than talking. I only talked when they asked for my opinion. Got one story made me giggled because I was trying very hard not to laugh. I had to take care of the story teller feelings. Laughing at that time would hurt his feelings because he was really believing in mystic things. He told me about 1 weak ago he met a pious person who had a sword. The unique feature about the sword was it could be folded and put into bag!!! I could imagine how the sword is being folded...He told me that sword was sold for 5 million...~_~"...What on earth did he think to share me with this kind of story... The more I stayed there the more I felt uncomfortable. They smoked and the smoke made me dizzy. I made my move by paying the food first and we all went back. When we reached my home, one of my friends told me that tomorrow in the evening at 5 p.m( yesterday's evening) he would call me asking me to join him netting some birds near his house. Yup.. I was really interested to participate because it would be a new experience for me. I agreed and we had confirmed several times about the time and who would call first. So I waited...

The evening came...I did not go anywhere from 3 p.m because I was afraid I could not make in time if he called me. 5 o'clock and guess what? I was still waiting...Then 5.30 p.m and I was still waiting. Then I felt enough of waiting. I did not want to wait anymore. I went to do something which I am good at it. I did not want to call him asking about it. Listen here, if you make an appointment and you fail to come, the least you can do is call and tell the reason why you cannot make it. That is the least thing to do.

The bad mood keep on building till the night. I felt like I was being stabbed at the back by one of my friends. OMG. I do not have many friends because I am a choosy person in friendship thingy but what he did really hurts me. I never felt betrayed like this before. I am not being a woman or what..You think man cannot feel sad?huh?

So now what have I learnt? I will not go out with that friend anymore...You know, punctuality is important when you make promises. I am very particular about it. Then do not back stab people. It is not a good thing to do. Better you encounter him and tell to him frankly what you dont like about him. Haih...Never mind....I do not mind living alone..ahaha...okay to take care k..night2..bye

Monday, October 24, 2011

Why so funny?

I do not know why but recently I think I can laugh over something easily. I think I am losing control of myself because I do not have enough sleep. These "wisdom principles" made me smiled or to be precise grinned even I tried very hard to control it.

1. Money cannot buy happiness but somehow,it's more comfortable to cry in a Mercedez Benz than it is on a bicycle.

2. Forgive your enemy but remember the bastard's name.

3. Help a man when he is in trouble and he will remember you when he is in trouble again.

4. Many people are alive only because it's illegal to shoot them.

5. Alcohol does not solve any problem, but then neither does milk.

6. If stupid people are aeroplanes, then we need many airports.

What do you think?I think they are funny...A bit paranoid but that's the truth...

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

I am high

I was watching Ketchup song just for fun then I saw a comment. The comment in the youtube made me spilled the milk I was drinking through my nose....I found it so funny!!!

LOL I FUCKIN never knew what they were saying in the chorus :

" Assereh√©-ha-ehe, Dehebetoudehabesouwanowanahabi­yamadoudibi ibi...

Assereh√©-ha-ehe, Dehebetoudehabesouwanowanahabi­yamadoudibi ibi, Assereh√©-ha-ehe, Dehebetoudehabesouwanowanahabi­yamadoudibi ibi... "

All with me ! :D


I do not know what do you think but for me it is funny...Maybe I cannot think properly because I haven't slept for almost 15 hours...Funny guy...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Chaos days

Morning~_~. Before I sleep, I want to write about something because I am afraid I would forget soon. The story started 2 days ago. I slept at 9 a.m then at 3 p.m my uncle came to my house and called me. I woke up slowly because I suppose to wake up at 5 p.m. That is my official schedule for sleeping. On that day only, my sleep was interrupted three times. One because I had to send my little sister to school and the other two was because my friend called me informing he almost reached his destination. I agreed to meet him then I slept again. I made a deal without thinking too much because I wanted to get to sleep as fast as possible. Back to the story about my uncle asking me out, he asked me to accompany him to a supermarket in the town. He planned to upgrade his desktop there so he wanted to listen to my advice. So you know, when you just wake up you need to take time to synchronize your brain in order to think logically but what I did was I just agreed and straight headed into his car. I also did not know why I did that. Maybe I was still blur. Yup, I did not wash my face or what so ever. As approaching the supermarket, I started to regain my conscious. My feet felt slightly uncomfortable, I looked down and found something funny. I wore slippers in different pair. The left was mine and the right was my father's. Haha. In my head I was thinking "This is going to be pretty ugly and funny". You know why? The supermarket that we were heading to is the most popular supermarket in the town. For sure many people would be there. So we arrived there.

Before going down from the car, I checked my self in the mirror. I saw an ugly person with a dry face, dry hair wearing a loose collar T-shirt and a pair of track suits. What made it worse was wearing a different pair of slippers on each foot. What a combo. I looked completely like a beggar. To increase my esteem, I said to myself "hey chill, this is in the name of fashion. Lady Gaga ( google her my grandchildren) often wears weird and ugly stuff. So no sweat okay". Oh yeahh.. I did feel better... I walked behind my uncle to a computer shop. The worker there said it would take about 30 minutes to up grade the computer. My uncle took me to a Mc D restaurant. He asked my to order anything for my self as a compliment for accompany him. I actually was still full because usually before I sleep, I will take a heavy breakfast so that when I am sleeping I will not wake up because of hunger. That day I had no choice. I had to eat in order to kill time. Guess what I ordered???...Yeahh..Correct..I ordered a set of Double Cheese burger. The most tastiest burger in the world. Don't ever say you have other burger to replace this tastiest burger in the world. To cut the story short, it was almost 6.15 p.m and the desktop was still not finished upgraded. I had to meet my friends at night. I asked my uncle to send me back. I arrived home at around 7 p.m.


Okay...I promised to my friends that I would depart at 8 p.m so I hurried my self bathing and packing my stuff because I planned to sleep with them. It was raining heavily but because I made my promise, I had to go no matter what. So I drove a car there. Around 8.45 p.m I met them. We talked about so many things but not going in depth because there was my junior following us. I felt awkward to talk about something serious when there is a person who is not so close. Then we decided to watch a movie at the nearest shopping mall. We bought tickets for 12.30 a.m movie. By the way, I did not pay for the tickets. Thanks to my friend who treated us. The movie entitled Real Steel. Quite okay that movie. I give 3 stars out of 5 because I tend to look logical things in a movie. We went to one of my friends house in the nearest university in that state. We slept there and the junior who slowly becoming my friend also slept there.

The problem started when I was about to sleep. All of us slept in the same room. The junior fell into sleep first while I was having conversation with my friends. He started to snore!!! OMG. I cannot sleep when people snoring. I said to my friend who was still awake " How am I suppose to sleep when the noise keeps me awake?" and my friend laughed. Few minutes later, my friend fell into sleep too. The funny part was he also snored!!! And I WAS IN THE MIDDLE... I regretted for not bringing my Mp3 player. If not I could listen to music to counter their duet snoring...Hahaha... I remember 3 weeks ago when I slept with other friends, I complained to one of them and that he snored when he was sleeping. You know what did he said? " I am not snoring. I AM JUST BREATHING LOUDLY" Then he grinned..~_~.. Okay back to the situation when I was in the middle. So I could not sleep. I look at my handphone, it was 4 a.m. How was I suppose to sleep when two people were snoring on each side and also it was 4 a.m!!! 4 a.m is the time where I should playing online games. I force myself into sleep. I started to imagine nice and tranquil. I could see a lake surrounded by mountains but they were fading away slowly. They were replaced by the scenery in DOTA map. Arghhh!! Then out of nowhere the characters in DOTA started to show up into the scenery. Then a war had started...~_~. I began to plot my moves and strategies to win. I could not sleep because my brain was active even my body was so tired. Then I heard my alarm ringing...It was 6.30 a.m already... After I did what I suppose to do, suddenly I fell into sleep. I woke up at 11 a.m and saw my friend rushing to his work place.LOL.

At 3.30 p.m I went back home. Then I went out with my family and came back at 10.40 p.m. I played online games until I decided to write this to you.. :) I stop early today because I cannot concentrate due to fatigue. I cannot respond fast enough and my awareness is so low. When I talk to my friends, I will talk something without thinking first. I just utter what inside my mind spontaneously. Eh dear, I am so tired. I am heading to bed now okay. You take care...bye2

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Parents?Better parrots

Good morning my grandchildren. I come again. You ought to be happy because I am going to write something. If you are not happy just pretend to be okay? I have an issue here and this issue I have kept it for along time. I am happy to see my friends are getting married so one fine day they will become parents. You know, it is not an easy task to be a parent. Many things should be taken into account and well considered before becoming a parent. It is not a try and error task. Your children will be doomed when you apply try and error task to your children. They will suffer from many negative effects. Many do not realise parenting is a life long task. Usually most parents that I met are becoming or behaving like a parent when they want to. They abandon their responsibilities when they feel like they want to. This is soooo wroong. You know, growing up in a family when your parents are not fit enough to be a parent is very hard. Children will suffer from physical and mental damage. Wounds will heal but mental damage is permanent. They will carry it until their dying days. It will affect how children behave and see the world. If a child grows up in unhealthy parenting condition, she will see the world as a dark place to live. She will always see things in negative ways, and becoming self centered. I pity to those children. I curse parents who do not really fit enough. Go and read first what to expect and how to be a good parent then after you are well equipped with skills and knowledge, become one. Me myself admit I do not ready to be a parent. I am not ready to give a full time commitment to my children and my spouse. Seriously small things like fetching your children from the school or attending Parents and Teachers meeting will increase your children self esteem and other positive elements in them. You know when I was a child, I would analyze my parents actions whether they really love me or not. I think all the children would do the same. They analyze and judging their parents by actions that their parents make. Small things for parents but they are big things for children. If you want to be a parent when you want to but withdraw when you do not want, then do not become one. You only torturing your children. When you are a parent, do not force your children to full fill your incomplete dream like becoming a doctor or marry a rich guy. That is your dream not your children's dream. You have failed so accept it. Your children have their own dreams. Support them. You know, I find it irritating when parents who only know to scold their children when they are not doing well in their exams. The funny part is the parents do not do anything at all like asking their children about what is the problem or even helping their children doing revision. The only thing they know is scolding. They only want result. Haih. This type of parents I tell you is really annoying. Sorry if I hurt anybody and now I am going off. I want to watch One Piece now. Until next time, good bye.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Good evening my dear grandchildren. It has been awhile. Tonight out of nowhere I feel like I want to write but most probably about random things. Wait for awhile I am recalling things that I want to write. 1,2,3...I wish everyday is Sunday so that I can watch the latest episode of One Piece anime everyday. The anime is so exciting and makes me feel like"I can't wait for next episode". Sad to say it only released once a week. Oh yea before I forget, you know I am watching Beethoven Virus drama right? The funny part is I skip the part where they show romantic scenes because I only interested in scenes about music and conflicts between the characters, not between couple. So I get a good drama by doing that. I just finished chatting with my friend. Now he is working in a Forex company. I am so glad we still keep in touch. We made a promise to travel together in 3 years time. Hopefully we will have the chance to travel together.Now I realize I have made many promises. Okay after this no more promises. Now we move on to other thing. Do you use vulgar words in your daily life? Frankly speaking yes I do. I do curse using vulgar words but I do not mean to hurt people by using them. It is just for fun because when you combine vulgar words with some random things, they will become something so random. When I am in serious situation, I do not use vulgar words to express my feelings because for me people who usually curse and use vulgar words are immature, not clever enough and most importantly they have limited vocabulary. That is why they use vulgar words to express their emotions. Sometime I do feel irritated when I hear women and girls use vulgar words. I am not being sexual stereotyping or feminist, but when I see any woman, I have respect for them. Higher respect than men. When they start to utter vulgar words, my respect to them becoming lower and lower then I will treat them just like I treat men. Then they will feel I am being disrespectful but they are the one who make me act like that. Even to men also I feel irritated when they curse using vulgar words.
Eh, it is late already. I need to sleep. Good night dear...Love you so much...bye

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


You know, sometimes even the strongest needs a person to lean on because the person has been so strong for a long time. Can I tell you something?Nope. Cannot because I barely know you and I do not easily trust people. It takes years to gain trust.If you were here,I promise I will tell you every single thing from the start till the end. Just listen because I rarely tell people about it. Oh I never tell anyone actually. Everything will be just fine one day. So since you are not here yet, I will keep all of them to my self till I meet you. I remember a saying " When something random happens, you will have someone on your mind to tell it." Who do you think on my mind? Heh

Monday, October 10, 2011

No I don't have any pic regarding one of the biggest event in my life (I suppose). Thanks to everyone and thank for giving me something. Thank for congratulating me directly or indirectly.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

So what now?

I want to prove to you that you are wrong even it takes years.