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Friday, May 15, 2015

The semester

Hello my grandchildren. How are you today?Fine?I have a lot of assignments to be completed.The time is so limited. :( . This semester is the toughest semester I ever had. I am not sighing, I am stating the fact to let you know. Never ever sighed! And be patient. Everything will be okay gradually and if everything is not going to be okay, who cares? Sighing and impatient will not solve a thing.They just signs showing you are giving up. Giving up is forbidden. Sometimes when I am down, I'll find my strength by seeing the right people. Now I am going to complete my assignments. I have 2 assignments needed to be completed by the end of this week.I am thinking of going to the library again tomorrow since the environment there is so conducive. It has the internet but cannot be connected to games. So it is good for me. Okay.See you again when I see you. Take care.Good bye~ 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Small talk

Yeay,I am here to write.I did not plan to write today but since I am killing my time so here I am.Today I went fishing with my friend.I went out fishing to forget awhile things that I am going through.Guess what.I caught a decent size fish but the thing is I did not have my adrenaline rush.I need a dose of it to make me feel alive.I found a person who can give me adrenaline rush but after I learnt more about the person,I think I should not have my adrenaline rush with that person anymore because it is wrong.Just plain wrong.Maybe one day I will find a person who can constantly give me adrenaline rush and it is not wrong.