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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Say NO!

It is just a cartoon,what could go wrong? In psychology, there is a theory called "Familiarity theory". When a person is exposed to a new experience, gradually the person will accept it as a norm. Same thing happens to society. Bit by bit they expose the taboo elements and slowly our society will accept them. Can't you see?
 Can't you see they start to play with words? If you learn discourse analysis, words are bounded into three classes. Negative, neutral, and positive. Take a look at the word "homophobic". "Homo" is a neutral word but "phobic" is a negative word. Derived from the word "phobia". When you have phobia of something, it carries negative experience. By calling "homophobic" to people who disagree  with them, it subconsciously develops negative image on the people. No one likes to be perceived as negative people. Slowly people will think "hey, let's accept the behaviour or we are going to be perceived as negative people."  What if we call the people as "Pro human nature". Pretty sure no one minds to be called that. Can't you see? I watch a documentary on how the slowly make the western society to accept the group. In early 90's, it was a taboo to be gay. Instead of using the words  "homosexual or gay", they replaced the words with "queer" and the society started to accept it. Enough of discourse. Can't you see?
Now move on to the point "Hey, now it is 2017,we are not in stone age!". The definition of modern life  varies according to scholars. Some perceive modern life  as progression and development in lifestyle with cutting edge technology and skyscrapers in cities. I prefer the definition of modern life as progression and development in lifestyle  also our moral (in my case religion and the definition is not by me). Sad to say most of us only prefer the first definition. Okey back to 2017, what if I said "Hey it is 2017,are you living in stone age? Do you know that homosexuality can be traced back to thousands years ago? Why do you want to practice ancient tradition?"

Heh.So many things I want to say but now I am too lazy. Okay I am going off now.Goodbye.

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