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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Winner takes it all

Good evening my grandchildren. Actually I did not plan to write today but since my favourite football team they put it on delay broadcast, so I write but before that I just want to say "WHHYYYY they put Real Madrid game on delay???I wanted to see the team badly.WHYYY??". Okay I said already what I had to say.Now back to my normal life. I just watched a football game. One of the team was beaten quite bad. Yeah, they must be a loser to have a winner but I feel bad for the losing side. I always pity the losing side even I am in the winning side. I feel bad when I beat other people but I have to beat them in order to win. Can I have a game where everyone is a winner? I don't think there will be a game where everyone is a winner. If you go to a funfair sure you will come across a game where there will be a person shouting "Come and play this game, everyone is a winner" but he lies. Haha...If everyone is a winner, for sure the funfair will go bankrupt. The world is cruel but I think I can minimize the impact to other people. So what can I do? If I become a winner after beating other people, I have to thank them. It is a bit crazy but I have to say something like " Hey thanks for letting me win". I cannot find the proper way to thank them in order to appreciate them because without a loser,there will not be a winner. I am not being snobbish or look down at them but somehow I feel I need to do something to show I am grateful but in the same time trying not to hurt the people who I beat. I need to stop writing now. The more I write, the more complicated it becomes. I am afraid when the time comes and you read this, you will think I was a crazy man.
( I use "was" because I am already dead by the time you read this). If I lose, yeah I will be sad but not for a long time. I will try harder next time. Okay dear, time to sleep. Tomorrow will be a busy day for me. Good night.

Monday, September 26, 2011

What's your favourite smell?

Before I'm going to sleep, I want to write this incase I forget later. Since I was young, there are several smells and odors which I like a lot. I remember whenever I came across hard cover books especially the new ones, I would love to open them and inhale as deep as I could at each page. The smell was so nice.Other then that, whenever I got new electronics toys I also did the same.Oh ya, when I was a teenager and I had a Playstation game, I also did the same thing for a few days. The smell of petrol also nice but it is hazardous. =-=. Vanilla also...hoho...Before I eat vanilla bread, usually I enjoy the smell of it first. Dettol soap also nice...Yarrr...Smells like in the hospital.There are several hotels which have certain nice smells. I like them very much. Make me feel like sleepy. I like to go near babies. They have specific smells which make me feel at ease.Talking about this I remember an incident where it happened not a long time ago. I went to a mosque then when I was praying, I smelled something foul. I could not breath properly. The foul smell came from a person who smoked first before he prayed. So disturbing and made my head dizzy. If you are a smoker, you better be sensitive a bit. Brush your teeth regularly because it stinks. I almost died you know because I held my breath for way too long.When I was a kid, I had a friend who had a very foul smell. He did not brush his teeth so everytime he came near to me and talked, he could see my face sweated a lot. Then he asked me why. I told him I was not feeling well because I had fever. I gave the same excuse for almost 1 year. Actually I held my breath everytime he talked to me. I did not have the heart to tell him the truth. If I come across this situation again, I will tell the truth. I promise. It is for his own good.Okay2...sleepy already. Good night, sleep tight. Beware of boogie man under your bed....Good bye

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Good evening my grandchildren.Been good?Before I sleep I want to share with you my recent life. You know,lately I am so busy settling my convocation thinggy. Last Wednesday, I headed to the town driving. I went to two separate banks paying the fees. It was so hot even the air conditioner was working fine. Both banks are located far from each other. I went to the farthest first because the traffic there was so smooth. After I had done my business with the first bank, I headed to the second bank. As I was nearing the bank, the traffic got very slow. After several minutes driving, I reached the bank. Now I got a new problem. The parking lots there were all full. Why so many people in my hometown went out that day?I circled the parking lots there several times. Found one but it was a side parking spot. I tried to park there but the space was so limited.=-=. The worst was when the cars which tailing me did not give me any room to reverse due to too many of them were following me.So I parked at the side of the main road. Yar..It was illegal parking but I was pretty sure it did not obstruct the traffic. Then I rushed to the bank. Waarghhh...The bank was closed. I was so down and dragged my feet slowly to the car...I saw something shaped like a paper under the wipers and I took a closer look..Wahh...A summon for parking..That was my first time in my life I got a ticket. I am no longer a virgin driver...I did not know why but after seeing the ticket, I left the car there and went to straight to a nasi kandar restaurant nearby and ate there.Until now I cannot find any relationship between having the ticket and went to eat. So mysterious. After eating, I went back. So on this coming Monday, I need to go to the second back once again and also paying the ticket. Eh wait, I think I lost the ticket already. I don't know where I put it.Later I search for it. Okay,sleepy already. Oh by the way, songs in Beethoven virus drama are good. I off first ok..Good night

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

When shall we meet?

You know,it has been awhile since the last time I was sad and frustrated. Lay in the bed, listening to mellow songs on my mp3 and thinking of you. The best part is I do not know where you are. I hope I will find what I am looking for and if I do not find you, I rather be alone forever then spending my life with a person whom I am not really giving my part to the fullest. Where are you?I have so many things to tell you.


Suddenly when I think of what I said, I am pretty sure you are in pain.Sorry I couldn't protect you

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Have zombies eaten your brains?

How to begin?Wait I am thinking.Ok now I got it. If I know too little about something, I learn not to comment until I have the whole picture. Recently some random friends up loaded a video showing grinding machine which is used to dispose dead animals like horse and cow. I saw the video a long time ago and I read the descriptions attached to the video. The sad part is when the random friends out of nowhere I am not sure where they got the information posted on some random social network saying that the machine is used in processing meats to make fast food. The sad part is they blame it as the work of Jews. You know the drill. All the Jews are always in the process of making something harmful to Islam. Yup, I am so disappointed with the random friends. They just posted on the social network without thinking the effects. From the start they got it wrong. First they do not really do some research about the video and the truth behind it. Secondly without any religion sense or morale conscious blame it as the work of Jews to destroy Islam. Come on man. The basic step when you got something from the net is do some research before spreading it. It is very unethical to spread something that you, yourself not knowing whether it is true or not. You are spreading disease to other people who are in the same shoes like you( just believe without doing research or verify it first). You know how much damage you create?
The other thing I want to touch is not all Jews are evil. Why so paranoid about them? I am so frustrated with the friends who I thought so pious. They just defamed Jews when spreading the video. Congrats my friends. You just showed to the world that your religion is so paranoid and encourage people to defame other races. Dudes, you are adult now. Grow up. You are being stereotype. Ya, you piss off when people around the world defame your religion and labeling your religion as terrorists yet you do the same thing to other people. What is the difference between you and them?
If you really so pious and want to change people, change yourself first. Verify what you have and then share. Don't be irresponsible. I am not a saint but I am just being logical. Night2.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My trouble makers

Good morning my grandchildren. How are you?Have you eaten?Today I wake up so early because I am trying to find one of my turkeys.Haih.Those two turkeys really make me famous.Now everyone in my village knows those belong to me since they always escaping from the coop.I still do not find it so after this I will try harder.Before I continue my search,here is the latest vid of my two love birds. Both can fly already. As I am writing this,these two birds are wandering around my desktop biting every wire they can find.Actually quite tiring taking care of them but I enjoy it.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Come back

Where are you?Please come back to me.I promise you I won't force doing things you don't like.I miss you really bad.I am worried about you. Have you eaten?Are you cold?I miss you so much.Come back to me please.The pain is killing me. I love you with all my heart.Miss your.Miss you so much.How could you do this to me?I have searched you with all my might.Come back to me.
Why suddenly everything goes really bad?Don't you miss me?
Maybe I am wrong for letting you get deep into my heart.Treat you with love and affection.How can you survive from now on?Who will protect you from the world?What if other people or anything threaten you?To whom you can seek protection?
You are so beautiful.So beautiful.I do not want you to fall into the wrong hand or anything bad happens to you. I miss you.Don't go too far from me...I miss you so much...If anything bad happens to you,I can't help it but to blame myself for letting you go.Biane my love....Please come back...Your partner is waiting for you...

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Latest vid

Good morning my dear grandchildren. How are you?Answer me even I am not there. Okay today I am going to show you a bit about my birds. They are lovebirds from peach faced species. Actually I do not know the sex of both but I prefer to say they are boys. This video is focusing on on one of them which starts to wean. You know he now can fly in a short distance. Today in the afternoon when I was playing a computer game, I put them on the table near me. Suddenly I felt something was on my shoulder and when I looked, there he was. He flew from his bucket and rested on my shoulder. I ignored him because I was focusing on the game suddenly he flew straight down on my keyboard. He started to bite the keyboard. I was having hard time to play the game since he was on my keyboard yet I still ignored him. After awhile, he stopped biting and fell asleep on my keyboard. Yar. He chirped loudly to get my attention when he was falling into sleep. He is so adorable but there are times where he will go on rampage.He will bite everything even my finger when I touch him. I remember when he was biting my camera casing then I purposely took it away from him. He was so furious and started to bit me everytime I touched him. In this video, he is grooming himself and it was taken before he could fly. He does not like to be disturbed when grooming himself. He was on rampage.