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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fishing with my father

Good morning my grandchildren.You're doing good today?How's ur parents?Did they have a hard time with you?Don't be so naughty please.Poor ur parents.Hishhh...If I were there,I would beat ur ass to make all of you behave.
I wanna tell you a story of my life today.You are very lucky to hear it because usually I was very lazy to tell it to other people.Yesterday I went fishing with my father who is your great grandfather.Actually recently I was not so into fishing especially fishing on a bot in the middle of the sea.This is because I cannot stand the heat of the sun.For sure I will feel dizzy and hot inside my body.That's why I will try my best not to do outdoor activities during the day.

But...Two days ago my father asked me to go for a fishing trip with him.Impulsively I said no I couldn't coz I always slept during the day and also I cannot bear the heat of the sun.The moment I said "NO" to my father, I could see his face changed dramatically.hehe..From his face impressions, I could tell you that my father was disappointed and a bit frustrated because of my answer...and he started to made himself busy doing his thing...

And I as his eldest son who is macho enough pretended to be cool and not noticing about the changes of his behaviours. I just continued watching television and online. Then my father went out with his motorcycle...So as soon he disappeared from my sight,slowly guilty feelings came into my heart. Even though my eyes was watching television, but my mind was thinking something else. I started to think "wtf am I doing?if I were him,for sure I would also feel the way he feels. Why am I saying that kind of answer?wtf..stupid.."hisshh....

So after perform the asar prayer, I started to pack all my stuff ready to go back to SP. Before I leaved, I had a discussion with my mother. I said "mama, should I follow abah for a fishing trip?" Then my mother said "I think you should coz you have not gone for a fishing trip for a long time with him".The answer from my mother struck me straight in my heart.I thought deeply and I agreed with my mother.When I was a child,I always followed my father for fishing trips. Every invitation from my father was a pleasure to me.Coz I really loved fishing when I was a child...Then I made my mind and said to my mother "tell abah I will go with him tomorrow".Then I straight went back to SP.

So the day my father waiting for had come.I departed from SP at 7.30 a.m because we wanted to go fishing at 9 a.m...I tell you what..when my father says 9.00 a.m,it will be definitely 9!!!...haha..If you are late,then you are gone..I think that's why I become like him...I cannot stand people who are not punctual. I will leave them if they are late. Luckily last night I slept early so I didn't have much trouble to wake up early but my head was still a bit dizzy due to lack of quality of sleep that recently I had.

At 9 a.m we departed..oohh..oh...before I forget, I ate a lot of nasi lemak as my mom cooked it. I felt like a python because I moved in full of stomach to fish. So we reached at the beach around 9.20 a.m..We prepared the boat and we went fishing...

Now is the hardest part...When my father and I were fishing, I felt some kind of uncomfortable feelings in my head...yup...I got sea sick...and I said to my self, "oh man...not a good time to get sea sick..&^%^^%!!!" I think I happened because for a long time I didn't go on a boat so my body had to adjust it's balance again when encounters the situation.So it caused me to have the uncomfortable feelings. My father had already set up his hook and bait for a long time while I tried to buy some time to ease myself by pretending forgotten the way to tie fishing line to a it works...We caught many fish and we moved to other spot as the tide was slowly became too wavy..

I don't like to fish because I have to be a man who needs to lift up the anchor and land it in the water as we change the fishing spot...huhu...not an easy task and it is annoying..wahaha...For the second spot, we caught a quite number of fish and my father seemed to be satisfied...I always wonder until today "why I always catch fewer fish and smaller size fish compare to my father??!!!" When I was with my friends, I always be the best in term of number of fish and the size but with my father, I always lose..hishhh...Ohhh..ohh...wait...during fishing,usually my father and I did not talk so much..only few sentences just for giving orders and to announce the changing of spot..hahaha...we both cool...coz not talking so much...not like in the television drama, when it comes to the scene where a father and his son are fishing,they will talk a lot..for me it will not be happening..haha..usually I only answer "hmmm" as sign of agreement when my father asks me something...but yesterday I did something miracle...I asked my father about a person who was passing by on a had a little conversation..haha

Then we went back.And my mother cooked fish soup...ewww...for me a soup cannot be mixed with fish because the smell of fish will absorb into the soup and makes it smells like a fish...haha...but I was wrong...It didn't smell like a fish because it depends on the type of ate it as if that was the last meal i would much until my stomach almost shaped like a balloon...haha...So my grandchildren,,,will you accompany me if I ask u to go for a fishing trip???hehe...

now it's time to sleep.see u again next time...daaaaaaaa

Friday, May 21, 2010

A pet!!!

Good morning my dear grandchildren.I'm sure you are sleeping during this time.It's 5.34 a.m.Your grandpa was just finished playing online game.Don't be like me okay!coz I sleep during the day,and awake at night.It is not good for your body system.Lame advice isn't?lol.I want all of you to think awhile what would you do if you have money and power?Think people think!!!For me I would like to have A PET!!!I really want to buy a parrot as my pet.Parrots are cute and intelligent.They also loyal and playful.Hehe...Those qualities attract me so much to adopt a parrot to be my pet.I'm going to share with you my experience during my search to buy a parrot.

Since my holiday is just started,so I have decided to buy a pet.Then I searched it at the pet shops and in the internet.The problem with the pet shops was they did not have baby birds to be adopted.They only sold adult birds.As for me I prefer to raise a bird from the baby.So it will be tamer compare when you adopt it during adulthood.So I continued my searching in the internet.So many pet shops I found in the internet but the sad part was none of them offered to adopt a pet from baby.So I continued in 3 days 3 nights to find the right shop which sold it.I keyed in several funny keywords such as "anak burung", "kedai jual anak burung", "burung kenit" and lastly I found when I keyed in "parrot". I read and found out that they also provided baby bird to be raised!!!My eyes were glowing and I jumped several times because I was soooooooo happy...The people who sold parrots were not from ordinary the pet shop.They were from bird sanctuaries around the country.Then I read the general descriptions about parrots in their web sites.After a moment I realised that none of them put price tag to the pictures of their produtcs.@_@.I got pissed off because after several investigations,I found out that it was a style to attract a buyer because the potential buyer might lost interest if they put price tag under the picture.You know why?Because the price of a parrot was not cheap.zzzz..So they prefer if a customer comes to their sanctuaries to find out about the price so the potential a buyer to buy on the spot is high...zzzz...

To get to know the price,I have contacted several sanctuaries and one of them was a malay sanctuary.The malay sanctuary was the first one I contacted to find out about the price via email and hp because I thought I wanted to help my own people. But funny thing happened. He did not reply my email and he only sms me with a sentence in malay. "Sorry klu nak survey harga pergi pasar borong"..I was really pissed off. I mean he acted as if he was the only seller in the Malaysia.So as a second action I contacted an international sanctuary name "parrot paradise" to get to know the price. I email them.Within 3 hours they replied me with specific information and details about their products and regulations.I was so impressed with their commitment compare to the malay sanctuary.

I read all the details about the products and I feel that I can't give full commitment to afford a parrot because parrot is a sensitive and playful bird. It needs extra care as if it is your I have decided I am not ready for it.Maybe next year when I have entered my working day then I would but it...hehe...

So that's all for now.Remember one thing,go to hell to people who think they are the only person who have the product in Malaysia...bye!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I remember

Good morning my grandchildren...wake up!! now it is 5.29 a.m..and ur granpa has not slept yet..I just finished playing DOTA...I'm sure when you are all older enough, you will also play online game..Today I feel a bit excited because at 4 p.m I will be watching Iron Man 2 movie at Penang..When talking about cinema, I remember my 1st time I went watching a movie in the cinema...I can't recall quite accurate the age of me at that time but the movie that I watched was "Buli" at Central Square Sungai Petani..I went there with my brother and my friends..I think at that time I was 16 years old..Funny because I did not know the procedure to buy tickets and searching for the seat. Luckily my friends knew it..haha..

And after that I watched so many movies especially when I went out with my GF...Sometimes we watched 3 movies in a tired but I enjoyed it...and the best movie for me is still "13 warrios"...The movie was about 13 warriors led by a muslim who fought their enemy from the hill.

It's time to sleep..I wanna sleep..sleepy already...take care my loves...until then..bye

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Do you know?

Hello my grandchildren..It has been such a long time I did not write my blog..u know, I was too busy studying for my exam and playing games..But it did not mean I had forgotten u..U are always in my mind.Take a deep I feel better..hehe...U know what..I've done my two years studying in UUM..I feel 2 years were just like 10 years...Time passed so slow...I just couldn't wait to finish up my time in UUM..maybe U are wondering the reason I hate UUM so are the reasons :

1. They treat us like a small child( must wear formal attire)
2. They lecturer there are so annoying
3. The service quality in hostel sucks!!
4. U have to have a sticker for ur vehicle.
5. U cannot go out after 11 p.m
6. The food in the majority of the cafe there is unhygienic and tasteless
7. U will be dead in 2 days because no entertainment at all
8. Hostel sucks

Haha..enough reasons? I feel free and so relieve..But I am aware that life in IPPP is not like what I'm dreaming because many things have changed there..but I'm okay with that because as long it is not UUM..haha..I hope that will be my last time going to UUM..and I'm thinking I do not want to go to my graduation day because I study not for a certificate, but for the sake of knowledge..(wahaha..I feel holy when I say this)...and the best part of all is I have made a promise to myself to stop smoking when I leave it has been 5 days I have not smoking cigarettes.. At first it was quite hard to adjust my self to stop smoking..3 days I suffered from headache due to withdrawal symptom..yet I still hold on not to smoke..hee...maybe this is ur 1st time to know that ur grandfather was a smoker...I tell u what,u do not smoke coz it is dangerous and stupid...I was a stupid person, and u should not follow my step..Once u start it, it will be very hard to stop it...