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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I am old

Good morning!!!Oh wait...nope...It is afternoon so good afternoon!!!So how are you my grandchildren?Good?I watched a video about a family was having family time.The son drew a picture of his house with a small hut behind it.The father asked the son to whom did it belong to and the son replied"it is yours just like you are doing to your father".Such a heart breaking story right?Teettt...For me, in my point of view I do not think so.Remember this my grandchildren.If one day you find out that I am living in a small hut do not be sad neither remorse.I choose that way.There will be time when I feel everything I have is nothing.I really want to isolate myself in a small hut,maybe far away from people.I want to remember my death and the life after it.Actually my I want to start living that kind of life now but thinking maybe I have responsibilities lying ahead, I need to postpone it.The key word here is postpone.I feel comfortable living with just enough.A line that always ties me is "Take what you need,not what you desire".If I follow my desire,it is endless.What for I desire things which are not permanent?Sooner or later I am going to leave everything behind.It is always a good decision to take what you just need.Greedy and glory drive you to drain.To achieve the feeling of "Yup I have enough" is not an easy task.You need to train and go through a lot.Only few people have the feeling of sufficient of what they have.When you have that feeling,you start to give more and automatically you slowly realise about the reality of this life.The world has teeth and your life is short.Very short indeed.You will feel that you have nothing and you will start to be humble and always appreciate small little things.Grateful and kindness gradually come along.Hear this my grandchildren.Find a person who can lead you to the absolute truth.When you have found him,never let him go.Okay maybe you do not understand now but I am sure one day you will.Pray my grandchildren.May God bless you with His kindness.That is all.Bye bye

Hi there

Good morning!!!It is 2:39 in the morning.Tomorrow I do not have to go to work as I am given a day off.Yeay!!!I am writing this piece just for you.I know you will read this because that is what other people do.First of all,remember to ask me.Ask me if you do not understand to whom or about whom I wrote those posts.You may get the wrong idea because I wrote with layers and hidden messages to express myself.Only me know the truth about each post.Then about the posts maybe3-5 years ago,they are the past.The past is the past.I do not remember the past but I grew up through it.Nah....I am going to bed now...Sweet dreams..Nite2..bye

Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Good evening my grandchildren.So how are you today?I have a random thought to share with you.Ready or not here I come!!!Sometimes I reflect my life.I mean I reflect what happened to the previous event that I had before.Probably you could guess the event that I mean.I asked myself what I had done wrongly.So deep till I had tunnel vision for several times.I come to conclusion,if...if I could turn back time still I cannot make it right.It is not from me.It is from the person.It is so sad to know that I cannot do anything.Anyway life keeps on changing.Memories remain.How funny.

Monday, September 14, 2015


Good evening my dear grandchildren.Actually I have a heavy topic to tell you but I am too busy right now.So I am telling you a bit about my current study.This is my third semester of my master year.I keep asking over and over to myself why am I doing this master.The answer keeps changing but the most prominent answer is I am bored and I need to exercise my brain.Sounds a bit cocky but really that is the truth.I remember the time when I had nothing better to do I started to find problem and solution.I remember I started to learn how to hack things,thinking about committing a perfect crime and some other illegal activities.To save myself,I channel my excessive energy to something legal and makes me grow.It is fun but sometimes quite stressful.I need to balance my life.I am taking a very heavy subject this semester.It is an elective subject.I need to read 2-4 journals per week.A lot!!!The journals are so lengthy. Arghhh...It even consumes my time to play online game.Anyway I learn a lot from the journals I read.Oh ya,I got a riddle for you.What will happen if...Think...10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...Time's up...Nothing will happen.I am off to bed reading a journal.Hahaha...Normal human being would read a book to sleep,I read an academic journal to sleep.How do you like it?You just don't.Believe me.Lulz

Saturday, September 12, 2015


Good evening!!!I have something to tell you.Come closer and listen.Well things went the way I predicted so I guess that is the end of the story.I really want to continue but I am too scared to try the new one.Why I ended?Hmm..Imagine a circle.It represents my thought.The total volume of it is 100%.The problem is the circle before was almost 40% preoccupied with something really unnecessary.I felt annoyed.Suppose the circle should be 80-90% full of the One.The unnecessary thing must be discarded as it did not want to cooperate. So I discarded it but it still preoccupies about 10% of my circle.It takes time I guess.So I will totally forget about it one day.Hey.Holiday is almost here.I need to recharge my motivation.It hurts though.Luckily not too deep.Now I am off to bed.Nite...Be good