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Sunday, July 21, 2013

11 days

Hello my grandchildren.I was sleeping just now and suddenly I woke up because I heard a song which reminds me so many things in the past.Yea I have the habit listening to song while I am about to sleep.It calms me down and makes me think about my dreams.There are two powerful things which are very effective to take you to the past.Smell and song.I prefer keeping my history in songs.Through songs,they convey the right words and feelings.The melody tells you the feelings.The lyrics tell the story.I usually judge people to see whether they are happy or sad through songs they listen.And in some cases,I measure their intelligence too.It has been 11 days I left you.You were one of my biggest mistakes in my life.But I am proud to make the mistake because I learn something from you.Come to think that,I was so stupid to put myself in that situation when I was young.I put so much effort to make the mistake.Now I have to bare the consequences.I am matured enough to face the world without you.
It is kind of funny though when more and more people are complete,but I am here still fitting myself finding the way to feel complete.Perhaps the missing piece of me never ever exist.I need to complete myself.I am afraid I will hurt other people again just like I used to when I was trying to find the missing piece.When you are in the state of mine,you will realise the world is insufficient to offer you the satisfaction.You begin to wonder.You will try to find the missing piece in other things.
People change.It cannot be denied but the changes maybe lead the for better or worse.I see some have changed for better and some changed to worse.Frankly speaking,I do not know what I want.I seem to have the unsatisfied feelings inside of me but I do not know why it happens.
One thing I learn is you can run but it will haunt you from time to time.Okay,enough of my deep expression.Now back to normal life.
I think I want to reward myself because I have left you for 11 days.The reward should not be mentioned  but the result will be visible to others.
To those people that I have hurt,I am very sorry.I really am.Sometimes I wish I could turn back time so that I could make things right.I would kick the young me and tell him not to do all those stupid things.
Okay,I am sleepy right now.I am off to bed.See you again.Do take care of yourself.Till then,bye2

Saturday, July 20, 2013

It is a brag

Good evening my grandchildren.It's 12:37 A.M. It's still early to sleep.Come on.Get up!!!I want to brag.You know not everyone is qualified to give other people advice.I know it is wrong to ignore other people advice but how can you advise someone if you are not doing what you tell people.To put it into perspective,the situation is like a fat man tells you how to live healthily.So would you listen to him?The chance for me to listen to him is slim.I need a fit person to advise me on that.
Now the second brag.Lately,living like an adult with adult friends is sure a boring stuff.There's no more adrenalin rush situation.Come on,though you are old,adrenalin rush is good to make us see life in other perspectives.When you are adult,life is so monotonous.You will talk about the same thing everyday.Talk about work and money.Life's short.When you will get to enjoy your life if you always think about that?I do not mean that you should be irresponsible or a man without plan,but sometimes can you just stop thinking about that?Take a look at your life.Life's beautiful.Go travel.See other places.Do some crazy stuff.You will definitely appreciate your life more than ever.There is a saying about being an adult,"You are not an adult,you just learn to behave in front of public."Well I guess it is true.
Nah...Grandpa is sleepy.I need to sleep now.You know,I'm too old.I wonder what would you react after reading my blog.I hope you also will write a blog to you grandchildren.It is fun.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

One of the kind

Hi my grandchildren.It has been sometimes I haven't updated my blog.So how's your life?Tell me will ya.I am getting older everyday.It is a normal thing.But how old am I?I am old enough to know how's the game will be played.Still I cannot make my decision.There is something holding me back.I am not really sure what is it.It is like a dejavu.Almost everything happens is identical.So I can predict the ending.I've been through the same situations quite a few times and still I am recovering from it.It takes years to completely healed.Frankly speaking,I almost lost my grip of this life.Perhaps I am too old for that.Now let the fate decides for me.As I mentioned before,if it is destined for you,nobody can stop it.So life actually is decided by default and with a little luck,it might change.Am I willing to put my effort to grab the luck?Not sure.