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Thursday, April 22, 2010

wa au wa au wa au wa au wa au wa au

Hello and hi and slm to all my grandchildren... I miss all of you so much..Right now ur grandfather is a bit unstable because I do not receive any spot questions for my counseling subject. So hopeless this subject. I wanna tell you something about my people around me..Recently, my friends were having trouble among themselves. They were arguing about the sincerity of friendship...=_=..such a lame topic isn't? I did not in any side. Because I know the this world, there are only a few people who do something without expecting something in return..and obviously among my friends, non of them have that quality. So they keep blaming each other who is the one is not sincere. Personally I think all of them are the know,the person who was blamed by another person was asking for forgiveness.. he put his statement of apology on FB..there were some people who did not want to forgive him..the best part was came another people who said he should be forgiven because he had asked for apology...haha..IT's up to people whether want to forgive or not...we cannot force people because we do not know what damage has the person done to him..then many people posted many statuses about how we should forgive people no matter what he has done to us...I have one word for those kind of people..shit...if things are like that,then life will be in chaos...what if I kill his/her mother,then I ask for apology..hahaha..of course they will not forgive me..that's the same situation here..they speak without if they are so great..hisshhh..

Next time think before speaking...until then,,,bye

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm in love with you!!!

Hello my grandchildren..fine today?? I have something really urgent to tell you..I've been dreaming about something that I long for such a long time...I WANT DOUBLE CHEESE BURGER!!!!!!!!! Arrrr!!!I'm going crazy....arghhh(my saliva starts to drop)...almost everything that I see which has figure like a burger, I will remember tension and depressed...Oh man..The last time I ate that burger was 2 months...Oh my god!!! It is such a long time...Can you feel what I feel? Imagine the softness of the bun...combining with perfect ingredients in it...the taste of the meat inside it...still's crazy man...arghhh...i like the taste...saliva drops quickly everytime I remember it

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Let me tell you the reasons people behave like pigs

Yo!!!how are you today my grandchildren? Hope all of you are fine...I hardly can get my internet access because maxis server in UUM is still under up gradation. Such a long time I did not surf the internet because of it. I called the center and they said it would be ok on this 7 of april. So I hope what they said will come true coz I cannot live without internet...hehe...My grandchildren.. I want you to answer these questions sincerely...

1. Have you ever wished that you would be famous/popular among your friends?
2. Have you ever wanted to be the world's center? meaning everything must revolve around you?
3. Have you ever wanted to show off to people of what you have and what you can do?
4. Have you ever wanted people to respect you and you will get angry if they don't?
5. Have you ever wanted people to always listen to you and feel you are better than others?
6. Have you ever looked down to other people?
7. Have you ever wanted people to know everything about you?
8. Have you ever done something in order to gain respect and credits from other people?

If all the answers are yes, meaning you are in BIG trouble...change your wish and what you want...coz these wishes and ur wants are so wrong!!! many people these days want to get all the qualities above....Do you know the reason? Because they are far away from God. They think what they want and do is right without considering God.

Actually, every single thing that you do, you must be sincere. Yeah.. you wanna hear a proverb? I quote it from a person who I respect the most..

Orang yang berilmu tertipu dengan ilmunya..
Orang yang jahil tertipu dengan kejahilannya...
Orang yang beribadat tertipu dengan ibadatnya...
Orang yang soleh tertipu dengan kesolehannya...

You know, many people when they do something they say they are sincere....THIS IS REALLY A BIG FAT cannot attain a sincere feeling without going through it's process...It's BULLSHIT!!! In this world, only a very small amount of people who are sincere of what they do. They do something because of GOD. Not because of people. I like this kind of people. I wanna see this people and mix with them..but,,,who am I??I'm not even close to their standard...huhu..

Many problems in this world happen because people are getting away from God day by day...The funny part is they do many forbidden things in this world, then they pray to God, and when God does not help them, they say God is not exist...Wahaha..This kind of people is really funny...hahaha..I cannot stand to laugh out loud..hahahaha

You wanna see example of this situation? You look around you have friends that like to get praised if they do something? Or maybe better you LOOK AT you wanna get praised after doing something good?haha...

I know I'm not good enough for you to give advice..I did so many wrong things, and I regret it..I wanna change my self into a better person...Oh God..Please spare me for 5 years more..I wanna change so that I can be close to you..Lead me...and to those people who are blocking my way, I will push them away...maybe you don't fully understand what I'm talking about but believe me I will tell you after this when we meet face to face...until then..bobai