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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hey,look at these

Hello dear.These are my birds. I will take care of them. They are still young, need hand feeding and cute. Sometimes they flap their wings to fly. So funny. I do not have names for them yet. Any idea?Ceh.By the time you give me your idea, I might probably dead.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Changes in plan maybe

I am looking for a thing that I want for so long. I have waited for a long time yet I still does not get it. I do give my best shot. Haish. Still cannot get it. I also change my plan twice already. You know, I do not want to change it anymore because even I change for the third time, deep inside I know I am still longing to have the first thing that I want. Crazy isn't it? Some people can just go on without thinking things that they have changed but not me. I will keep trying and thinking why I fail and what can I do to have it. It makes me feel a bit failure if I do not have things that I want. I have given my best effort to get it yet still fail.Arghh. Now I do not know whether I should spend my money on something else or need to wait until a person shows up with thing that I want. How long should I wait? I do not want to use illegal way to get it. That is not cool. I want a fair game. So I will feel I really deserve it.
You know what hurts the most? When I am waiting for so long and then out of nowhere got people who do not wait at all get it. =_=. It hurts but hey, that is life. Putting effort only increases the chance, not a guaranty you will get it. Anyway, I take my failure as an experience. Maybe it is not meant for me for good reasons.
Sleepy already.Good night.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Now waiting

Good morning my grandchildren. Good? You know, I am searching for a bird to raise. I want a companion when I am working later. Currently I am looking for a hill mynah. I want it still requires hand feeding because if I raise from young, the chance to be tame is very high. I joined a forum for bird lovers. I even advertised two advertisements about my intention. They do get attention by forumers there but no good news yet. None of them have what I want. I need to wait until miracle happens. Good things happen to those who wait but for me I am not going to wait forever. Everyhing has its own limit. I give the time duration until I start working.
Something happened to my ear. It blooded a lot. I went to see a doctor. She cleaned my ear. Tickled more than hurted.
Oh by the way, tomorrow I think I am going out to hunt other bird species at pet shops in the town. Who knows one of the shops has what I want. So I am off to sleep now. Not really sleepy but I do not have anything to do. So sleep is good.Good night.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I need a new idea

Maybe you are wondering why on earth I have met many swindlers recently. You know, currently I am looking for a female African Grey parrot aged around one month. I sent my inquiries to many potential people who can provide me the parrot that I want. So as time passed by, I got many feedback from suppliers. Only 2 percent of the feedback is from real suppliers. Others are from con men.
How do I differentiate them? The real supplier will be happy to answer my questions. I ask about their addresses, the procedures and proof. When they can provide all those things, I can tell you they are 85% potential real suppliers.
Swindlers? They tend to drag their conversation and when you ask too many relevant questions, their answers sound stupid and out of context. So far none of the swindlers can answer my question "Can I take a look at the previous transaction records?" They start to give excuses.
Hmm...Now I need a new idea. I begin to feel bored with the question. I need other question which can give me thrill.
Oh. I also give up chasing her.I gave my best but obviously not enough. So I need to stop for awhile. Right now I want to enjoy my life by playing with swindlers. The rule is, as long as you do not give your money and your details, you are always a winner.ARRR...
Have to go know...BYE2

Funny creature

Yar.Today is so funny. I nailed one of the liars in the internet. Funny creature. I spoke broken English and he still understood me. =-=. Obviously he is not a native English speaker. If he was a native English speaker, for sure he would have reconstructed my sentences and reconfirm with me the meanings. Read from the memory 1 until memory 4 then you will understand. Sorry for the mess. I am a newbie in print screen thingy. :)
Oh,now I got another liar to nail..haha..bye2

My memory 4