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Monday, November 21, 2016

A normal day

You.Why did you change your display picture?Do you know that every day I look at your display picture because I miss you?I do not have the strength to read our conversation.Sometimes when I did it accidentally,I felt so painful.I am sorry.You will always be number 1 to me.You can never be replaced by other people.I admit some did try their luck but they just can't.I conceal this spot just for you.I will wait even it takes a thousand years to be with you.I miss you.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

You are still the one

Up until now you are still number 1 in my heart.I hope it will remain forever.Your words,actions,gestures,the way you role your eyes....All those tie me up.No one can replace you.No one can be as good as you are.One day we will be back together and we will look back at these moments,painful feelings, how we grew from them,we will be smiling and hold our hands together.As for this time,I am saving this spot in my heart just for you.If one day,you are gone with other man,I will let this part empty and I will kill it.Let the spot die because only you can fill the emptiness perfectly.I cannot fall for other because I will constantly compare them with you and without a doubt you will always triumph them.If I have to wait for a thousand years,I will wait.Add another thousand years just to be with you.How I miss you.How I wish you will read this.I miss you. ;(