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Monday, September 26, 2016


You.Yea you.I miss you so much. ;).How I miss the times when we were together.I start not to pay attention to details because most of the things are becoming insignificant for me.I even told you things I should not talk to save you.I paid the price quite heavily.I remember the last time we contacted,you were so devastated about what had happened.You kept on saying I am so easy to move on.Look here...I am dying here but I always pretend to be strong.Let me be the bad guy so that it will make you easier to move on.One day hopefully I hope we could read this blog together side by side.I could tell you exactly what I felt.How I miss you.Bianne awak.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The face

I am so sorry I made you cry every day since the day I went away. :( I know you've been crying since the day I made up my mind.I still can remember your face.Pretended to be strong.Of course I am hurt but hey,I am going off for a long journey.One day,if it is not in this world,we will meet again in another world.If you and me are still available,I am going to beg for you.I want to live with you there.I am so sorry for everything.Still you are one of the best things ever happened in my whole life.