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Saturday, February 27, 2016


Okey I'm doing a real quick babbling. I feel quite tired of doing my proposal.No!not that proposal proposing someone to marry me.But the proposal for my research.I must submit it tomorrow.It means tonight I cannot play online game.How stressful is that?Very...I keep telling to myself tomorrow after submitting my proposal,I can play online game as much as I want.That soothes me a little.Lately I am becoming lazier than before.I lose my burning spirit to be at the top.I am not sure why.I start to procrastinate my work and my assignment.Come on!!!This is not me.I dislike the view from bottom.Now I shall continue doing my proposal.Here prof,read my proposal...I made it with my sweat and tears....

Saturday, February 20, 2016


Okay I admit it has been awhile since the last time I updated my blog.I have so many little things to do.The prominent reason I do not update my blog because I love to be secretive even to my family.I want to keep everything to myself.I used to tell someone but later that particular person used that against me.How sad.I was heartbroken and starting from that moment,I do not trust anybody expect one particular person.I want to be like him.He is my idol.His spirit and his willingness to sacrifice amazed me to the maximum.I really want to be like him.Badly.I hardly looking up to people but once I do it,I will always think and act like them.I will always ask myself,what would the person that I admire do when he encounters the problem.How I miss that person

Back to December?

If you want to go back to December,you go alone.I am not going back to December!!!I hate December.A lot.