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Friday, October 7, 2016


You...I am going off for a very long journey.
One day,I hope we can get back together. ;)
By God's will,I will fulfill all my promises to you.
Be strong.You are still one of the best things ever happens in my life.

When I am very strong,I will come back and say "You...let me show you the way that I had promised a long time ago."By that time, I hope you are still waiting for me. I cannot blame you if you could not wait for me that long.You need someone to guide you.But deep inside...

If you had someone to guide you by that time,I would look at you from far.Pray for your happiness.You deserve happiness after what you have gone through.Me?I know no happiness in this world.The day we separated, I only had one genuine laugh once till now.I have other type of happiness.

We are tied to promises.I too am bounded with my very old promises.I must obey my pledge and loyalty with actions,words,thoughts and my soul.

I am deeply sorry.You are one of the best things ever happens in my life.Always ;)