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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am what I am

No matter what games I play,how many hours I spend on them,how good my computer is,deep inside I long to play the one and only game.I played it about 7 years ago and now I want to play it again more than ever.Yes I can pretend to be happy with other games but deep inside I know what game I really want.It is you.At the end,I will turn back to you.Don't go away please.I beg you

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I fail

It is quite sad when something cannot be mended anymore when it has been broken too many times.The only solution is put it away and move on find a new replacement or just live your life without it.I have tried hard.Very hard.Never been that hard in my entire life trying to save that thing.So I guess that thing is not really meant for me because it keeps broken.You know how hard my life to find a replacement.Finding it before was a miracle.I need another miracle to happen.It should be you.It used to be "it must be you".I apologize for what I have done before.Now back to my routine life.Just like I was before.

Okay new topic.You know,as you grow old,you will become more and more sensitive.Things which usually you took for granted become important to you now.

Monday, March 11, 2013

You are human

So here I am,walking down this life the way I expected it.What is perfect?Once I read "Do things correctly and the right things will come gradually".Nah it is not happening to me because I do not come across the right things even once.I thought I had understood the game of life very well.Do not ever lie.Once you lied,it is very hard to obtain trust.It takes a long time to build it.I warned you before.When people change for good,do not belittle their changes because it hurts a lot.Sorry I can't write anymore.I have to go now.See you later.Good bye

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Soul ring

You know,there is a favourite item I always buy when gaming. Soul ring...It gives you extra mana but at the same time it takes your life.The item is great for characters which have long life bar.If you have very little life bar,yes it will give you extra mana for a short time but you lose so much life in return.No matter how short my life bar is,I will always pick that ring because it gives me strength to save my teammates even it will cost my life...