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Thursday, February 14, 2013

You got me

Good evening to you.This post is made specially for my future wife.I am not sure yet who you are but if I had one,for sure I would love you so much.Thank for being my wife.I hope you and I together we endure all the obstacles together.Thank for making my life easier.Hey I have a song for you.Remember this song?I played it during our wedding day :D

Monday, February 4, 2013

My passion

Hey..You wanna hear a story?
Once upon a time,there was a clan which constantly in wars in order to survive.Their enemies were strong and well prepared.The clan went to wars almost everyday.Day after day,they felt weaker and weaker.They were really afraid they would lose one day.One day,they heard a strong clan,legendary clan wanted to join them fighting on their side.They were very motivated and they won every war they had.Years passed and yet the promised clan never came.To cut the story short,one day they knew the legendary clan was a lie.Someone created it just to motivate them when fighting.At first they were really frustrated but the clan lord said to the warriors "Look what we had achieved when we believed in something even it did not exist.Don't be so down.Heads up and fight!!!".
 -The end-

Why did I tell you the story?I am not really sure why...hahaha...Okay back to the reality,now I know what I really want to be.I want to be a bird breeder.I dream of having my own aviaries behind my house.Lots and lots of variety species of birds.I am not breeding them for sale.It is just purely my passion.What a wonderful life.As I wake up,I could hear to birds chirping and tweeting.They breed...I take care of the chicks...Hand feed them...It is my dream in my dream to breed endangered species of birds so that they wont extinct.I don't mind breaking laws for having them.Laws are made by stupid people who are seeking for profit without considering the continuity of endangered species.Only selected people would be given permission to enter the aviaries.Ahh...Cant wait for it....